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The Benefits Of Using The Insomniacs Wizard – Fully Explained

Good Morning Insomniacs,

Today, I am making a post on the Insomniacs Wizard, and will try to help Users to understand some of the features, the Insomniacs Wizard offers.

The Insomniacs Wizard is far more than just a Wizard, where Users can Install Builds. It also has other very beneficial features, sections and settings that Users can use, and really benefit from using. The Insomniacs Wizard can help Users with things like Buffering issues, Install more Add-Ons, and new released Add-Ons with one click, Apps, APK’s, Repositories, check for broken Sources, use the Insomniacs Wizard Cleaner, all these and more can be acheived with the Insomniacs Wizard. There is also an awesome Maintenance section of the Wizard, Tweaks & Fixes, amongst many other features, settings, and options. In this post i will break each section of the Insomniacs Wizard down, and try to explain them as simply as i possibly can. The Insomniacs team take pride, and do our best to keep the Insomniacs Wizard running at it’s best..

Below is a list of sections, with more details on what each of the Insomniacs Wizard feature offers, means, and when best to use the Wizard features.

Insomniacs Add-On Installer:

The Insomniacs Add-On Installer, is an amazing feature. This feature gives users the ability to Install various additional Add-Ons, with just one click. Users can also install new Add-Ons the same day they are released. The Insomniacs Add-On Installer is constantly kept up to date, and all Add-Ons are set up in categories, to make it as easy as possible for Users to find what they are looking for, there is also ‘Our Picks’ section, with the Add-Ons that the Insomniacs Team suggest. Users can install as many Add-Ons as they like, and the Insomniacs Installer gives ‘Launch’ and ‘Uninstall’ options of all installed Add-Ons, aswel as the option to ‘Install’ any of the many Add-Ons in the Insomniacs Wizard Add-On Installer.

If there is any particular Add-On which you would like us to add to the Wizard Add-On Installer, then please let us know by commenting at the bottom of this post.

Insomniacs APK Installer:

Like the Add-On Installer above, the Insomniacs APK Installer gives Users the ability to install multiple Apks (Apps) directly from the Wizard with just one click. The APK Installer has all the best APK’s, and again is kept constantly updated and well maintained.


The Builds section of the Wizard, is where Users can install the Insomniacs Builds. All Insomniacs Builds are kept well maintained and up to date.

Insomniacs Wizard Tweaks & Fixes Features: The Tweaks & Fixes section of the Insomniacs Wizard, is used a lot by Users, and has some great features, which help with numerous issues. Below I will list the Tweaks & Fixes features, and explain a little about what each feature does:

  • Anti-Buffer Feature (Advanced Settings) –
  • Scan Sources For Broken Links –
  • Scan for Broken Repositories
  • Fix Add-Ons Not Updating
  • Remove Non-Ascii Filenames
  • Convert Paths to Speacial
  • System Information

Insomniacs Wizard Cache Options: This section of the Wizard, gives multiple options to edit the settings for the Insomniacs Wizard cleaner. The Insomniacs Wizard is Pre-Set to auto clean on each startup. The Wizard Auto Clean Options are as follows:

  • Auto Clean On Startup
  • Auto Clean Frequency
  • Clear Cache On Startup
  • Clear Packages On Startup
  • Clear Old Thumbs On Startup
  • Include Video Cache In Clear Cache
  • Include All Video Add-Ons
  • Include Scrubs V2
  • Enable All Video Add-Ons
  • Disable All Video Add-Ons


Insomniacs Cleaner Tools: The Wizard automatically clears Cache, Packages, Resolver Cache, and thumbnails on every Kodi startup. This ensures that your device is kept in tip-top condition. Below is a list of what the Insomniacs Wizard Cleaner Tools offer:

  • Total Cleanup – Clears all listed below.
  • Clear Cache – Clears Cache Files
  • Clear Resolver Function Cache – Clears URLResolver and ResolveURL Cache.
  • Clear Add-On Data – Clears all Add-On Data.
  • Clear Packages – Clears Pckages Kodi folder.
  • Clear Thumbnails – Clears all Thumbnails from the Thumbnails folder.
  • Clear Archive Cache – Clears all Archive Cache.
  • Clear Old Thumbnails – Clears all Thumbnails that are 1 week old.
  • Clear Crash Logs – Clears Wizard crash logs. And Kodi logs.
  • Purge Database – Purges your database.
  • Fresh Start – This clears all your Kodi files, Add-Ons, Repo’s, etc.. And reverts your Kodi set-up back to default.

