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Good evening Insomniacs,

A lot of Users ask us, if there is anything that can be done, to get Addons to load faster. The answer to that question is Yes.. There is multiple kinds of Add-Ons. Most Addons are now Jen based.But there is also Addons with different ways of getting them to load faster, but i will make seperate posts for each one.

For this guide only, I will concentrate on the Jen addons, with a tutorial on how to edit the settings to make tem load much faster. Most Addons on Kodi, are Jen based. Usually by default settings for each Jen addon, the Metadata settings is enabled, you can quickly disable this setting, which literally takes seconds to do.

What is Metadata?

Metadata is a multi-source addon which is pulled from a movie and TV metadata source on the internet such as TheMovieDB, Trakt, or IMDB. These websites contain information on every movie or TV show ever and return things like the title, cast, genre, popularity rating, and poster’s and feed them back to Kodi.

Kodi addons present this metadata into a nice format for you. The menus in the addons such as Most Popular, People Watching, and Top Rated come from these metadata sources. You cannot manually edit them and they update automatically. Disabling the Metadata setting, doesn’ stop Movies or TV-Shows from working, or affect how they stream, but will affect some images, Cast, and other features, from loading, which don’t really need to be used.

What does Disabling Metadata do? Disabling Metadata helps massively with the loading of the Jen based Addons. When a Jen addon is clicked by the user, you will usually see a box, which says something like: 1/146. Then will go to through the loading process, until it reads: 146/146. At times, these can take so long to load. When Metadata is Disabled, it totally stops the loading process, and loads more or less instantly…

What i normally do, whenever i Update or fresh install my Insomniacs Build, is i go through all of the Video-Addons, and alter all the settings. As mentioned above, some Addons work in different ways. If like me, you get annoyed with the Openload links, you can also turn these off in the Addon Settings.

Below, I will show you just how easy it is, to disable Metadata on each of the Add-Ons, and also how to disable Openload links: For this guide only, I will disable Metadata and Openload links, on Deathstar Addon, the same methos applies for all Jen based Addons.

The first thing you need to do, is go to ‘Video Addons‘ which is below the ‘Add-Ons‘ section. (As shown below)

Once the Video-Addons section loads, you will see your long list of Addons, for this guide only, I will be disabling Metadata on the Deathstar Addon. The same applies for all other Jen based Addons.

So, once the Add-Ons load, just highlight the Addon which you want to disable metadata on, (As shown Below)

Once you have highlighted the Add-On, then simply hold the ‘OK’ button. Or press ‘C’ if using a keypad. You will then see a box, with multiple options. (As shown below)

As we are altering the Settings, you need to scroll down and click ‘Settings‘ as shown below:

Once you have clicked Settings, you will then see that Addons settings options, (As shown below)

You will now see multiple tabs. By default, in the first box, you will see the ‘Enable Metadata‘. This option is usually Enabled by default. (As highlighted in the screenshot below)

Now simply, click the ‘Enable Metadata’ option, to disable it. You will then see the Blue ‘Enabled’ circle has gone. (As shown below)

Once the Enable Metadata has been Disabled, simply scroll across and click the ‘OK‘ option, to save it..

Another thing you can do here, is also check that Openload, thevideo.me, and vidup.me links are disabled. Aswel as Debrid(Unless you like to use Openload pairing function. Or have paid for Debrid.)

To check these, simply click the ‘Resolvers‘ tab, on the left hand side. (As highlighted in yellow below)

As you can see on the image above, ‘Allow Openload’ is enabled. (As shown below)

Make sure that all of the following options are disabled:

  • Enable DebridDisable this function, unless you have paid for a Debrid service.
  • Allow Openload LinksPairing is required to use Openload Links.
  • Allow thevideo.me LinksPairing is required to use thevideo.me Links.
  • Allow VidUp.me LinksPairing is required to use VidUp.me Links.

Once all of these are disabled, the settings should look like the following:

Now simply, scroll across and click the ‘OK’ option, to save these settings. (As Shown below)

And your done!.. Once you have done one or two of these, you will then soon get the hang of it, and will be flying through the process. It takes me around 4/5 minutes at the most, to go through all the Addon settings, and the difference it makes is unbelievable. All Jen based Addons will now load super fast, and no more paairing options, or even waiting for the Metadata function box to load. So is well worth the little work.


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