Insomniacs Builds – What is a Kodi Build?

Good evening all,

I thought that I would make a post, explaining exactly what the Insomniacs Builds are, what they offer. Aswel as helping explain to some of the newer users, what we can and cannot help with, when it comes to getting the best out of using Kodi..

We at Insomniacs, try to go above and beyond to help our Users, get the best out of the Builds, aswel as many additional features, in the Insomniacs Wizard, and the Insomniacs Website.

When any Kodi User installs Kodi to their device. It comes with the default, basic skin, and comes with no added Repositories, Add-Ons, backgrounds, skins, and layouts, aswel as other features, which come with using a Kodi Build.. Normally, a User would need to manually add each source, then install each Repository, aswel as the Add-Ons themselves. (This is just to add a single Add-On)

One thing that we have absolutely no control over, is how Add-Ons work, or how many sources, or links a certain Movie or show allows. A Kodi Build, is just a design, with all the Add-Ons already pre-added for you. Sometimes some Movies take longer than others to get more sources, and we can not do anything at all about how Add-Ons work, once they are added to the Builds.

What is an Insomniacs Kodi Build?

As mentioned above, When a User installs or uses Kodi, it comes as default. When a User installs one of the Insomniacs Kodi Build’s it basically comes, with everything you need, already all set up for you. All the best, and most reliable Repositories, Add-Ons, Scripts, and other modules which are needed in order to use a fully functional Kodi setup. Aswel as Menus. Backgrounds, customised icons and images, keyboards, and other designs in order to make the Builds look slick, and good. The insomniacs Builds are all below 200MB in size, which also make them perfect for all devices. Whether your using an Amazon Firestick, Android Box, PC, Tablet, Smart TV, or other device.

It is also down to the individual Kodi User, to keep their Kodi setup well maintained. By clearing Cache, Packages, temp files, Resolver function Cache, etc.. When you use the Insomniacs Builds, this is all already taken care of for you. With the Insomniacs Wizard cleaner. You can also use many other functions as an Insomniacs User, from the Anti-Buffer feature, to the Easy User access. There is many additional perks of using one of the Insomniacs Builds.

All Insomniacs Builds are also kept well up to date. This ensures that Users will always have a fully functional, working Build, when using the Insomniacs Builds. When any Add-Ons or repositories discontinue, or no longer work, we then swiftly replace them, with alternative working Add-Ons. If there is ever an issue, that can be resolved on our end, we are swift in doing this. There is also certain things that we have absolutely no control over, which we will explain further down in this post.

All Insomniacs Builds are 100% FREE to all Users. We do not accept payment in any way, shape or form. This includes donations of any sort. We do what we do, for free to everyone.

We try to make things as easy as possible for our Users, by using an easy to use ‘Build Update’ function in the Wizard. Which means even the most inexperienced Kodi Users can easily update their Build. When we release a new Build update, the User receives a notification, to let them know that a new update is available, with the option to update. We have also added many easy to follow ‘Step by step’ guides on the website, with screenshots, which are constantly kept up to date for Users.

What additional features can Insomniacs Users benefit from?

Below, Is a list of some of the additional features, that comes with using the Insomniacs Builds:

  • Anti-Buffer Feature – This analyses your device, then sets it up, at it’s best settings to prevent buffering.
  • Apk Installer – This feature allows you to Install some of the best, and latest Apk’s around.
  • User Support – We always want to help our Users, and if you ever need Support, can open a ticket.
  • Easy Update function – One click update function. The Wizard takes care of everything for you.
  • Insomniacs Apk Forks – We release our own Kodi versions, with wizard and repo pre-installed.
  • Easy User Access – This feature allows you to access all the website features directly from your Build.
  • Movies & TV Releases – Check out the latest Movie and TV Releases. Aswel as ratings, trailers, cast, & more.
  • Add-On Installer – Install the latest Add-Ons with the Add-On Installer.
  • Downloads – Download all the best working Apps and Apks, safely. With the Insomniacs Downloader.
  • Force Update All Add-Ons – This feature force updates all Addons, Scripts, Modules & Repo’s.
  • Clear Cache/Resolvers/Packages – One click clear Build option under Wizard-Hub. Very handy.
  • Maintenance Tools – Lots of additional maintenance features with the Insomniacs Wizard.
  • Tweaks & Fixes – Apply fixes, and little tweaks, with the Wizard Tweaks & Fixes feature.
  • Create own Movies or TV Watchlist – When logged in to the website Users can create own watchlists.
  • How to Guides – Never come unstuck, or use outdated, or inaccurate guides, with the ‘How to’ guides.

This is just some of the functions, and additional features that comes with being an Insomniacs Wizard & Builds User. We give up an awful lot of our personal time, to maintain all the additional features, to make sure that Users get the best out of their devices, and with using our Builds.

What things we can not help with;

As mentioned above, There is also certain things that we have absolutely no control over. Or can not help Users with. We can not control what sources or links are available, or how many are available, or even how certain Add-Ons work. Numerous times, we receive support Tickets from Users, saying they can not get many links or sources to a certain Movie or Show. If you have any issues with a certain Add-On, then please contact that Add-On developer. We can replace non-functional or non working Add-Ons. But can not control how they work.

We have made thing as easy as easy as possible to help Users, if you do experience any Issues with links or sources for any particular content, then please check out the ‘One Click’ section of the Builds. As these sections are just ‘One click and Play’. Magic Dragon is also an exceptional Add-On for getting content to play. As you simply click the Movie or show you want to watch. Then get the instant option to use the link.

If any User needs any Support or additional Info:

If you need any further advice, or help with anything Kodi or Insomniacs related, then please use the Support section of the website, to get in touch with us. We will always personally respond to all requests within 48 hours.


The Insomniacs Team.