Insomniacs Add-On Tools: Below is a list of the Insomniacs Wizard Addon Tools:

  • Remove Add-Ons – This option allows you to individually uninstall Add-Ons of your choosing.
  • Remove Add-On Data – This feature gives you the ability to clear any selected Add-On Data.
  • Enable/Disable Add-Ons – With this feature, you can Enable/Disable Add-Ons of your choice.
  • Enable/Disable Adult Add-Ons – This enabled Users to Disable or Enable Adult content.
  • Force Update Add-Ons – A great feature, When Add-Ons are updated by the developer, it can sometimes take up to 72 Hours for an installed Add-On/Repo or Resolver to automatically update. Using this feature guarantees that all your installed Add-Ons are up to date.

Insomniacs Miscellaneous Features: Below, is the list of Misc features, which are on the Insomniacs Wizard.

  • Kodi 17 Fix – Great for Kodi 17 Users, experiencing issues. This will fix the Issues.
  • Speed Test – The Wizard Speed Test, to check Download and Upload speeds.
  • Enable Unknown Sources – This enables Unknown Sources, which is needed to Install 3rd Party
  • Reload Skin – When you’ve edited your Skin, this option will reload your Kodi skin.
  • Reload Profile – This option reloads your Profile.
  • Force Close Kodi -Force Close Kodi, is a great feature, when you’ve implied any changes to your build. Or have freshly installed a Build.
  • Upload Log-File – This option gives you the option to E-mail your Log-File to yourself or anyone else. Very beneficil if you want to show an Admin, or Developer any issues your having. and gives them a full detailed intale of any issues your experiencing.
  • View Errors In Log – Each time you experience an error in Kodi, it gives you a detailed description in the Kodi Log-File. Which is in the Userdata folder of your Kodi files.
  • View Last Error In Log – Great feature if you want to check any current issues your experiencing.
  • View Log File – This option allows you to view your full Kodi log file in full format.
  • View Wizard Log-File – The Wizard Log-File shows any issues you have with the Insomniacs Wizard.
  • Clear Wizard Log-File – This will clear all your previous Wizard Log Files. Is handy when you want to manually clear the log file.

Backup/Restore features of the Insomniacs Wizard: This section of the Wizard allows Users to Save and Restore multiple options, including Builds, Gui-Fix, Data, etc etc.. Below is the list of Backup & Restore options:

  • Cleanup Backup Folder
  • Back Up Location
  • Backup Build
  • Backup GuiFix
  • Backup Theme
  • Backup Addon Pack
  • Backup Addon Data
  • Restore Local Build
  • Restore Local GuiFix
  • Restore Local Addon-Data
  • Restore External Build
  • Restore External GuiFix
  • Restore External Add-on Data

The Insomniacs Wizard regularly receives updates. As long as you have the Insomniacs Repository installed, then you will automatically receive any Updates we push automatically.

There is also a lot of settings options, with the Insomniacs Wizard, and is far too many Setting options for us to add to this post, so we will make a seperate post on how the Wizard settings work.

Please feel free to comment below, with what you thought of this post, and whether you found it helpful. Or if you would like any additional information added to this post.


The Insomniacs-Team.

Please Note: Do not comment below with any Support comments, as we do not offer support via the websites comments option. If you require any support, or need infomration or help with anything, please feel free to open a Support ticket. We respond to every Support ticket swiftly, and get instantly nnotified when a User opens a support ticket, so this is the best option for any user who needs support.. Thanks.

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Spread the love. By Sharing This Post.