Magic Dragon Not Working? – Quick Fix

Good Afternoon Insomniacs,

Some Users may be aware that the Magic Dragon Add-On was giving an error when trying to open it. This is because the Magic Dragon has changed Repositories, from Supremacy, to the Diamon Repo.

It will automatically update, but this can take up to 72 hours. The other alternative is to manually update the Magic Dragon Add-On, which is super easy to do. And I will show you how to do this below:

Luckily, with all the Insomniacs Builds, the Diamond Repository is already installed. So all you need to do is go to Video Add-Ons, and force update the Magic Dragon Addon. It only takes a moment to do this.

Simply, click ‘Video-Add-ons‘ which is located under the Add-ons section of any of the Insomniacs Builds. (As shown below)

Once you are in the ‘Video Add-Ons’ you will then see a large list of Video Add-Ons. (As Shown Below)

Simply, scroll down, until you see ‘The Magic Dragon‘ Add-On. (As highlighted in the screenshot below)

Once the Magic Dragon is highlighted, simply hold the ‘OK‘ button, on your remote, and click the ‘Information’ option. (As shown below)

Once you have clicked the ‘Information’ option. You will then see the following screen. (As shown below)

On the left hand side, you will see Multiple options. Now click the ‘Update‘ option. As highlighted in the image above.

Once you have clicked the ‘Update’ option, you will then see the following screen. (Shown Below)

There is multiple versions of the Magic Dragon Add-On. Make sure that you click the version from the Diamond Repository version. At the date of this post the latest version is the Version 1.30. You will see the ‘Diamond Repository’ image as shown in the image above. 

Once you have clicked the Diamond Repo version, you will then see the ‘Magic Dragon’ updated notification saying that the ‘Magic Dragon’ Add-On has updated. (As Shown Below)

Congratulations, You have now updated your version of the ‘Magic Dragon’ and have the correct, working version. All should now be back to normal and working great again.

Was this step by step guide useful to you? Please feel free to comment below, and let us know how you got on with this guide.

The Insomniacs-Team.

Please Note: Do not comment below, with Support comments or requests. We do not offer support via the comments system, if you need any help or support, then please use the Insomniacs Website’s ‘Request Support’ feature, which can be located under the ‘Insomniacs’ Menu, or at the bottom of each website page.