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New Build Updates

Insomniacs Build Updates

Good Evening Insomniacs,

As many Users already know, we have been working on the Insomniacs Build updates over the last week or two. Our apologies for the delay in these updates, but an awful lot of work is involved when we push big updates out. We are only a very small team (of 2) And aswel as keeping the 5 Builds updated, we also need to keep the Wizard Apk Installer, Add-On Installer, the Insomniacs APKs, and the website constantly updated, so its a big challenge, keeping everything in tip-top order…

The Kodi 18 Builds are nearly finished, the Passion Led Us Here Build has been completely stripped back, and all new Add-Ons, and sections have been replaced.

The Black & Gold Build has also undergone a major update. With a new section, new backgrounds, new Add-Ons, and more…

Once we’ve done the finishing touches, Users of The Kodi 18 Builds, will soon receive a notification, to let you know that a new update for your Build is available. All you need to do, is click the ‘Update Now’ option. If you want to delay the update, then just  Click This Link – To follow our easy step by step tutorial

The Kodi 18 Build updates will be available over the next 24 Hrs.

Kodi 17 Build Updates:

The Kodi 17 Builds will then become available soon after the Kodi 18 Build Updates are pushed.

Want to Request a certain Add-On to be added?

If any Users would like to request a certain Add-On to be added to the Builds, then please let us know by commenting below, and we will do our best to get them added for you..

Once all the Build Updates have been completed, we will then work on the Insomniacs Wizard Apk Installer & Add-On Installer updates…

Global Build Version: Are you a Global-Sub User??

We used to provide a Global Veraion of the Insomniacs Black & Gold Build. This was to help Users who wanted to use their service, but still use the Insomniacs Builds. We are no longer able to offer this Build, as Global no longer offer their services via Kodi or via their Repository. Inaomniacs is in no way associated with Global, we dont receive any bonuses or free services from them. As Global no longer offer their services via Repository it makes it impossible for us to provide the Build version. So what we would recommend any Global Users do, is Install the Insomniacs Build, then install their App via the Indomniacs Apk Installer. We will provide a full step by step guide on how to do this soon.

If any Users would like to ask any questions in regards to the new Build Updates, then please feel free to comment below, and let us know.


The Insomniacs Team.

Please Note: Do not comment below with any Support comments, as we will not respond to Support comments. We provide support via the websites ‘Request Support’ section, which can be found in the Inaomniacs Section of the website, or at the bottom of any of the website pages.




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