**NEW UPDATE** Now Available – Black & Gold Build – V 3.4

Hello all,

We did an update on the Insomniacs Black & Gold Build on Sunday. But some Users was experiencing issues with loading of Movie & TV-Shows. So we looked into this and there was an issue with one of the Add-On Scraper Modules, which was affecting how all scraper Add-Ons was working – This has been an issue for many Builds, and Users who are not even using a Build. And continue to have this issue now. So we have totally stripped the Build back, fixed the script issue, and Re-Built it again.Β 

I know it’s a pain, having to update the Build again. But it only takes a moment to update the Build. – Sadly, for me, I’ve had to totally strip the Build back twice and Re-Build it. ( 4 days of total frustration )Β  – But we like the Insomniacs Builds to run at their absolute best. πŸ™‚ – I have double, and triple checked how all the Add-Ons are loading Movies/Shows, Sources/Links. And are all working flawlessly.

In my opinion, This is the fastest, most stable version of the Black & Gold Build, that has ever been released. – (Please feel free to comment at the bottom of this post, to let us know what you think of the new updated version) The new, up to date version is now available for all Users to install & update. (Update details are at the bottom of this post)

We have also created a new section, for the amazing new ‘Phoenix Rises’ Add-On And brought back the ‘Magic Dragon‘ section. Screenshots of the new updated Black & Gold Build are posted further down on this post:

The new InsomniacsBlack & Gold Build v3.4 is only 188MB in size. So is small, slick, and fast to use. And is ideal for all devices. Whether your using a Firetsick, Android box, or PC.

Install the new, latest Kodi 18.5 version. – This is the most stable version of Kodi 18. Click here for the full post, download, and guide on how to Install the new released Kodi 18.5.

We will soon be releasing a Brand-New Insomniacs 18.5 Apk, for our Users to use. πŸ™‚

What is included in the new Build update?

As mentioned above, the Black & Gold Build, has been totally stripped back, and Re-Built. And the best working Add-Ons, are on this Build update. Below is some screenshots of the newly updated Black & Gold Build.Β 

Insomniacs – Black & Gold Build v3.4. We have addedΒ  : [Screenshots] of the new build update below:


Note: – Magic Dragon Catch-Up: Magic Dragon’s Catch-Up TV section is not currently working. So we have now replaced this with Cypher Media – VOD. (Under the VOD section) It’s exactly the same as the Magic Dragon Catch Up was. Same layout, and same links/Sources. So please use this for the meantime. πŸ™‚

As you can see from the screenshots above. There is a lot of Add-Ons in this Build, which gives Users plenty to choose from. Every User is different. Some Users prefer certain Add-Ons, more than others. With adding so many Add-Ons, this gives all Users enough to find their personal favorite Add-Ons.

How do I Update My Build?

With the Insomniacs Wizard – Updating your Build has never been easier. Whether you are an experienced Kodi User, or totally new to Kodi and Builds. You will receive a notification, to let you know that there is a Build update. Simply click the ‘Update’ option. Then click ‘Yes’ when asked if you want to set Kodi to default. The Insomniacs Wizard, will do all the work for you. It will first remove your old Build version. Then it will install the newly updated Build to your device. When completed, Kodi will close down. Simply, launch Kodi Please remember: On the first launch after an update, allow a moment for any Add-Ons or Repositories to update. When you see the Insomniacs cleaner notification (Which says Cache Cleared) This is a good indication that your good to go.

Manual Update:

If for some reason, it’s taking a while for you to receive the update notification. Or if you have dismissed it by accident. You can very easily manually update the Build. By clicking ‘Update Build’ under the Wizard-Hub section.

Please click here, for the full step by step guide, with screenshots, on how to install your Build with one click.

Please Remember: ‘A small Thank-You goes a long way’Β 

Insomniacs is provided totally FREE of charge. We give up an awful lot of our personal time to provide these Builds for ‘You’ our Users. Aswel as providing Information, Features, Guides, Apps, Apks, the Wizard, Website, and so on… The amount of work involved is crazy. When a Build update is carried out alone, it literally takes days for us to work on them. A little comment with a ‘Thank-You’ goes an awful long way. And only takes a moment of your time.


We hope you all enjoy the new Build update!… πŸ™‚

The Insomniacs Team.