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Kodi 18 Builds – Now Available

Morning Insomniacs,

The Admin team at Insomniacs have been working around the clock, to bring all the new features which come with the new Wizard, and the latest Insomniacs Builds.

For a while now, a lot of Users have been asking us if we will ever be bringing out a Kodi 18 version of the Insomniacs Builds. Especially X-Box One Users, since X-Box started to make Kodi 18 available on their consoles.

We have now made both the ‘Passion Led Us Here’ and the ‘Black & Gold’ Build versions for Kodi 18. As i don’t use Kodi 18, i am not sure exactly how stable it is, but this is great news, not only for X-Box Users, but for all Users.

When Kodi steps up to Kodi 18, Insomniacs Builds will already be available, for this platform, and ready for the switch, which is great news.

Users will need to let us know how the Kodi 18 Builds are, and whether Kodi 18 is stable. So we would love to get some feedback from some of our users.


The installation process is exactly the same as it is for Kodi 18. you can follow the full step by step guide By Clicking Here

Just make sure, that you check, that the Builds you are installing are the Kodi 18 versions, and not the Kodi 17 ones 🙂


Please feel free to comment below, as mentioned above, we would love to hear some feedback, on how the Builds are on the Kodi 18 Platform.


Please note: Please don’t comment on this post with any Support comments, we have a Support request section, on the website, where any users who need advise, or support, can open a support request, The ‘Support Request’ can be found under the ‘My Account’ menu of the website. – Thank-You.

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