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Live-Lounge – Install-Guide

Good Morning Insomniacs,

On this post I will show you how to Install the amazing ‘LiveLounge‘ App/Apk. The Livelounge App, is an amazing App, by a great developer. And covers more or less everything. From World Live-TV, which covers all languages. And an amazing Sports Live-TV option, Virtual Fireplaces, Movies, TV-Shows and much more..

The LiveLounge is a must have App, which is on the Insomniacs Wizard APK-Installer. If you are not a user of the Insomniacs Wizard, you can install the Insomniacs Wizard, regardless of the Build you use. All you need to do is install the Insomniacs Wizard Repository. Click Here for the full install guide. With the Insomniacs Wizard, you will have many great functions, at just the click of a button, from the Apk Installer, Add-On Instsaller, Wizard Maintenance functions, Anti-Buffer feature(s) and much, much, more..

The Live-Lounge App/Apk will only work when you have the MX-Player App Installed. The MX-Player Pro app is also on the Insomniacs Wizard APK-Installer. Here is a Full Guide on how to Install the MX-Player-Pro via the Insomniacs Wizard.

What Sports Games are being Broadcasted Today?

Wondering what Sporting Events are being broadcasted today? Insomniacs also has this covered. Users can use the Insomniacs Live-Sports TV-Schedule. To see the What Games are being Broadcasted today, Click-Here.

How to Install the Live-Lounge App via the Insomniacs Build:

Accessing the Insomniacs Wizard Functions is super-easy when you have an Insomniacs Build installed. Simply, scroll to the Wizard-Hub section of your Build. And under the Wizard-Hub, in the Submenu, you will see ‘APK-Installer‘ (As highlighted below)

Once you click the Insomniacs Wizard APK-Installer, you will then see the Categories, Live-TV, Sports, Movies & TV-Shows etc..etc…

Simply, scroll down and click the ‘Sports APK’s‘ Category.. (As highlighted below)

Once you have Clicked the ‘Sports Apk’s’ section, you will then see a list of Sports Apps. Simply, scroll down and find the ‘LiveLounge’ App. And click it. (As shown below)

Once you click the ‘LiveLounge’ App, you will see the option to Download & Install the App. (As shown below)

You can always tell, what is selected as the darker Grey shade, is the selected option. By default, as you can see above the ‘Cancel’ is highlighted, so just Scroll across and click the ‘Download’ option. Once you select the Download & Install option, the App will then start to Download. (As shown below)

Once the App has downloaded, you will then see an option to ‘Install’ the LiveLounge App (As Shown Below)

Simply, click the ‘Install’ option. And the App will then start to Install to your device. Once the Install is complete, just click the ‘Open’ option. The LiveLounge will then start to open (As shown below)

It may ask you to set an Adult Pin Number. This is to protect anyone who shouldn’t be accessing the Adult section. So just set any pin of your preference. Once you have set your pin, you will then see the following screen. (Shown Below)

As you can see, there is multiple functions and options with the Live-Lounge App:

  • Virtual Fireplace – This section allows you to set a Virtual Fireplace, some with Music.
  • Sports IPTV – All the Sports Live-Channels you need. Just click the Channel you want to watch.
  • World IPTV – From UK & US to Indian, Italian, German, this section has more or less every Country possible,
  • Search Movies – Search a Movie, to watch from the huge database that comes with this great App.
  • Movies In Theatre – Check out the latest Movies which are in the Cinema Now, with the option to watch.
  • Search TV-Series – Search any TV-Series you want to watch with this function.
  • Recently Added – See what’s recently been added to the Live-Lounge App.

Here is a few screenshots of some of the LiveLounnge sections:

World IPTV:

UK Live-TV:

And here is what quality you can expect from the LiveLounge Streams:


I genuinely can not praise this App enough, as it literally has everything needed within the App. And the Developer is always on the ball, with the App Updates etc.. Users can make a payment to the Developer of £5.00 to have the Ads removed, Ads only show once you have finished watching a channel/Movie or TV-Show. And they are in no way overpowering or too much. The Ads are necessary, for the developer to keep this App running. So please support this Developer in the development of this great App.

Live Lounge APK compatible with Android operating systems such as Android Smartphone, Android TV Box, Firestick, Fire TV etc. Special things about this app is you can watch live channels as well as movies and TV series.




Please Note: We do not offer Support via the comment section of this website, if you require any support, then please use the Insomniacs ‘Request Support’ function, which can be found under the ‘Insomniacs’ Menu of this website. Only comment below, with anything to do with the Titanium TV App. Thank-You.




Disclaimer: Insomniacs does not host and is in no way associated with any Apps/Apk’s. All information on the Insomniacs Website, is what is already wideley available on the internet. If you have an issue with Titanium TV App, then please contact the creator/Host/Website of the developer of this App.

Spread the love. By Sharing This Post.


Spread the love. By Sharing This Post.