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Hello, and welcome to the Insomniacs Support section. Users can use the form below, to contact us directly, if you need any advice, or support. We always personally respond to all Users who need support. All we ask, is that Users check the website thoroughly, or check the helpful list below, before contacting us, via the form at the bottom of this page.

Please do not use our Social media pages to comment with support requests. – As we can not respond via social media, as we have tried this method, which resulted in our pages and groups being closed down. – We will have to remove any comments, from the social media pages/groups, relating to support, or Movies, Streams and other issues that can get the pages/groups closed down. – Thank-You.

Please also remember: That Insomniacs is a Build, Wizard and website. We have absolutely no control on how Add-Ons work. And can’t help with issues outside of the Build. If ever an issue arises with the Build, we do constantly keep on top of this. If an Add-On discontinues, or stops working, we will quickly replace it. So if this is the case, then please try using the ‘Update’ function. If you have an issue with a particular Add-On, then please contact the Add-On developer. Please do not contact us for Support, for any issues other than the Build Itself. – Please also remember, that Insomniacs and all the features are provided FREE of charge to all. We do this to help Users out, and make many sacrifices, and give up our spare time, to make your experience as a Kodi User better. 99.9% of Insomniacs Users, are amazing, and polite, and appreciative, and these Users, are what keep us going.  we also keep the Builds & features as well updated as possible. An awful lot of effort is put into providing and keeping the Builds, Wizard, and website features well maintained for our Users,. So please remember this when getting in touch. From time to time, We do sadly receive rude Support requests. ( This is only the very odd, User) But we will NOT respond to these Users, or waste our time on people who are rude, or can’t appreciate the amount of work, and time that’s put into just keeping everything maintained, and running. Most Support requests made, are quickly and easily sorted, and are usually down to issues on the User(s) end. We will always personally help Users out, and will always respond to Support requests within 48 Hours. (Usually much sooner) 

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Still need Support? – Then Please use the form below:

Please remember – Be polite, when requesting Support. And provide as much information as possible. As this will help us to resolve any issues you may have as quickly as possible.


We personally respond to all Support requests within 48 hours. When contacting us for Support. You will receive Support via the E-mail Address, you have supplied above. Please check your ‘Junk’ folder, for a response to your Support contact.


The Insomniacs Team.