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If you are having an issue with a particular Add-On, or with Sources or can’t find a link, to a Movie or Show, then you need to contact that Add-On Developer. We are unable to do anything our end with how Add-Ons run. If you notice that an Add-On is down, or is no longer […]

Need to Re-Set your pssword? If you are unable to Log-in to this website, or have forgotten your password or Username, then please use the Lost Password option. Lost Password – Click Here To Open The Lost Password Page When you are directed to the Lost Password page, via the above link, enter your registered […]

We at Insomniacs have our own APK Kodi forks. Using the Insomnics Kodi 18 APK, has many advantages than using Kodi 18. Users who use our Kodi 18 APK, will not need to add the sources to the Insomniacs Wizard or Repo, and when using the Insomniacs Kodi 18 APK, you can also use it […]

Using Debrid, makes a huge difference in getting better sources, and links to Movies and all other content. We have made an easy to follow, full step by step guide, on how to set up Debrid on any Insomniacs Build. Click Here To Open The Debrid Guide.

We very regularly update the Insomniacs Builds. And we like to constantly keep on top of all our Builds, to ensure that Users get the best out of the Insomniacs Builds. If, and When there is an issue with any of the Builds. For example, if an Addon closes down, or discontinues, we then instantly […]

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