How to Install The Insomniacs Kodi 17 Wizard & Builds – Full Step by Step Guide.

Hello Insomniacs,

Below, is a full Guide, on how to Install the Insomniacs Builds, on Kodi 17. Users have the option to Install a choice of 2 Builds:

  • Insomniacs – Passion Led Us Here Build. (188mb)
  • Insomniacs – Black & Gold Build (182mb)

Both Builds, are kept very well updated, and well maintained. Users receive regular Build updates, and the set up is super easy, once installed.. When we release a Build update, you will be notified, that a new Update is available, and will be given the option to either update or delay the Update. Users can also update manually, anytime. By selecting the ‘Update Build’ under the Wizard-Hub. This will then delete your current version, whilst installing the most up to date version. This is also a great feature, if by accident, you have messed something up, or your not happy with how yur Build is currently running. One great thing about the Insomniacs Builds, is that they are kept constantly maintained. You won’t receive Update notifications for small updates. For example, if a particular Add-On discontinues, we replace that Add-On instantly, same if the Add-On source or Repository changes. We again, add the latest one. I know most Builds do not tend to opt for this strategy. As it requires too much work, and constant working on the Builds. But we much prefer, Users to have a fully working Build. There is nothing worse, than using a Build, then a week down the line, things start to go wrong. If you are a new User, you will become familiar with how we work on the Builds.

How to manually update the Insomniacs Builds:

It’s always good to ‘Update’ the Builds manually now and again, especially if you notice something isn’t right. The Insomniacs Wizard, makes it Super-Easy for Users to update, or even switch between Builds. Please check the full post on ‘How to Update any Insomniacs Build’

There is also many other features, Users get whilst Using the Insomniacs Builds. The Buffer prevention feature, the Insomniacs APK, the Wizard Add-On Installer, APK Installer, amongst many other great features. Feel free to take a look around the website, as we regularlyy post install guides, tutorials, and also offer a Support system, where Users, can open a Support Request, and one of the team will personally respond to you, with help if and when needed. Please remember, to ‘Close’ your Support ticket, once you are happy with the resolution.

Insomniacs, is and always will be 100% FREE, we do not receive Donations, of any kind, and do this as it is something we are passionate about, and love nothing more than to make our Users as happy as we possibly can. Our aim, is also to make things as smooth, and simple as possible for our Users, especially the inexperienced Users. Anyone can install and benefit from Using the Insomniacs Builds, Wizard, APK, and website. We also advise, to always check this website for the ‘How to Guides’ as we make accurate step by step guides, and edit them, when needed and make them as easy as possible to follow.

Are you a Kodi 18 User?

If you are, then we also provide our Builds in Kodi 18 too. Here is a link to the Kodi 18 Build Install Guides.

It is a very exciting time for everyone at Insomniacs, as we have jusst released a new Script, giving Users access to many of the website features, via the Builds. Users can access the Website features, via the Builds, and can create Movie & TV Watchlists, access Support, and much more via the Builds.

Anyway, enough of the Gibber Jabber, and let’s get on with the Kodi 17 Build install Guide.

How to Install the Insomniacs Builds on Kodi 17:

The first thing you need to do, is ‘Clear Data’ on Kodi, when Installing the Insomniacs Builds. This ensures, that any old folders, are not going to affect your Install. To clear data on Kodi. Simply: Go to your ‘Device Settings’ (Not in Kodi, but on the Device which your using. > Go to ‘Apps’ > Then scroll down and find ‘Kodi’ > Then select the ‘clear Data’ Option.

Once you have cleared data on Kodi. Simply open Kodi. And you will see the following screen:

The first thing you need to do, is select the settings cog As highlighted in the picture above. Once you select the Settings Cog, you will be greeted with the following screen:

You need to scroll down and click the File Manager option As shown in the image below:

Once you click the File Manager You will then see the following screen as shown below:

You then need to scroll to the very bottom, and select the ‘Add Source’ option. Once you selecct the ‘Add Source’ you will then see the following screen:

You now need to enter the URL into the top box. So simply click the box which says <None> And enter the Insomniacs URL as exactly the following : http://wiz.insomniacs.party/repo

Once you have entered the URL, you then simply click the bottom box, and name the file ‘Insomniacs’ you will then see the Insomniacs URL, and the name, as shown in the screenshot below:

Simply, click ‘OK’ once you have double checked that the URL is correct, and that your file is named. Once you have clicked ‘OK’ simply press back on your remote twice. This will then bring you to the following screen:

You now need to scroll down, and click the Add-Ons tab, as highlighted above. Once your in the Add-Ons section, you will then see the following screen:

Once you are in Add-Ons, you will see the icon in the top left of the screen. Click the icon in the top left of the screen. You will then see the following screen:

You now need to scroll down and click the ‘Install from zip file’ option. When you do this, you will see a box appear, which says: For security, Installation of Add-Ons, from unknown sources are disabled. As shown in the screen below:

You now need to scroll across, and click the ‘Settings’ option as shown below:

Once you have clicked the Settings option, you will then see the following screen:

Simply, scroll down and click the ‘Unknown Sources’ tab. You will then see the following box, which pops up:

Scroll scross and select the ‘Yes‘ option. Once you have done this, you will see that option is then enabled. As shown below:

Once this is done, press back once. And you will see the following screen again. As shown below:

Scroll down and now select the ‘Install from zip file’.

