Kodi 18 – File Is Not Zip File – Fixed

Hi Insomniacs,

Some Users have been reporting issues, with Installing the Kodi 18 Build versions, onto Android/Firestick, and other devices. (The Builds Installed fine, on Windows devices)

As i posted on Social Media, and the RSS Feed. This was due to an issue with Kodi 18 itself, and there is a quick, easy fix.. To fix this issue simply, install our very own version of Kodi 18. The Insomniacs-18.4 Apk . Anyone can download and install the Insomniacs 18.4 Apk via the following URL: http://apks.insomniacs.party

The Insomniacs 18.4 Apk works exactly the same as Kodi 18.4 except it has the file is not a zip file fix. As the Wizard is pre-installed, which sorts out the issue of the file is not a zip file. Anyone can freely use the Insomniacs 18.4 Apk, with the Insomniacs Wizard.

Whether you are an Insomniacs User or not, you are welcome to use our Kodi 18 version on the URL given above, It is super easy to install to any Android device, Firestick, Smart TV, or Fire TV.

Using the Insomniacs 18 Apk’s also comes with all the added features. The Insomniacs Wizard, comes with an Add-On Installer, to install all the best, and latest Add-Ons with just one click, and you can use all the added Insomniacs Wizard functions. The maintenance tools, Apk Installer, Anti-Buffer feature and many more.. There is also Kodi 18 Builds available, where you can install either the ‘Insomniacs 18’ – ‘Passion Led Us Here Build’. Or the ‘Insomniacs 18 – Black & Gold’ Build. Both are kept well updated, and are the ultimate all in one, family Builds.

We have also posted a new, full step by step guide, on how to install the Kodi 18 Builds. Click here for the step by step guide.

We know, that some Users have opened some support tickets, which i will reply to, then close them down, as this issues now been resolved.

We hope that Kodi 18 Users, are now happy, with this solution, and will now have no issues installing the Kodi 18 Builds. And using Kodi 18 with the new Insomniacs App and Wizard.

If you need any advice, or Support, then please visit our Support page, on this website. We aim to respond to all Support requests within 24-48 Hrs.

Please feel free to comment below, with any feedback, on the new edits, I’m sure that all the hard work has been worth it.



Polite Notice: Please do not comment below, with any support issues, if you require support, then please use the ‘Request Support’ system which we have in place. We don’t see comments, straight away, but when a User opens a support ticket, the Insomniacs Team gets notified instantly, and we can assist you quicker. Thank-You.