More Apks Added – *NEW* Insomniacs Website APK Downloader..

The Insomniacs ‘Downloads’ section has now been updated, and new Apks are being added daily. We have also sadly had to restrict some Users from downloading the Apps/Apks for the meantime, as some Users are sadly abusing the downloads section, and are repeatedly downloading all the Apks. And not leaving any feedback, comments, to help other Users. 

We did trial a ‘Visitors’ download permission. Where Users didn’t need to Log-In to download any of the Apks. We have now changed this back to the Log-In function. So all Users will need to Log-In to download any of the Apks.

This is so that we can better monitor the downloads. We don’t expect all Users to leave feedback, or comment on every App or Apk they download. But leaving a little feedback to help other Users. Users who are found to abuse the Downloads section, will first of all be restricted for 72 hours, if this persists, then we will resrict that User, from using the downloads section. ( This will include any new, or future account made) We have to put the right things in place, in order to keep the function working for all the Users who don’t abuse the downloads feature. And we hope that Users understand why we have to put things like this in place. Some Users are just coming to the website, and repeatedly downloading 50+ Apps, at a time. Without giving a few seconds of their time to leave a little feedback on one, or two of the downloads.

How do I access the Insomniacs ‘Downloads’ section from my Firestick?..

All you need to do, is use the Downloader App. If you don’t have this then you can ‘Download’ the App from the store for free. Once installed, open the downloader App, then enter the following url: https://insomniacs.website   The Downloader App, will then take you to the website, and then you can click on the ‘Downloads’ menu of this website. And start to download the Apps.

How do I access the Insomniacs ‘Downloads’ section from my Android device or Smart TV?..

All you need to do to access the Downloads section, is open your Internet browser. Then enter this websites URL: https://insomniacs.website   Once you access the website, you can then click on the ‘Downloads’ menu of the website.

Can I access Apps/Apks straight from my Insomniacs Build?:

Yes, you don’t need to leave your Insomniacs Build to open, or access your installed Apps or Apks. You can access them straight from your Build. You can also ‘Add to Favorites’ just like any Kodi Add-On. And you can even add any App/Apk to your Insomniacs Builds menu. ( I will be making a guide on how to do this soon)

How does the ‘Downloads’ work on the Insomniacs Website?

The Insomniacs Downloads section of the website is super easy, and simple to use. The first thing that you need to do, is click on the ‘Downloads’ menu of the Insomniacs website. (As highlighted in the screenshot below)

When you hover over the Downloads menu. You will see multiple categories:

  • All Downloads – This section shows all the downloads from all sections.
  • Movies & TV – This section, has the best Movies & TV-Show/Series App downloads.
  • Live TV & VOD – You will find all the best Live TV & VOD Apps in this section.
  • Kids & Music – This section has the best Kids & Music App downloads..
  • SportsThe best Sports Apps, will be found in this Category.
  • Miscellaneous – This is a mixed bag section. of Miscellaneous App downloads..
  • Media Players & Kodi Forks – All the best ‘Pro’ media players, and Kodi forks in this section.
  • Serenity IPTVAll Serenity IPTV Apps can be found in this section. For their Live TV & VOD.
  • Dashboard – The Dashboard, is where you can check your downloads, and the latest downloads.

Once you have selected the section you want to access. You will then be directed to that Category. Where you will see the list of ‘Downloads’ for that Category. (As shown below)

Once you click on the App/Apk you want to look at, or download. ( As shown above, I have clicked on LiveLounge Apk, for this guide only) You will then be directed to that ‘Download’. Where you can read the information on that App. And will see the ‘Download’ box. At the top of each listing. (As Shown Below)

To download the App. Simply, click on the ‘DOWNLOAD‘ box. As highlighted in the screenshot above. Once you have clicked on the download box. Your download will start.. Or if like me, your using a PC, you will get the usual option to download the file. (As Shown Below) But if on an Android device, Firestick, or smart TV. The download will start automatically.

And that’s it… Once your download is finished you can then install the App/Apk to your device. It’s a really simple download feature of the website.

There is no limitations on downloads. Users can download as many Apps/Apks as you like. The Insomniacs APK of the week is: UnlockmyTV App. Which you can access by clicking here..

We really hope that all Insomniacs Users take advantage of the new ‘Downloads’ section and feature. As some App/Apks that are available are simply amazing. If there is a certain App/Apk that you would like to see added to the ‘Downloads’ section, then please feel free to comment below. And we will do our best to get them added for you.

Want to give a little back to Insomniacs?

Users can really help the Insomniacs team out. By simply. taking a little moment of your time. To comment on the download listing, to let other Users know what you think of that download. This will help other Users get an idea of that App before they downlod the App.


Thank-You for reading this post. Please feel free to comment below, to let us know what you think of the new Downloads section.

The Insomniacs Team.