You will now see a list of directories, as shown in the screenshot below:

The only file you need to be interested in, is the ‘Insomniacs’ directory, which you added. So simply scroll down and click the ‘Insomniacs’ option. Once you have clicked ‘Insomniacs’ you will then see the repository Zip file. As shown below: (The Repository Version will change, and be different from the version number before. Don’t wory about that. It simply, changes, as we update the Repository, but always works the same way)

Now Click the repository.insomniacs-x.x.x.zip – This will now install the Insomniacs Repository. You will see a notification, once the Insomniacs has sucessfully installed. As shown below:

Scroll down and click the ‘Install from Repository’ option as shown below:

You will then see the Insomniacs Repository, which you have just installed. As shown below:

Now click the ‘Insomniacs Repository‘ And you will see the following screen:

Scroll down and click Programme add-ons. You will then see the Insomniacs Script and Wizard, as shown below:

Click the Insomniacs-Wizard – You will now see the following screen as shown below:

Now simply, Install the new Insomniacs Wizard. The download & Install will start, and you will then see the following screen:

You will see the notification. Once the Wiard has Installed as shown below:

Once the Wizard Installs, you will then see the following Notification Pop-Up: (Shown Below)

This is the latest Insomniacs News Notification. Simply, click the ‘Dismiss’ Option. Once you have selected the Dismiss, you will then see the following Insomniacs Wizard screen as shown below:

The Insomniacs Wizard Settings screen, is really Important.What you select here, will effect how your Build runs. The ‘Clear Cache on Startup’ – ‘Clear Packages on Startup’ & ‘Clear Old Thumbnails’ on Startup, are automatically ticked, and selected. Do not untick these boxes. Make sure they are ticked. They are the bottom 3. Having these selected, will keep your Build running in tip-top condition. As the Wizard will clear any un-needed files from the Build, and your device.

Options when Updating:

All the other options, are what will store whenever you update the Build. For example: If your a Real-Debrid User, then ticking this, will save you the hassle of having to Re-add your Debrid after a Build update, same with Trakt, and all the other options. If you are a User who likes to add certain Movies,Shows, or even Add-Ons to your Favorites, then make sure that the ‘Keep my Favorites’ is ticked. As whenever you update the Build, this will store & transfer your saved favorites, to the new updated version.

Once you have selected the options you want, click on ‘CONTINUE‘.

You will then see the following screen, with 2 options. (Builds Menu) & (Ignore) (As Shown Below)

Click the ‘Builds Menu‘. The Insomniacs Builds Menu will now load (As shown below)

The Builds menu, is the most Important part. As you can see at the very top, it shows you which version of Kodi you have installed. So it is showing i have Kodi Version: 17.6.

  • Krypton Builds (3) – (Kodi 17 Builds) – As I’m using Kodi 17.6 – Only install any of the Builds under Krypton Kodi 17. (As Highlighted Below) (I have now edited the Krypton Builds, and Re-Named it: Kodi 17 Builds.

For this guide only I am installing the Insomniacs – Passion Led Us Here Build – So scroll to the Build of your Choice. (As highlighted Below) If your installing the great ‘Black & Gold’ Build Version, then scroll down to that version.

And then click the Highlighted Build, which you want to Install. Once you have clicked the Build of your Choice. You will then see the following screen (Shown Below)

At the bottom, you will see the [INSTALL] section. With 2 Install options: ‘Fresh Install‘ & ‘Standard Install

As this is your first Install. You need to scroll down and click the ‘Standard Install‘ Option. (As highlighted below)

Once you click the ‘Standard Install’ you will then see a box appear, with the option to Download & Install your selected Build. (As shown below)

So now click the ‘Yes, Install‘ option. And the Insomniacs Wizard will now start the process of Downloading & Installing the latest Build Version. This is a good time to put the kettle on, and make yourself a Coffee, or put your feet up for a minute or two, whilst this process completes.

As mentioned, The Insomniacs Wizard will first Donload the Build (As shown below)

Once the download has completed, the second process will then start, which is the Installation of the Build (As shown below)

Once the Installation is complete, you will then see the following box: (Shown below)

You just need to click one final thing to finish the process. which is ‘Force Close’ This will then close down Kodi. And your Build Install is complete.

Simply, Re-Launch Kodi, and your Build will load for the first time. Enjoy!…….

Just remember: On the first launch, allow a moment, for any Add-Ons/Repositories/Scripts/Modules to Update. (Once you see the Insomniacs Wizard Cache/Packages Cleared) – That is a great indication, that your Build is now ready to use.


Let us know what you think of the new features, and Build updates:

An awful lot of time, and hard work has gone into providing the new Wizard, Build updates, and Repository. We have spent weeks on these new updates and feaatures, so we really hope that our Users like them. You will see many fetures, under the Wizard-Hub, in the submenu.

We would love to know what you think of the new updates. You can leave any feedback in the comments below. We would really appreciate any feedback.

Thank-You all, and Enjoy!…

The Insomniacs Team.

Please note: Do not leave any comments in regards to Support. If you require help or Support, then please use the request support option which can be found under the ‘My Account’ menu. Thanks