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User Support

Good Afternoon,

We receive quite a lot of Support Requests, where 90% are very simple solutions.

We think it would be a great idea, to create this new Section, so Users can comment, asking any Users for Advise.

Today I have started to go through the Support Requests, and some of the requests are questions like:

”Hi, How do i get subtitles to show in a Movie” – These are questions, which i’m sure some of our Users can easily answer.  This would help us enormously. And would free up so much of our time, which we could spend on updating the Builds, Wizard, and website.

Users can feel free to post any Support questions below, in the comments, and I’m sure, that if any Users know the answer, they will help you.

If any Answers don’t get answered, then Admin, and Mods, will do our best to answer any questions, or advise if needed.


The Insomniacs Support Requests, will still remain open and live, but if Users could maybe try commenting on this thread, then it will make things much easier for us.


If you have any Support questions, or anything you would like to ask any of the Insomniacs Users, then please feel free to comment below, and I’m sure you will receive an answer relatively quickly.


The Insomniacs Team.

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