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Kodi – How To Watch New Movies – One Click In HD

One of the main issues i found very frustrating as a Kodi User. Was not only finding what the latest Movie releases was, but also finding the latest Movies with good, reliable HD links, and sources. To watch them without Ads, or people walking across the screen.

Everyone has their own personal methods, and ways, when looking for good New Movie releases, and finding a reliable source. I find the best way, is just to use the ‘New Releases’ Movies section of the Magic Dragon. (For a number of reasons. Which I will explain in more detail below)

Using Add-Ons like Exodus, Tempest, Jor-El, are all great. But what you will find, is when you struggle to find a good source on say ‘Exodus’ for example. You will then struggle with the exact same issue when using other Add-Ons, like Tempest, Jor-El, Venom, The Crew and so on… This is because these Add-Ons are scraper Add-Ons. And you will find, that they all find the same sources. These Add-Ons are great Add-Ons, for Movies, but i struggle particularly with new Movie streams.

When a new Movie is released, you will find, that some Movies take longer than others, when they become available in HD. Personally, I would much rather wait until a good HD Source becomes available. But you can spend (Sometimes hours) browsing through Movie’s. First to look for a new Movie that you fancy watching, then secondly to then check if there is a stream to that Movie that’s in HD… To then be disappointed, that it’s a CAM copy.

I have found a new method of not only finding a good new Movie to watch, but also to find that they are only available with good streams and links… And want to share this with other Insomniacs Users.


We at Insomniacs have also made things much easier, for Users, when it comes to finding the new ‘Movies’ you want to watch. By creating a Brand-New Magic-Dragon Movie collection to this website. Which has all the new Movie Releases available in HD on Magic Dragon. (So you can browse through these Movies on the website, knowing that they are all available in full HD) Each Movie listed in this collection, has the Movie Plot, Official Trailers, Cast, Genre, Run Time, Release date, amongst other beneficial information, to help Users decide which New Movies, you want to watch.. Also, every Movie listed on this website, gives you the option to add each Movie Listing to your Movie Watchlist.. (Simply, click the ‘Add to Favorite’ option at the top of any Movie listing when Logged-In, to add to your watchlist. Click Here to check out the new Magic-Dragon ‘New Releases’ Movie Collection.


Once you have browsed the Magic Dragon Movie Collection on this website, and added the Movies, you want to watch to your Movie Watchlist. (You can access your Movie Watchlist at any time, via the ‘My Account’ page on this website.) You then need to head over to the Magic Dragons Movie ‘New Releases’ section. This section, is very easy to find. For Users of the Insomniacs Builds: Click ‘Magic Dragon’ under the ‘MOVIES’ section of the Build. (As shown in the screenshot below)

Once you open the Magic-Dragon Movie section of the Add-On. You will then see multiple options. Find, and click the ‘NEW RELEASES‘ section. (As highlighted in the screenshot below)

Once you open the ‘NEW RELEASES‘ section. You will then see all the listed Movies. (Similarly as shown below)

This is quite a long list of New Movie releases. But you can rest assured, that every Movie listed in this section is available in HD. And is a simple click and play option. When you click on any of the listed Movies. You will see multiple link options. Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4, and so on… (As shown below)

Once you click one of the links. You will then see a message ‘Magic Dragon Is Conjuring Your Link’ Enjoy The Movie…  The Movie will then open up and play for you. (In HD) If you have any issues with the link, simply click on one of the back up links provided in each listing…

Using this method has saved me so much time. And what i find, is that if the Movie isn’t listed in the ‘New Releases’ section of Magic Dragon. Then it’s likely that there isn’t a good stream to that Movie at all.

I hope that you have found this post useful, and I also hope that this method helps other Kodi Users, as much as it has done for me. Please feel free to comment on this post below. And let us know what you think..  Also feel free to share it to social media, to help other Kodi Users, when struggling with streams to New Movie releases.

Thank-You for reading this post.

The Insomniacs Team.



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