How to Install Genesis Add-On

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Below is a step by step guide on how to Install the Genesis Kodi Add-On.Along with some screenshots of the Add-On. Users of Kodi can install ‘Genesis’ aswel as the latest Add-Ons, with just one click, via the Insomniacs Wizard Add-On Installer.

The Genesis Add-On is a great, reliable scraper Add-On for Movies, and TV-Shows. Which is also very similar to a well known Movies and TV-Shows Add-On.

Below is a screenshot of the Genesis Add-On, and the sections this Add-On has.

How to install the Genesis Kodi Add-On.

Users can Install the Genesis Add-On via the Insomniacs Wizard. Click here for the full step by step tutorial on how to Install the Insomniacs Wizard.

Once you have the Insomniacs Wizard Installed, Open the Insomniacs Wizard, and click the Insomniacs  ‘Add-On Installer’ (As highlighted in the screenshot below)

Once you open the Insomniacs Add-On Installer, you will see multiple categories like shown below:

  • Our Picks
  • New Add-Ons
  • Movies & TV-Shows
  • Live TV & VOD
  • Sports
  • Kids
  • Miscellaneous

The Genesis Add-On can be found in the ‘Our Picks‘ or the ‘Movies & TV-Shows‘ category. Once you enter the category, you will see ‘Genesis’ (As shown below)

Click the ‘Genesis‘ Add-On. The Wizard, will then ask you, if you want to download and Install this Addon. (As shown below)

Click the ‘Yes‘ option, and the Insomniacs Wizard will download and Install the Repository, and the Genesis Add-On for you. (As shown below)

Please allow a moment, for the Wizard to Install the Addon. Once completed, you will then see a green ‘Installed’ at the side of the Add-On. (As shown below) This is to let you know that the Addon is now Installed.

If you now click on the new Installed ‘Genesis‘ Add-On, you will now see the options to ‘Launch‘ the Addon. (As shown below)

There is also the option to ‘Remove‘ any Installed Add-Ons.

Congratulations, you have now installed the Genesis Add-On. Just hit the ‘Launch‘ option to open the Add-On:

It’s super easy to install any of the listed Addons, which are available in the Insomniacs Wizard Installer.. Using the Insomniacs Wizard Add-On Installer, is much easier for installing Add-Ons, as normally, you have to first ‘Add the Source’ then Install the Zip File, to install the Repository, then Find the Repository, then go to that Repository’s Video Add-Ons, and Install the Add-On. When Using the Insomniacs Wizard, it’s simply one click to Install any Add-On, and One click to ‘Remove‘ any Add-On.

What do you think of the Genesis Add-On?

Please feel free to comment below, with what you think of the Genesis Add-On. to let other Kodi Users know what you think of the Add-On. Please do not comment below, with any Add-On Support, as we do not run, host, or own any Kodi Add-Ons, please contact the Add-On Developer for any Support.

We hope you have found this install guide useful.

The Insomniacs Team