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How To Set Up Debrid On Insomniacs

Good evening all,

There has been a few Users who have been struggling to set up their Debrid, on the Builds. In this post, i will do a step by step guide, on how best to set up your Debrid. The same applies, for all Builds, but for this guide only, i am using the new Black & Gold build. (Please note: You need  to purchase a Real-Debrid package, in order for this to work)

Having Debrid has huge benefits, and requires a bit of time, to get it all set up correctly. The good thing about Insomniacs Build(s) and the Wizard, is the Users only ever need to do this once, as there is an option in the Wizard Settings, to save Debrid data. So on any future updates, Users can update, with confidence, knowing that Debrid will be enabled, and set up every time.

There is 2 Resolvers, which are URL Resolver and ResolveURL. These 2 resolvers, are very important, and need to be altered, for your Debrid to work. You need to apply the same to both of these Resolvers, please remember to do exactly the same to both, as some Add-Ons use URL Resolver, and some use ResolveURL. So if you do both, thn you will get the best out of the Debrid service. For this tutorial, you will need a phone, or computer, to link your Debrid to Kodi. It is much easier, if you log into your Debrid service first, then it saves you having to enter your details when Authorizing Debrid.

For this guide I will set up the URL Resolver.


First of all, you need to head over to the ”Syetems” section, and press down to the Submenu, (You will see shortcuts, to the URL Resolver & ResolveURL.)

(pic below)

You now need to click on the URL Resolver, for the settings tab to appear (Pic Below)

Above, is what you will see, when you forst click Resolver settings, the first thing you need to do, is set it back to defaults, as some of the Resolver settings, get edited, to stop pairing. Simply scroll across, and press ”Defaults” first as shown below:

Ok, now we need to go to the Universal Resolvers tab, on the left side, and then you will see a list of Resolvers. ie Premiumize, Real-Debrid, and so on… My account is with Real-Debrid. So i need to go to the Real-Debrid section, as shown in the pic below:

The first thing you need to do, is change the Priority number, from 100 to ”90” (This will then make this service your default Resolver/Service) Pic Below:

Once you have entered ”90” you then need to scroll across and press ”OK” (Pic Below)

Once you click ”Ok” it will close the Resolver Box, and put you back to the Main Menu, so click the URL Resolver again for the setting tab to Re-Open:

Scroll back to ”Universal Resolvers” and where you changed the priority to ”90” You should see that has now saved, and is the default service. (pic Below)

Now that you have set the priority to ”90” You now need to Authorize your account, to link your debrid to Kodi. (As highlighted in the pic above. (Make sure you have a phone, Tablet, or PC ready, to Authorize the code) So, click the ”(Re) Authorize My Account”

You will now see a box appear, with how to Authorize your Debrid to Kodi (Pic below)

You will now see a link, which you need to type into your internet browser. You can do this on a phone, tablet, Laptop…

As i am using Real-Debrid i need to visit https://real-debrid.com/device

Once you have entered the URL, link, it will prompt you to a page asking for the verification code. Simply, enter the code which is in the box on Kodi. In my case it is: K6PYL83M.

Once you have entered the code, and pressed ”OK” You will see a notification, on Kodi, to say that your Real-Debrid Resolver, has now been Authorized.

Congratulations, You have now linked your Debrid, to The URL Resolver. Make sure you repeat the process, with the ResolveURL too.


Ok, so now you have linked your Debrid services, to Kodi, you will see a huge difference in available sources. You will also never experience the Openload and VidUp links asking to verift etc etc….

To get the best out of Debrid. You need to make sure, that Debrid is Enabled, in the Add-On settings, as most Add-Ons, now come with Debrid disabled by default..


I will show you a few Examples below:

Head over to the ”Add-Ons section, and press down to the submenu, and click ”Video Add-Ons” (Pic Below)

Once you have clicked Video Add-Ons, you will see a list of all the Add-Ons which are installed to the Build.

To check if Debrid is Enabled, go to a Movie Add-On. (I will use ”The Lab” as my Movie Scraper Add-On, and Selfless Lite, as the Jen Add-On for this guide) Highlight it, then hold ”OK” and press ”Settings” (Pic Below)

You then need to scroll down to the ”Providers” Tab. (Pic Below)

Once you get to the Providers tab, you will see that Enable Debrid Providers, is Disabled. So you now need to ”Enable” it. And then scroll across and press ”OK”

This Scraper Add-On, is now set up for Debrid, and you should see a huge improvement, in the amount of premium, reliable links.

You can scroll, through all the Add-Ons, to check if Debrid is Enabled. The Jen Add-Ons, is a little different, for this guide, i will check Selfless Lite… Pic Below:

On the Jen Add-Ons, you need to scroll to the ”Scraper Settings” Tab (Pic Below)

As you can see in the above image, Debrid is not enabled, and neither is Vidup.Me Links, TheVideo.me Links, and Openload. You need to Enable all of these. Pic Below:

Once these are all enabled, just scroll across and press ”OK”

Congratulations, you are now all set up to use Real-Debrid, and you will see a huge improvement, in links, sources.

Normally, if a Build is updated, the User has to go through this process everytime. But In the Insomniacs Wizard, Settings, there is an option, to save Debrid data, aswel as Favourites and more.

The Wizard Settings, Can be found in the Wizard-Hub Submenu, at the end. You will see a ”Settings” icon,

I hope this ”How to set up Debrid Guide has been useful. If anyone has any questions, or needs support, please feel free to comment below.