Many Add-Ons down – Build Updates Coming Soon

Good afternoon all,

We updated all the Insomniacs Builds last night, to only find out today that many Addons and Repo’s have sadly been closed down, and discontinued. We will get the Builds updated as soon as we can, the only issue is, more Add-Ons could go down, and we could end up chasing our own tail. Something similar happend a year or so ago… And as soon as we updated the Builds, more Add-Ons went down. We will do our best to keep everyone informed.

Some big add-ons what we use on the Builds have closed down, 13 Clowns, Supremacy, just to name a few… And we will now need to strip all the Builds down and Re-Build them again. Unfortunately, this is going to take us a day or two. But wanted to let our Users know, that we are doing all we can on our end, and this is a very sad time, as these Add-Ons are ones we all use. Something similar to this happened last year. And many other Add-Ons followed.

It is currently unknown why they have shut down.

There have been no ACE letters shown online that have taken down Kodi add-ons and repositories in the past.

Torrentfreak reported that a man in England was arrested the same day the popular Supremacy Repo went down.

Other Repositories seem to have shut down in response to the news from TorrentFreak’s website.

This is still only a rumor with no official cause for the shut downs known yet.

Maverick announced on Twitter in regard’s to a shut down.

13 Clowns also announced that they was also closing their Addon and Repositories:

We would like to give a huge thanks to all the Developers, who created these Add-Ons, and we can only hope that one day they will return. And I’m sure we speak on behalf of all Insomniacs Users, and users of Kodi all over the world. Without these Add-Ons, it would not be possible to even have Builds. Supremacy and Maverick have been extremely popular Repo’s and each have created amazing Add-Ons respectively.

We will have to see how things develop over the next week. But we will do everything we can our end, to keep the Builds as updated as we can.

If there are any Add-Ons that Users would like to suggest we add. Then please feel free to comment below with any suggestions. KodiApps is a great website, to see which Add-Ons are still available, and they are well on the ball with keeping it well updated. Click here to see the list of Add-Ons which are still available – From KodiApps

We will also keep this post well updated. and will comment below with the progress we make in regards to the new updates. Please remember, that we have a lot of work to do, and will do our best to get the Builds sorted as soon as we can.


The Insomniacs Team.



Repositories Down:

  • Supremacy Repo – And all Supremacy Add-Ons down.
  • Maverick TV Repo – And all Maverick Add-Ons down.
  • 13 Clowns Repo – Down and discontinued.
  • Overeasy Repo – And all OverEasy Add-Ons down.
  • Egg-Man – And all Add-Ons down
  • Star-Tec – And all Add-Ons down.
  • Bam-F – And all Add-Ons down.

Add-Ons Down:

  • Gen-X
  • Now Music UK
  • Now Music USA
  • Supremacy
  • Joker Sports
  • Maverick TV
  • Yoda
  • At The Flix
  • Reality
  • JukeBox Hero
  • JoyRide
  • Supremacy Sports
  • Aspis
  • Atriox
  • Night Terrors
  • Planet MMA
  • Totally – That’s What I Call Music.
  • OverEasy
  • Exodus 13C Video
  • Destiny
  • Venom Replays
  • Star Tech AIO
  • Monster Munch

We will keep updating the lists above, with any more Add-Ons which go down. Or if any join new Repositories, we will then remove them from the list.Updated 22nd June

Please feel free to comment below, if you know of any more Add-Ons which close down or go offline. Thank-You



Note to all Insomniacs Users:

Please be patient with us, whilst we work on the Builds, and get them all updated. We will comment below this post with Build updates as they are completed and become available. The issue is, if we rush and update the Builds, we will then be chasing our own tail, as more Add-Ons may follow. So please be patient. Thank-You.