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Netflix Movies and Shows

Good morning Insomniacs,

As most may have realised, a new Netflix Movies, and Netflix TV-Shows section has been added. When a Movie or TV-Show is released, I can only speak for myself, but I always just go to ‘In The Cinema’  to check the latest Movie & TV-Show releases.

I’ve recently learned, that by doing this I am missing out on lots of Movies, and Shows being released. Netflix has hugely grown over the last few years especially. And Netflix, now produce some amazing Original Movies. For example ‘Bird Box’ was a Netflix Movie. Aswel as some amazing Original TV-Series. Due to the Movies/Shows being created and Produced by Netflix, these Movies, and shows just get Produced, solely for Netflix. Meaning, they are not available ‘In the Cinema’. Or on other platforms.

The new Netflix sections, will be constantly kept up to date. And we will be regularly adding more and more content, Movies, and Shows to the Netflix sections.

The Netflix Movies section, can be located under the ‘Movies’ Menu item. Then under the Movie Collection category.

Netflix TV-Shows/Series, can be located under the ‘TV-Shows’ menu. Then under TV Collections Menu item.


Please remember: Once you have registered, aswel as being able to read the Movie/Show Overviews, watch the Trailers, Seasons, and release dates/Cast etc.. You can also create your very own personalised Movie and TV Show Watchlists.

To do this, simply click the ‘Add to Favorite’ option, which is on every Movie and TV-Shows listing.

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