Insomniacs 17.6 APK Install – Full Guide

Good morning Insomniacs,

Many Users have contacted me, to say that their system has automatically updated their Kodi 17.6 to Kodi 18. This also happened to me. And personally, I won’t use Kodi 18, just yet, as there is just too many issues, and bugs, which have yet not been fixed, and could take a few months before it’s as stable as Kodi 17.6.

What is the Insomniacs-17.6 APK?

The Insomniacs-17.6 APK, is a fork of Kodi 17.6. – It works exactly the same as Kodi 17.6, except, it comes with the Insomniacs Wizard pre-installed. (Making it easier to install the Builds, as you don’t need to manually Install the Repository & Wizard. Another great advantage of using the Insomniacs-17.6 APK, is that you can use it alongside Kodi 18, or even Kodi 17. It allows you to have 2 Kodi set ups on your device. Please note: When the Insomniacs APK was made, the previous Wizard was made. So when installing the APK, the previous Wizard will launch at first. But do not worry, as soon as you have installed a Build. And first launch the App, with a Build, the Wizard will then automatically update to the latest, most current version.

What devices will the Insomniacs 17.6 APK work on?

The Insomniacs APK, will work on Amazon Firestick/Fire TV devices, Android boxes, Mobile phones, Tablets, Smart TV’S etc… The only device the Insomniacs APK will not work on is on a PC or Laptop. or very old Android devices which run 4.4.2.

How do i Install the Insomniacs-17.6 apk?

Installing the Insomniacs-17.6 APK is extremely easy and straight forward. And below, I will show you just how to do that:

The first thing you need to do, is Download the Insomniacs-17.6 APK. In order to do this you need to open your internet browser, if using an Android/Tablet/Phone/Smart-TV device. and enter the following url exactly: http://apks.insomniacs.party

Click here for the full step by step guide, on how to install the Insomniacs APK Onto a Firestick Device.

(Please ignore the quality of the first few images i have used, as I had to quickly take pictures, as my Android device, will only allow me to take screenshots, once an App is open.

So here goes, lets get the Insomniacs 17.6 APK quickly installed.

Once you have entered the URL Exactly how it’s given above, you will then see the following page: (Shown below)

Simply click on the Insomniacs-17.6.apk and the App will then start to download. Once the download has finished, click it. You will then see the Install option: (This is using Android device)

Simply, select the ‘Install’ option. Which is usually in the bottom right, depending on what device your using. Once you click ‘Install’ the Insomniacs APK will then start to install. (As shown below)

The App should install relatively quickly, once the Install has finished you will then see the following screen: (As below)

Now, click the ‘Open’ option. And the Insomniacs APK will then open up. The splash screens will first load (As shown below)

Once the Splash screens have loaded, the usual Kodi default screen will launch. The great news is, with having the Insomniacs Wizard already Pre-installed, it will take you straight to the options, once you have Installed the Repository, and the Wizard.

So, the first thing you will notice is, the Insomniacs Wizard News screen will load. (As shown below)

Simply, click on ‘Dismiss’ and that will close the news box. The next box to appear, will be the Wizard settings box. (As shown below)

You don’t need to select any of these options on this part of the Install. As once you install the Build. The Clear Cache, Packages, and Thumbnails, will already be set up for you. So click ‘Continue’ Then you will see the following screen: (Shown Below)

Simply, scroll across and click the ‘Ignore’ option on this menu. (As highlighted below)

Once you close this box down. The normal Kodi default screen will show. You now need to go to ‘Add-Ons’ which is on the left menu, (As highlighted on the left Below)

Now simply, press right once, this will highlight the Insomniacs Wizard. (As highlighted below)

You now, need to click the ‘Insomniacs-Wizard‘ icon. The Wizard will then load up. (As shown below)

Now click the ‘Builds’ tab, in the top left hand side of the Wizard. Once you click ‘Builds’ you will then see the Builds Menu, (as shown in the image below)

Scroll down, and check the Build you want to Install. Please make sure, that you select a Kodi 17 Build version, and not a Kodi 18 version. (The top 3 Builds, are Kodi 17 versions) You can tell which ones are Kodi 17 versions, by looking just under the ‘install themes’ option. as it shows:

  • Version: 2.4.
  • Kodi Version: 17.0 This is what you need to make sure, says 17.0. (to ensure it is Kodi 17 Build)

Once you are happy, tat you have found the Build you want to Install. Then simply, click the Build you want to Install. For this Guide only, I am installing my personal favorite ‘Black & Gold‘ Build. (As shown below)

Once you have clicked the Build you want to install, simply, scroll across to the right, to the ‘Install‘ option. (As highlighted below)

You will

Now click ‘Install’. You will then be asked: Would you like to download & Install ‘Your Build‘ select the ‘Yes.Install‘ option (As shown below)

Now the Wizard will do all of the work for you. And will go through 2 stages. First the Download will start (As shown below)

Then once the Download process has finished, the Wizard will then go through the Install process. (As shown below)

This is the final part of the Installation. Once the Installing has finished, you will then see the usual. ‘Force Close’ completed message (as shown below)

So now, just click the ‘OK’ option. And the Insomniacs APK will close. (Your now done)

Launch the Insomniacs App. And the new Installed Build will load (As shown below)

Now, please allow a moment, for any Add-Ons/Repositories/Modules/Scripts to update. As it’s the first launch, so its likely that some updated are necessary.

Also, as the APK was installed using the older Wizard version, the Insomniacs Wizard will now update the to newer, up to date Wizard. You will see a notification, showing that the ‘Insomniacs-Wizard’ has Updated (As shown below)

Once you see the Wizard Update notification, just wait for the usual Insomniacs Wizard Cache/Packages cleared notification, (as shown below)

Once you see the Packages/Cache clear notification, your then good to use the Build. As this only shows once any Add-Ons have been updated. So is a great indication, to know that your good to start using the Build(s)

Also, great news, now that you have installed the Insomniacs-17.6 APK, and also you now have the most up to date Wizard/Repo installed, any future Build updated, only require you to click one button to update.

For the quick one click ‘How to Update’ your Build with one click, simply, click this link

We hope that you found this guide useful, we would appreciate any feedback or comments. Any Users can feel free to comment below.

Comment Notice: Please do not comment below, with any Build/APK/Wizard Support requests, we have a very easy to use Support system in place. Which Users can find under the website Insomniacs’ menu. Simply click ‘Request Support’ and open a support ticket. The Insomniacs Team will then intantly be notified, that you have requested support, and we will answer you as soon as we possibly can.

We hope you enjoy the new Insomniacs 17.6 apk. And it is a great way for Users to easily revert back to the more reliable Kodi 17.6.