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Kodi 18 – File Is Not Zip File – Fixed

Hi Insomniacs,

Some Users have been reporting issues, with Installing the Kodi 18 Build versions, onto Android/Firestick, and other devices. (The Builds Installed fine, on Windows devices)

As i posted on Social Media, and the RSS Feed. This was due to an issue with Kodi 18 itself, and is a bug. This is the reason, most Wizard/Builders, have opted not to use Kodi 18 versions just yet, until Kodi iron these issues out.

We have been working now, the last 24 Hours solid on this issue, trying to think of a way we can get this resolved. Which is hard, when it is out of your hands. But we have managed to now resolve this issue. We have had to alter the Insomniacs-Wizard, which will now bypass this error. And will install Kodi 18 Builds now on all devices.

Also, We have sorted the small issue in the Builds Menu. Before, it stated Kodi 18 Builds as Leia (2) We have now edited this to show as Kodi 18 Builds (2) to make it a little more easier to follow.

Same with the Krypton(3) We have also edited that to now show as Kodi 17 Builds (3)

Please note, that we are extremely worn out, and it would of been extremely easy, for us to just pull the Kodi 18 Build versions, until Kodi sorted this Zip issue out. Instead we have battled on as we always do, and have managed to sort the issue for our Users.

We have also posted a new, full step by step guide, on how to install the Kodi 18 Builds. Click here for the step by step guide.

We know, that some Users have opened some support tickets, which i will reply to, then close them down, as this issues now been resolved.

We hope that Users, can understand our side, as we have been very frustrated, when there is an issue out of our hands, it makes it almost impossible for us to rectify it. But the team, has come up with a plan, and luckily it has worked, and in the process, we have massively improved the Wizard.

We hope that Kodi 18 Users, are now happy, and will now have no issues installing the Kodi 18 Builds.

We have been working on the new Wizard, Build updates, text files, then editing and basically created a new wizard, to fix the Kodi 18 issue. So we will now be taking a daya or two off, to recharge. We will as always respond to any Support requests, but Users can rest assured, that the Kodi 18 Installs now work, and all the Builds are up to date. With all the latest, best working Add-Ons.


Please feel free to comment below, with any feedback, on the new edits, I’m sure that all the hard work has been worth it.



Polite Notice: Please do not comment below, with any support issues, if you require support, then please use the ‘Request Support’ system which we have in place. We don’t see comments, straight away, but when a User opens a support ticket, the Insomniacs Team gets notified instantly, and we can assist you quicker. Thank-You.

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