How To Watch New Movies In HD – No More Messing With Bad Streams

One of the main issues i found very frustrating as a Kodi User. Was not only finding what the latest Movie releases was, but also finding the latest Movies with good, reliable HD links, and sources. And watching them without Ads, or people walking across the screen. We have hopefully found a good, and easy way, that Insomniacs Users can easily and quickly see the Movies available in HD. And just simply watch them.

I have spent a lot of time, thinking of ways around this. And have come up with a good plan, Which has proven to be really beneficial to me. These options are now available to all Insomniacs Users, making it super easy to find Movies available in HD, aswel as keeping up to date with the brand new Movies when they become available in HD. So no more CAM Streams, or bad pictures, or streams…. We have now added 2 new Movie collections to this website’s Movie menu. ( These are all the ‘Latest’ Movies available in HD. And more are being added daily, as new ones become available. The 2 new HD Movie collections are:

  • Movies ‘Available in HD’ Collection – This Movie collection, shows Users all the latest Movies which are available on all of the Add-Ons, to watch in HD. – This is also updated daily, so all the new Movies which are released in HD, will show at the top of that Collection. – This can be found in the Movies Menu of this website. – Or click here to access it now.
  • Magic Dragon ‘New Releases’ Movies – This is an amazing section of the Magic Dragon Add-On, and requires no sources, or messing with links. You simply click any of the Movies listed in the Magic Dragon Movie section on ‘New Releases’ and you will instantly see the options to play them Movies directly. – Access this Movie collection, via this websites Movie menu. Or Click Here To Browse It Now.

What do the Movie collections on this website actually do?

There is many benefits, of using all the Movie collections on this website, but these 2 new Movie collections are beneficial because Not only do the 2 Movie collections mentioned above show Users what Movies are available to watch in HD. They are also constantly kept updated, so as soon as a new Movie becomes available in HD, you will find it in these collections. So now Users can easily find good streams, to the latest Movie releases. Without all of the messing with links, or Sources, Pairing, bad streams, advertisements, or heads appear in a cinema.

I can only speak for myself, but i have spent hours upon hours trying to find the right Movie to watch. To then find one, for it then to be a terrible stream. Using the Movie features on this website prevents this. You can also add any of these Movies to your Favorite(s) which then adds the Movie to your own personal Movie watchlist. Which is also easily accessible.. So all you need to do, is browse the ‘Available in HD’ or ‘Magic Dragon’ Movie collection on this website, add any of the listed Movies to your favorite, then watch them on your Build. It’s as simple as 1,2,3..

Below, is a list of just some of the features each Movie listing offers:  

  • Movie Overview – The Movie overview, gives all the details on the listed Movie. Without giving anything away. All Movie information is provided from The Movie Database. So is accurate, and reliable. 
  • Official Trailers – Users have the option to watch the official Trailers of each Movie listing. To get a feel of what the Movie offers.
  • Casts – Each Movie listing shows the cast for that Movie, aswel as directors, producers, and other info. With ‘Filmography’ for that Actor/Actress. Where you can check out any other Movies they feature in.
  • User Ratings & Reviews – You can read other Users reviews and ratings on that Movie, or rate/review it yourself.
  • Movie details – There is additional Movie information, like the release date, aswel as lots of other useful information.
  • Option to create or add to your personal Movie watchlist – When logged in, Users have the option to add any of the listed Movies, to your favorite. And create your very own Movie watchlist. Which can also be removed, once you have watched the Movie.
  • Access your Movie watchlist, directly from within your Kodi Build – There is even the option to access your Movie watchlist, straight from within your Kodi Build. Via the Insomniacs script ‘Easy User Access’ which comes already installed on all Insomniacs Builds. If your not an Insomniacs Build User, then you can install ‘Easy User Access’ via the Insomniacs Repository. 

So what do I do, once I have found a Movie i want to watch from the new website Movie Collections?

Once you have found a Movie, or created your own Movie Watchlist, you can then start to enjoy and watch that Movie directly from your Build. Knowing that you wont need to mess with dodgy streams, or bad sources.. 

  • How to watch Movies from the ( ‘Available in HD’ Collection)For example: If i find the Rambo: First Blood,  in the ‘Available in HD’ Collection. Then simply go to the ‘Movies’ section of your Insomniacs Build, and open any of the ‘Movie’ Add-Ons. ( Exodus, Numbers, Venom, Tempest, etc etc) and Search the Movie, and Play it. It’s as simple as that. 🙂
  • How to watch Movies from the ( ‘Magic Dragon Movies’ Collection)For example: If i find the Rambo: First Blood,  in the ‘Magic Dragon Movies’ Collection of this website, and want to then watch it. Then there is 2 options:  I could either search the Movie. in the Movies section of the ‘Magic Dragon’ Add-On. Or I could just go to the ‘New Releases’ in the Movies section of Magic Dragon. This Movie will then be on that list. Then just click and Play it. It’s as simple as that. 🙂




You can help us, to help you and other Users

All the Movies listed on this website have just been added. We have had too totally Re-Add all Movies, and add the new Collections. Sadly, this means that all Ratings/Reviews have to be Re-Started. You can massively help us out, by rating the Movies you watch, or leaving a little review on it. Before you remove it from your Movie watchlist. – This will then help other Users, when looking for a good Movie to watch. And is a way, that you can give a little back. Everything Insomniacs offers, and all the additional features are FREE.. And these extra features, will only work, if Users are willing to just give seconds of their time, to rate a Movie, or Show. We spend hours, upon hours adding each Movie and Series/Show to the website, and keeping the collections well maintained and up to date.. We are only a very small team ( Of 2)  and it’s already a challenge, keeping the Builds, Wizard, How to guides, and other important things up to date, for all our Users. We also want to say a huge ‘THANK-YOU’ to the Users who have already been rating and reviewing Movies and Shows. So Thank-You 🙂 Your all Amazing.. 

I really hope that this post has been useful, and beneficial to our Users. I really want this new feature to work, as I feel that it would really help Kodi Users. Especially newer Kodi Users, who get frustrated, when trying to find content in HD. And will hopefully help Users to enjoy, and get the best out of their Build. 

Please feel free to leave a comment below, with your thoughts.  Thank-You

The Insomniacs Team.