Want to join the Insomniacs Team? – And make a difference?

Hello all,

We at Insomniacs are looking to expand our team. At the moment the Insomniacs team is very small. And we are trying to cover so many things between us, and are constantly adding more and more features to make things as good as possible for our Users. As Insomniacs grows, (The Website alone, is getting 1.8 million+ hits per month) and continues to get bigger and bigger, it’s making things harder for us to keep on top of everything. Maintaining and updating the Builds, Wizard, website, aswel as Support, is our priority. If we get a couple of good, new team members, this will then free up time for the Admin, to then be able to work on making new Builds, Apk’s and many other things. There is so now so many features available to Insomniacs Users. Sports, with Todays Sport TV-Schedule, Movies, Shows, Support, Guides, Live TV-Schedule, Stream-Hub, just to name a few… Expanding our team will be hugely beneficial to other Insomniacs Users and will vastly improve Insomniacs for all. We at Insomniacs don’t just want to provide good Builds. We also want to help Users get the best out of using the Builds. Whilst having access to everything they need, straight on the website. So many Youtube videos, and other website content, is outdated. Users using the Insomniacs website can rest assured that the guides and information is 100% accurate and reliable. And Users can easily access everthing they need via the website. Whether they want to see what new Movies are released, to seeing what Sports is being broadcasted on TV Today.

The great thing about joining the Insomniacs Team, is that there is no pressure, and we want our team to have fun. There is no limitations or expectations. We don’t expect our team to be helping 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just 10 minutes of your time, when free, makes a huge difference to other Users. And you can play a huge part to make other Users have a good experience when using the Wizard and Builds.

With all the new features on the Insomniacs website, and what has now become available for our Users, we are unable to let our Users know when a new ‘How to’ guide becomes available, or is posted. Or when a post, Movie, Show or other content is posted to the website, we want this information to then be posted onto our social media pages and groups. To help provide all this useful information to other Users.

Everything we do as a team is provided free of charge. Insomniacs is and always will be a totally free service. We try our best to not only provide our Users with a constant up to date Build and Wizard. But we want to also help Kodi Users in general. Especially new Users to Kodi and the Insomniacs Wizard and Builds. Who don’t know how to use Kodi, and are still trying to learn the ropes with using a Build. All Insomniacs guides, have screenshots, and are made as easy as possible for Users to unerstand them, whether an experienced User or a new User.

What if I have no experience with websites, or Kodi and Builds?

For some of the positions we want filled, no experience is necessary. As we are also looking for a couple of social media moderators. Who can help our Users when they need pointing in the right direction. Or need Support. The moderator can then point the User in the right direction. We are also looking for people Who can share the content from this website onto Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

Even if you can help rate or review some of the Movies or TV-Shows on the Insomniacs website. This will make a huge diference, and will help other Users when deciding what Movies and Shows they want to watch or add to their Movie or TV Watchlists.

What do the Insomniacs team need help with……

There is numerous things that the team need help with. The Insomiacs website gets over 1.8 million hits per month. Below we will add a list with a small description of what we are looking for. And if you feel that you can help out, then please fill in the Contact form at the bottom of this post. And get in touch.

  • Facebook Group ModWe are looking for Facebook Mods to help with our Facebook Group. To approve User requests, and to let Users know where to get Support and so on..
  • Graphic Designer(Experience Needed) If you are a graphic designer, and would be willing to help with some of the website or Build/Wizard designs, and want your work to reach thousands of Users, then please let us know.
  • Share Posts to Social MediaTo help share content and posts from the Insomniacs website onto social Media. So our Users can easily access and see this information on Social Media. When needed.(Facebook)
  • Movie/TV-Show Reviewer –  If you are a big Movie or TV-Show fan, and like your Movies. Why not join the Movie or TV-Show review team? As this option is available on all Movie and TV listings. It’s extremely easy, to add a review/rating, with an option of rating it out of 10.
  • Website Blogger (WordPress Experience required) If you are familiar with WordPress, and would be interested in helping the team out with adding guides, info and other content to the Insomniacs website.

As mentioned above, there is absolutely no pressure, or expectations. We want our team members to have fun when helping other Users. Even giving up 5-10 minutes of your time to leave a movie or show review each week, is still helping other Users and the Insomniacs team out.

If you are interested in joining the Insomniacs team, Please get in touch via the contact us form below: