Insomniacs – Passion Led Us Here Build V2.6 Update Now Available

Good Evening all,

We have been really busy recently, updating all the Insomniacs Kodi 18 Builds. The ‘Passion Led Us Here’ Build has now been updated to Version 2.6, and Uses can now install the latest Build version.

Like the Black & Gold Build update, we have stripped the Build back, and Re-Built it with new Add-Ons added, and many Add-Ons, removed, and replaced from the Build.

The Insomniacs ‘Passion Led Us Here’ Build is only 182mb in size. But is rammed with all the best, and most reliable Add-Ons.

How do i update the Build?

Users will receive the usual Update notification, to let you know that a new update version of the Build is available.. With the option to ‘Update’. Please remember to always use the ‘Fresh Install’ option, when updating your Build. The Insomniacs Wizard, will do all of the work for you, once you click the ‘Fresh Install’ option, the Wizard will then uninstall your old Build version, Download the latest version, then install it to your device. If you don’t get the update notification, or if you press the wrong button, or exit the process by mistake, then simply, click the ‘Update Build’ option under the Wizard-Hub section. Then click ‘Continue’ when asked if you want to clear Kodi defults. Again, the Wizard will then go through all the process for you. When the update is completed, the Wizard will close Kodi. Just Re-Launch Kodi, and you should then have the latest Build version. Please remember: When updating any Build, to allow a moment, for any Add-Ons to update. Once you see the Insomniacs Wizard notification, that Cache, Packages, or Thumbnails have been cleared, this is a good indication that your good to go, and all up to date.

What’s been added to the new Build update?…

Like the new Black & Gold Build update, the Passion Led Us Here Build, has also undergone a huge update. Discontinued Add-Ons, or Add-Ons which have any issues have been removed and replaed, with new, and the most reliable Add-Ons. We have also removed some Add-Ons, which have been requested by Users of the Insomniacs Build.

Below, is a list of Add-Ons, which have been removed from the ‘Passion Led Us Here’ Build update:

  • Ghost
  • T2K 1 Click Kids Movies
  • Kids Nation
  • Limitless
  • Loki
  • Tempest

Below, is a list of Add-Ons which have been added to the PLUH Build, with the new update:

  • Luxray Video – Movies , TV-Show, Cartoons & other sections.
  • TechStreams FFA – The sister Add-On to the amazing ‘Bob’ Add-On.
  • Come At Me Bro – Fighting & Martial arts Add-On.
  • Documentary Empire – Documentary Add-On.
  • Exodus Redux – Movies & TV-Shows Add-On.
  • Area 51 – Great Movies/TV Add-On, for fans of Sci-Fi, Vampire, Werewolf, and supernatural Content.
  • Online Channels (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc) – Watch Movies and Shows from all Online Channels.
  • Tap TV – Live TV Add-On, which is already integrated into the TV-Guide Pre-Set up in this Build.
  • Swiftstreams – Live TV Add-On, which is already integrated into the TV-Guide Pre-Set up in this Build.


Below is alsonsome screenshots of the new ‘Passion Led Us Here’ V2.6 Build update:

As mentioned above, Updating the Build, if you already have the Build installed, is super easy. If you don’t already have the Passion Led Us Here Build installed, then please click here to follow our full step by step guide on how to install the Build. Either via Kodi 18, or our own Kodi 18 APK.


Please feel free to comment below, with any feedback on the newly updated Build. We hope that you all enjoy the new Build updates.

The Insomniacs Team