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How to quickly give your device a Total Clean Up

Good Evening Insomniacs,

In this post I will explain what doing a total clean up does, and how to do it. Doing a total Cleanup, literally  takes less than a minute to do. With the new Insomniacs Wizard, this is a feature which is available for all our Users, it helps to keep your device running in tip top condition, with very minimal effort.  Also remember, to help with any buffering isues, you can also use the new Wizard’s Anti-Buffer feature

What does a total cleanup actually do?

Whether you’ve noticed that videos are buffering more than usual, add-ons are running slow or you’ve encountered any other oddities in the way Kodi is functioning, using the Insomniacs Total cleanup can sometimes be the remedy that you need. The Total Cleanup, on the Insomniacs Wizard, clears the Cache, Packages, and Thumbnails on your device. I will explain individually what using the Insomniacs Total Cleanup does below, then i will show you, how to quickly perform a total cleanup.

Why is it important to clear cache?

When you play movies, tv shows and other videos over Kodi add-ons they usually play brilliantly. However, all add-ons require a pre-buffered amount of data to make sure that your videos don’t pause every second. Kodi saves this video buffer in the RAM, using the 20MB that is allocated to all its add-ons by default. Sometimes, to cover high quality buffering addons override default settings and save buffered data on your hard drive. For lower spec devices, this can start to cause issues, and even for the higher end devices, after a while this tends to display messages like Cache is full, empty your Cache, or slow video rate/playback This leads to slow video playback and buffering when you play high quality videos.

Some add-ons, are now starting to introduce a ‘Clear Cache’ option in the Add-On settings, but a lot still haven’t implimented this option yet, So by using the clear cache function on the Insomniacs Wizard, it ensures that all cache from all your installed Add-Ons is taken care of automatically for you, If you already have an Insomniacs Build installed, then clearing Cache shouldn’t be an issue, as all of our Builds, are already pre-set to clear cache on every startup.

What does clearing/purging  packages do?

Your device downloads what is called an addon-package everytime it updates each of your Kodi addons. we use quite a lot of Add-Ons, which regularly update. So you’ll find that packages take up quite a bit of space on your device, relatively quickly. Once your Kodi addon updates have been successfully installed, there’s no need to actually keep these addon packages at all. By using the Insomniacs Total Cleanup, this will purge the packages, and take care of this issue for you.

What does clearing thumbnails do?

All Add-Ons, have an awful lot of thumbnail files: icons, images, backgrounds, etc… Each time you hover, and navigate through Add-Ons. Each of these thumbnail saves to a special thumbnails folder on your device. The reason for this, is so that images, and Add-Ons load faster, by having them already in your thumbnails folder. Again, these can take up quite a lot of space on your device, very quickly. By using the Insomniacs total cleanup, this will delete all of the content and saves thumbnail images from the thumbnails folder..


Hopefully, i have explained enough to help you understand exactly why it is important to run the total cleanup, from time to time. If you experience issues, this is certainly the first thing we would suggest you do, aswel as turning off your router/modem, for a moment then back on.

Ok, now i have ‘Tried’ to explain what the Total Cleanup does, i will show you how to rrun the total cleanup. As mentioned above. It literally takes seconds to do, and is so beneficial.


First of all, you will need to head over and click the ‘Wizard-Hub’ as shown in the screenshot below:

Once the Wixard-Hub loads, you will now need to head over and click the ‘Maintenance’ Tab. This will then load the maintenance window As shown below:

As you can see, in the last box, where ‘Total Clean Up’ is highlighted in red. This is the button you need to press. But before you do that, just take a look at how much space is being taken up, with Thumbnails and Packages. As you can see in the image above, it is showing

  • Delete Cache –  It is showing that only 74.18kb is built up in cache, this is low die to the auto cache function.
  • Delete Packages – Packages is currently taking up a huge 40mb in space. That is quite a lot.
  • Delete Thumbnails –  This is astonishing, as you can see this is high at 149.16mb.

As shown and highlighted above, there is a total amount of 190mb in space taken up. This is almost the full size of the Insomniacs Builds. So by clearing these, it will free up a lot of space, and will help my system run much better.

Ok, so now hit, the ‘Total Clean Up’. You can see what is highlighted in red. As shown below:

You will now be asked, if you would like to clear Cache, Packages, and Thumbnails. Simply, scroll across and click the ‘CLEAN ALL’ option.

You are now done, and you will now receive the notification, to say that each of these have now been cleaned successfully as shown at the top of the screenshot below:

Also, as you can now see on the image above. The Cache, Packages, and Thumbnails, is now highlighted in green and is reset to zero. You should now see a difference in how your Build works. The build backgrounds may take a second or two to load, but don’t worry about this, as it will repopulate with the thumbnails.


I hope that this guide has been useful, and easy enough to follow. I would welcome any comments below, and will answer anything related to the Insomniacs Total Cleanup.

Also, the new Insomniacs Wizard, also has a Buffer Prevention feature. To check out the quick guide on this simply Click here


The Insomniacs Team.

Please Note: Please do not comment on this post with support reqests. Please use the Support Request function on the website, which can be located via the ‘My Account’ tab. Thanks.




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