I-Vue TV-Guide – Tips & Tricks

Good morning all,

Some Users, have been asking, if we can post some Ivue TV-Guide ”How to Guides” Well, here is the full official Tutorials, directly from Ivue’s Youtube Channel.

The Ivue TV-Guide, and Ivue creator, is an amazing all round Guide, with many, many features. Here is just a few of them:

  • Multiple Skins, to choose from, for personal preference.
  • Channel order, options, so the User can choose the order of channels, to their liking.
  • Subscribe feature in Ivue Creator, gives Users easy access, to add links, from your Add-Ons.
  • Multiple XML set ups, ie, Freeview, UK/US Set up, Amys List, and many, many more…
  • Easy add links via favourites.
  • User can set reminders.
  • Category options, for easy access, when needed.
  • Catch Up TV section, on some of the Skins.

Please feel free to comment, below, with your opinions on this fantastic Add-On. And any feedback.