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New Kodi 18 Build Update – Full Details

Good morning Insomniacs,

After, what’s seemed to take a lifetime to complete, we can now inform all Insomniacs Users, that the Insomniacs – Kodi 18 – Black & Gold Build has now been updated. And Users can now install the new update.

It has taken me a lot loger than normal to get this update done. (3 days) And we only just updated all of the Insomniacs Builds, the day before Add-Ons started to close down. As all Users are now aware, Kodi has been hit quite hard over the last week, and so many big Add-Ons have sadly, closed down. Lot’s of Add-Ons are still in repositories, but no longer work, so I have totally stripped the Black and Gold Build back, and totally Re-Built it. Then check that each Add-On not only works, but also works well. And has no issues with pulling links etc…

The new Black & Gold update works great, and I have double, and triple checked everything.. As Users will see, one you install the new Update a lot of Add-Ons have been replaced, and some Users may not have even heard of some of the Add-Ons which have been installed in the new update. I am certain that all Users will instantly like the Add-Ons which have been added. There is far too many Add-Ons to name, with what’s been added, so the best thing to do, is Install the new updated Build, and take a look for yourself.

As mentioned on social media, a lot of Wizards and Builds have also closed down, or have chosen not to update any of their Builds, until Kodi becomes more stable. We have chosen to get the Kodi 18 Builds updated, so Users have a fully functional Build. We have decided to take the Insomniacs Kodi 17 Builds – Offline.

What the plan is, over the next week or two, until things settle back down:

With everything that’s been going on recently, we have decided to temporarily take the Insomniacs Kodi 17 Builds Offline. This is so we can focus on the Insomniacs Kodi 18 Builds, and keep them well maintained, and working at their best. It would be virtually impossible for us, to keep all Kodi 18 Builds updated, aswel as the Kodi 17 Builds, at the moment, with Add-Ons closing down. What we have decided to do for the meantime, is focus on the Kodi 18 Builds, and we will keep them up to date, and working at their best. If any further Add-Ons go down, on the new Updates (Which is likely) Then we will then instantly update the Build, and replace any non-working Add-Ons, or any that close down. So if you realise that a certain Add-On has stopped working, then hit the ‘Update Build’ option under the Wizard-Hub. This will then install the latest version of the Build. And will ensure that you have the latest Build. Sometimes, when we make small changes, or apply small fixes, you won’t receive an update notification, if we did this, then Users would get fed up of seeing update notifications constantly.

Once things start to settle down again, then we will update the Kodi 17 Builds, and will put them back online again.

How to Update: Updating your Build has never been easier, with the Insomniacs Wizard. Users can update with the click of a button. By simply clicking the ‘Update Build’ option under the Wizard-Hub. Please remember, that you need to use the ‘Fresh Install’ option if you already have a Build Installed. If you are installing the Build onto a fresh version or install of Kodi 18, then please use the ‘Standard Install’ option.

Below is some very useful ‘How to Guides’

Update Your Build – Anytime, With 1 Click – Easy Guide

How to use the Buffer Prevention feature

How to install Insomniacs Kodi 18 Builds

How to easily create your own Movie/Show Watchlists with ‘Easy User Access’

How To Stop The Annoying Pairing Pop-Up

What’s in the new updated version of the Insomniacs – Black & Gold Build?

The new Black & Gold Build had been totally stripped down and re-built. We have only added the best working Add-Ons, to ensure that Users experience no issues. Here is some screenshots of the new updated Insomniacs – Black & Gold Build:

Here is a full list of all the Add-Ons which have been added in the new Build update:

  • BBC Radio – Music Add-On
  • MP3 Streams – Music Add-On
  • Bearded Bandit – All In One Add-On
  • Brettus Docs – Documentary Add-On
  • Cool TV-Series – New TV-Shows Add-On.
  • Crime-Scene – Crime Docs & Shows
  • Decado Docs – Documentary Add-On.
  • DreamzBeatz – Music Add-On
  • DeathStar – All In One Add-On.
  • EarthCam – Earth-Cam added to Documentary section.
  • M-E-T-V – All In One Add-On.
  • HootLoop V2 – Kids Add-On.
  • BBC I-Player – VOD Add-On
  • ITV-Player – VOD Add-On.
  • Jor-El – Movies & TV-Show Scraper Add-On.
  • Kal-El – Amazing All In One Add-On from Jor-El Developers.
  • Kodi Karaoke – Music Add-On.
  • Little Kingdom – Kids Add-On.
  • Loki – Great All In One Add-On.
  • Movie Zone – Movie Add-On.
  • NiteCrawler – New Movies & TV Scraper Add-On.
  • Nole Cinema – One Click Movies & TV-Show Add-On.
  • NotFilmON – Live-TV Add-On.
  • Now Music USA – Music Add-On.
  • NuMb3r5 – Movies & TV-Shows Add-On with a few extra’s
  • Nymeria – All In One Add-On.
  • Oblivion Streams – Live TV & Sports Add-On.
  • Sportowa – Sports Add-On.
  • Ravers Unite – Music Add-On.
  • Rising Tides – Sports Add-On
  • SportsDevil – Sports Add-On.
  • T2K 1 Click Movies – One Click Movies Add-On.
  • The Best Ultimate Music Collection – Music Add-On.
  • Tempest – Movies & TV-Show Scraper Add-On.
  • Temp-TV – All In One Add-On.
  • The Loop – Sports Add-On.
  • The Magic Dragon – All In One Add-On.
  • ToonTopia – Kids Add-On.
  • MMA-Planet – Sports MMA Add-On.
  • UK Turk’s – All In One Add-On – Requires Pin.
  • UKTV-Play – Catch Up and VOD UK TV Add-On.
  • Voodoo – All In One Add-On.
  • Youtube – Needs no introduction.

The Insomniacs Black & Gold Build – Kodi v18 – Is only a very small sized Build, even with all these Add-Ons. The new updated version size is only a little 192mb. – Making it perfect for all devices, Firesticks, Smart TV’s etc. With the size of the Build being so small, it will run smoothly for all. If you experience any issues, then please don’t comment on the website, or social media, as we do not offer support this way. If you require any support at all, please simply, open a Support Ticket from this website. Support can be found under the ‘Insomniacs’ website menu.

Please remember: When you first launch the updated Build, please allow a few moments for everyting to update. Once you see the Insomniacs Wizard notification: Packages, Cache Cleared, then your usually good to go.

Please also remember to keep your device well maintained, and regularly turn your router off, and follow our full step by step guide on how to keep your Build running at it’s best. Just a few simple steps on a weekly basis, will keep your device running smoothly.


We hope that all Insomniacs Users like the new update, we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the new update. Please feel free to comment below. Hopefully all the hard work, and time it’s taken will be well worth it.

The Kodi 18 – Passion Led Us Here will be updated next. Then the Insomniacs Wizard will be updated, and the Add-On Installer will be updated.


The Insomniacs-Team.

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