** New Update – Available ** Passion Led Us Here Build **v3.2 –

Good afternoon all,

The Kodi 18: Insomniacs – Passion Led Us Here v3.2 Build is now updated and available for Users to Install & update. I would strongly advise all Kodi 18 Users to try out the newly updated PLUH Build.

The newly updated Passion Led Us Here Build, is very stable, fast, and is rammed with all the best working Add-Ons. The Add-Ons installed to the Passion Led Us Here Build, has been all Pre-Set for Users. To help with faster loading of Movies & TV-Shows.

I would strongly advise all Kodi 18 Users to use the ‘Passion Led Us Here’ Build. as it is super fast, and works a treat. This Build also comes with a TV-Guide (I-Vue TV-Guide) all Pre-Set up for the User. We have also linked some channels to the Guide for Users, so you simply, click on the channel you want to watch, and the channel will play.

The TV-Guide also comes with a Sports TV-Schedule. Which shows what Sporting Events are being broadcasted today. With the option to ‘Watch’.

Whats on the newly updated Passion Led Us Here Build?

As mentioned above, this Build comes with a fully integrted TV-Guide all set up for you. Simply click TV-Guide on the main menu. Please Note: On the first launch of the TV-Guide, please allow a moment for everything to set itself up for you.

Personally, I think the ‘Passion Led Us Here’ Build is the best of the 2 Insomniacs Kodi 18 Builds. And with the settings being altered, it is running the fastest of the Kodi 18 Builds. When you click on a Movie or TV-Show, it only takes a few seconds for the Add-On to start getting the sources/links.

Below, is a list of all the Add-Ons added to the Insomniacs – Passion Led Us Here Build:

  • Beat IT [NEW] Music Add-On
  • Mirror V2 [NEW]– Movies & TV Add-On.
  • Joker 2.0 [NEW]–  Scraper Movies & TV Add-On.
  • Crime Scene – Crime and Doc Add-On.
  • Cryptic [NEW]– Movies and TV Add-On.
  • Cypher Media [NEW]– All In One Add-On.
  • Now Music [NEW]– Now Music Add-On.
  • Decado Documentaries [NEW]– Documentaries Add-On.
  • Exodus Redux – Scraper Movies & TV Add-On.
  • Fladnag Kids Boxsets [NEW]– Kids Boxsets Add-On.
  • BBC iPlayer – UK Catch Up TV Add-On.
  • ITV Hub – Catch Up TV Add-On.
  • Ivue TV-Guide [NEW]– Great TV-Guide Add-On
  • Ivue Creator [NEW]– Works with the TV-Guide to add channels, and access the extra Guide features.
  • Kids Club [NEW]– Great Kids Add-On.
  • Little Kingdom –  Kids Add-On
  • Big Toons [NEW]– Amazing, Big, Kids Add-On.
  • Mercury [NEW]– All In One Add-On.
  • NotFilmON – Live TV Add-On.
  • Numbers [NEW]– A great All In One Add-On
  • Sportowa TV – Sports Add-On.
  • Replay Me – Sports Add-On.
  • Rising Tides [NEW]– Sports  Live Add-On.
  • Sport365 – Sports Add-On.
  • SportsDevil – Sports and Live TV Add-On.
  • T2K 1 Click Movies – One Click Movies Add-On.
  • Greased Lightning – Click & Play Add-On.
  • Ultimate Music Collection [NEW]– Music Add-On.
  • Temp TV – Live TV Add-On.
  • The Loop [NEW]– Sports Add-On.
  • The Magic Dragon – An Insomniacs Users Favorite All In One Add-On.
  • UKTV Play – Catch Up TV Add-On.
  • Venom – Scraper Movies & TV Add-On.
  • Youtube – Music and Video Add-On.
  • Mp3 Music [NEW]– Music Add-On.

How to Install the new Updated Build:

If you don’t have any Insomniacs Kodi 18 Build Installed – Then Please click here for the full step by step guide. On how to Install the Insomniacs Build.

If you already have the older ‘Passion Led Us Here’ Build Installed:

If you already have the older PLUH Kodi 18 Build Version installed, then you will receive the usual update notification. With the option to ‘Fresh Install’ the Build.

If you want to manually update your Passion Led Us Here Build: Click here for the easy to follow update process.

If you have the Black & Gold Build already Installed:

If you already have the Kodi 18 Black & Gold Build Installed. But want to install the newly updated ‘Passion Led Us Here Build’ Then please do the following steps:

  1. Click on ‘Builds Menu‘ under the ‘Wizard-Hub section of the Black & Gold Build menu. (Or click Wizard-Hub, then ‘Builds Menu‘)
  2. Click on the ‘Passion Led Us Here‘ Build. From the ‘Builds Menu’.
  3. Now scroll to the bottom, and click ‘Fresh Install‘ option. Then click ‘Continue‘ when prompted.

That’s It!.. The Insomniacs Wizard, will now do all the hard work for you.

What do you think of the newly updated ‘Passion Led Us Here’ Build v3.2? Please feel free to comment below, and give us some feedback. Thank-You…