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User Support

Good Afternoon,

Welcome to the Support section of the website. If any User needs any kind of Support please use the ‘Request Support‘ section of the website. Please Click Here To Open A Support Ticket  The ‘Request Support’ section can be found, under the Insomniacs website menu, or the ‘My Account’ website menu.

When any Support Ticket is opened by a User, the Insomniacs Team are instantly notified, that a request for support has been made. This then enables us to respond much quicker. The User also receives an E-mail when one of the team has responded to the Support ticket. Please note: Once you are happy, with your support response, and any issue has been resolved, then please then ‘Close’ the Support ticket. This makes things much easier for us to manage. Once you have closed our ticket, you can always open a new Support ticket, if and when needed.

The ‘Request Support’ section, requires you to Log-In, so if you are unable to Log-In, or have an issue with your website account, then please use the Contact Us page option. Click Here for the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Sadly, we are unable to offer Support via the comments option. As most comments are automatically approved, so we don’t tend to check every comment on the website, so offering support via the comments option, makes things much harder for us to manage. The Support option which is already in place, is very easy to use, and is the best option all round, as it makes it much easier, and faster.

When opening a Support ticket, please send us as much information as you possibly can. This makes it much easier for us to resolve any issues, you can also attach a screenshot if you need to. Also, please bear in mind, that everyting we do is totally free of charge, to everyone. And we give up a lot of our time, to provide as good of a service as we can. A lot of Wizard/Builds, don’t offer Support, and don’t have a website. we personally respond to every Support request. So a ‘Please’ and ‘Thank-You’ goes a very long way. one or two Support requests we have received have been shocking. And allthough 99% of any Support requests we receive, have been polite, and appreciative requests, a little ‘Thank-You’ once your issue has been resolved means so much to the team.

If you are a User of any of the Builds, you can also access all the website features. Via the ‘Easy User Access’ under the Wizard-Hub’ menu of any of the Builds..


The Insomniacs Team.