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Titanium-TV APK – Install-Guide

Titanium is a great Movies & TV-Shows APK. With the click of a button, you can install the Titanium Apk with the Insomniacs APK Installer.

Titanium TV APK is a video streaming app that is used by thousands of people around the world. It offers you good quality video content.

There is a wide range of movies and TV shows for you to choose from. By downloading Titanium TV APK, you will get to enjoy non-stop entertainment for free. There are hundreds of media streaming apps in the market. And the Insomniacs Wizard APK-Installer has a great variety of APK’s which can all be instaalled with the click of a button.

The Titanium TV Apk, can also be Installed onto Firestick or Fire TV Devices.

With the amazing database consisting of video contents of over 20 languages, Titanium TV APK has the hugest collection available. The app also provides subtitles so that you can watch video contents of any languages. You can also watch them offline by downloading contents from Titanium TV APK


How to Install the Titanium TV App:

Titanium TV, Can be downloaded and installed using the Insomniacs APK Installer. The Insomniacs APK Installer features all the best in APKS, for any Android device, Firestick, or Mobile/Tablet. Simply, install one of the Insomniacs Builds, to start benefiting from the Insomniacs APK Installer.

Install Titanium straight from one of the Insomniacs Builds:

The first thing you need to do, is click the Insomniacs APK-Installer. To do this, please click APK-Installer from the Wizard-Hub section of the Builds (As highlighted below)

Once you click the Insomniacs APK Installer, you will see multiple Categories, Our Picks, Live-TV, Movies/TV-Shows, etc etc…. For the Titanium TV App, you need to click the Movies & TV-Shows section. (As shown below)

Once you enter the Movies & TV-Shows section, you then need to click the ‘Titanium TV‘ – Ad-Free App. (As shown below)

Once you click the Titanium TV App, you will then be asked if you want to download & Install the app. (As shown below)

Just scroll across and click the ‘Download‘ option. The App will then download, then you will be prompted to Install the APK. Just click ‘Install’ and the App will Intall to your device.

When you launch the App, you will then see the latest App update info. (As shown below)

Simply, click the ‘OK‘ button. Then you will be asked which Media Player you want to use for the Titanium TV App. (As shown below)

Just click the ExoPlayer, which is Built-In to the Titanium TV App. If you already have the MX-player installed to your device, then please choose the MX-Player Pro. Which can also be installed via the Insomniacs APK Installer. In the Miscellaneous section. If you do not have the MX-Player Pro installed, then just click the Built-In player.

Once you have selected which media player you want to use, you can then start enjoying the Titanium TV App. Just click the menu option in the top left, with the 3 lines. Then click ‘Movies’ if you want to watch a Movie, or ‘TV-Shows’ if you want to watch a TV-Show or series.

The Titanium TV App looks like this: (Shown Below)

For the TV-Shows section, you can click the ‘Most Popular’, etc from the drop menu, as shown above.

For the Movies, section, you can click ‘In Theatres’ and so on. As shown Below:

Then all you need to do, is click on whatever you want to watch, then select whether you want to watch it in 1080P 720P,and with or without Subtitiles.

And that’s it. You can then start Enjoying using the Titanium TV App. In my opionion, this is by far the best, and most reliable App out there.

Please Note: You can access all your installed Apps or APK’s directly from your Build, by clicking the ‘Android Apps’ under the Add-Ons section.

You can also add this App/APK to your Builds menu. For the full step by step guide, on how to do this, click here:


Please feel free to comment below, with what you think of the Titanium TV App. We would love to hear what Userss think of this great App,

The Insomniacs Team.

Please Note: We do not offer Support via the comment section of this website, if you require any support, then please use the Insomniacs ‘Request Support’ function, which can be found under the ‘Insomniacs’ Menu of this website. Only comment below, with anything to do with the Titanium TV App. Thank-You.




Disclaimer: Insomniacs does not host and is in no way associated with any Apps/Apk’s. All information on the Insomniacs Website, is what is already wideley available on the internet. If you have an issue with Titanium TV App, then please contact the creator/Host/Website of the developer of this App.