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Update Your Build – Anytime, With 1 Click – Easy Guide

Good morning Isomniacs,

Updating your Insomniacs Build, has never been easier, as it is now. With the new Insomniacs Wizard, and all the new features. Users can now start the Build update with just one click. This Update function applies for any of the Builds, and on all platforms. Kodi 17 & Kodi 18 Builds, can all be updated with one click, As each Build has been hand selected to update that particular version.

A User sometimes Update’s their Build, even when an Update release is not announced. And I will explain exactly, why below, before i show you how easy it is to take full advantage of the ‘Update function’

Why would i Update my Build, without an Update announcement, or Update release?

At Insomniacs – We Always keep our Builds well maintained and Updated. If for example, an Add-On stops working, or Discontnues, we replace that Add-On instantly, with an alternative, reliable Add-On. Sometimes, Add-Ons change their Sources, or Repository. So if the old Source and Repository is on the Build, then that Add-On will not run at it’s best, until the new Source is added. Most Builds, will release Updates once every few months at the very least. Users only get the ‘Update’ notification, when we change that Build version number. And we do this when we have made significant changes to the Build.

If we replace an Add-On, Script. Source, or Repo, or make one or two changes. Then we don’t change the Build version number. As we don’t want Users constantly being notified to Update their Build.

There is nothing worse, than Installing a Build, it working great for a week, then nothing working. By us replacing and fixing any small issues immediately, then it ensures that the Build is always running the best it possibly can.

When Users experience any issues, they know they can just manually Update their Build, and any issues caused due to an Add-On no longer working, are fixed.

Another reason Users sometimes Update their Build, can also be due to a User experimenting with some of the Build settings, if anything goes wrong, you know you can just update the Build manually, and have the Build Re-Installed as new in a few minutes.

How do i manually Update my Build? Kodi 17 & Kodi 18 Guide below:

With the Insomniacs Wizard. Updating can not be any easier. Below i will do a step by step guide, on how to quickly update your Build.

First of all, you need to head to the ‘Update Build. (Which is under the Wizard-Hub) on the main menu. (As highlighted Below)

Once you Click the ‘Update Build‘ You will see the following box appear (Shown Below)

This is asking, if you wish to restore your Kodi Configuration to default settings before Installing the new Update.

Simply, scroll across and click ‘Continue‘ (As highlighted below)

Once you’ve selected ‘Continue‘ The Insomniacs Wizard will then clear out all of your old Build files. (As shown below)

Once the clear-Out is complete, the Insomniacs-Wizard will do all of the work for you. And will first of all, Download the latest Build version. Then it will Install the latest Build version. – Now is a great time to go grab a Beer!.. Or of it is 9am or something, then make yourself a Coffee 🙂 This whole process will only take a minute or two.

The Download will start first (Shown below)

Then once the Download has finished, the Installaion process will then begin. (As shown below)

Once the Installation is completed, you will then see a box appear, which will give you 2 options. ‘Force Close‘ or ‘Reload Profile‘ (As shown below)

ALWAYS – Make sure that you click theForce Closeoption.. Or the Update will not work properly. (Always choose the ‘Force Close‘ option at the end of any Install.


And that is it – Updating your Build is as simple as that. No having to clear data, and totally install the Build from scratch. Losing everyhing in the process. You can update within a few minutes. And all whilst keeping any of your saved Log-In Debrid, Favorites, personal Add-Ons, Subs. Sources and so on….


We would love to hear any feedback about this tutorial guide. Or with what you think of the new, easy Insomniacs Update system. Please feel free to leave any comments below.

Please Note – Do not comment with any Support comments, as they will not be approved or answered. We have a great User Support System in place. Which is also very easy to use. Any User can open a Support Request Ticket, for anything Build/Wizard/Website/APK Related. As soon as any User opens a Support Ticket, the Insomniacs Team instantly get’s notified.