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All Kodi 17 Builds Updated – How to Update Build’s.

Good morning Insomniacs,

Great news, for Kodi 17 Users of the Black & Gold Build. And the Passion Led Us Here Build has now been updated. , Black & Gold BuildVersion: 2.2 is now available. for Users to update.

Passion Led Us Here Build – Version 28 is now available. for Users to update.

What has been done in the Kodi 17 – Black & Gold Update?

  • Any non-working Add-Ons have now been removed.
  • Modules, Scripts, Repos, updated.
  • All Add-Ons have been Pre-Set, for fast loading, and to make it easier for the User.
  • General tidy up, and cleanup, build has been lowered in size. and is under 200mb.
  • Redemption, old Add-On Removed, and Updated to new version.
  • Exodus Redux – Has been removed, and Re-Installed, with new scrapers, and set-up.
  • Old version of Yoda removed – New version Re-added.
  • Tempest has been added, (New Movie/Show Scraper Add-On) Which seems to be very popular.
  • Lots of new Add-Ons have been added, and any non-working, or no longer maintained Add-Ons removed.

What has been done in the Kodi 17 – Passion Led Us Here Update?

  • TV-Guide – Has been fully rebuilt – And all new Links have been added, and a new Guide Channel list added.
  • Exodus Redux – Has been uninstalled, and then Re-Installed, with the new Scrapers.
  • Modules, Scripts, Repos, all updated to latest versions.
  • General Tidy-Up, and clean-up.
  • Issue with Add-On Settings now Fixed. As some Users reported some issues with certain Add-Ons settings.
  • Old version of Yoda removed, and new Yoda set-up added.
  • New Add-Ons added. And many Live-TV Add-Ons added, to give lots of TV-Guide links also.
  • Movies, TV, Sports, Docs, Kids, VOD, & One click Add-Ons added.
  • New Splash image added.

How do i update the Build?

Users should receive the following Automated Notification (Screenshot below) If using Passion Led Us Here, you will see very similar, but with that Build name, and Version. For this tutorial only, I am using the Black & Gold Build. The same applies, when updating all Build Updates.

Letting you know, that an update is available, with the option to ‘Fresh Install’ , Normal Install, or ‘Delay Update’

Make sure, that you select the ‘Fresh Install‘ option.

Once you select the ‘Fresh Install‘ option, you will then see the following option: (Shown Below)

Scroll across and click ‘Yes‘ as you want the Insomniacs Wizard  to Erase your current Build, before updating to the new one.

Once you select ‘Yes’, Just leave the Wizard to do it’s thing. It will first, clear out the files, then will Download the new Update, then will Install the new update. The Insomniacs Wizard, will do everything for you.

You will know when it is completed, as you will see the following screen: (Shown Below)


Another way, you can update, is to do it Manually, this is known as a ‘Force Update


How to force update the Build, straight away..

It is extremely simple, to update the Build manually. (Force-Update)And i will do a small guide below:

First of all, you need to click ‘Wizard-Hub‘ on the Main Menu. (Shown Below)

Once you have clicked the Wizard-Hub. The Wizard will load as shown below:

You now need to click the ‘Builds‘ tab. Once you have done this, the Builds Menu will load, like shown below:

Scroll down, and click the Build you want to update. (So in this case, it is Kodi 17: Black & Gold Build) So scroll down to the Kodi 17 section, then click the ‘Black & Gold‘ Build, or ‘Passion Led Us Here‘ Build (as highlighted below):

then scroll across and click the ‘Fresh Install‘ option. (As shown below)

Once you have clicked the Fresh Install. You will then see the following option (Shown Below)

Make sure that you click ‘Yes‘. One you have clicked Yes, the ‘Insomniacs Wizard’ will do all the work, so don’t press anything. Now is a good time, to go make yourself a Coffee, or get yourself a Beer. 🙂

The Wizard will now run in 3 stages.

Stage 1: First, it will clear your current Build files (As shown below)


Stage 2: then it will Download the Build. (Shown Below)


Stage 3: Then it will Install the new Updated Build version. (Shown Below)

Once the Update is completed, then you will see the following screen: (Shown Below)

Once you see the option to Force Close Kodi, click ‘OK

Your Build is now updated, and you can now launch Kodi. And your Build is up to date:

Please remember:

On the first Launch, to always allow a minute or so, for any Add-Ons, Modules, Scripts, Resolvers, Repo’s etc  to update.. You alway’s know, when it’s good to go, when you see the ‘Insomniacs Cache Cleared notification’


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