How To Customize Your Build – Full-Guide

Good Evening Insomniacs,

Tonight, I am going to show you how to personalize your Build by adding your favorite Apps/Apk’s to the Insomniacs Build Menu.. This makes things far more easier for Users, as you can then access that App/Apk with just one click. You can add Movie Apk’s to the Movie section of the Builds, Sports Apk’s to the Sports section of the Builds, Live-TV, and so on… Adding your favorite Apps/Apk’s is a very simple process, and once you start, there will be no stopping you..

For this guide only, I will be adding 4 Movie Apps/Apk’s to the Movies section of the Insomniacs – Black & Gold Build.

Where can I find the best APK’s or Apps to Install?…

As mentioned above, the first thing you need to do, is Install the Apps/Apk’s to your device, which you want to add to the menu’s. If your unsure on what the current best Apps are to use. Then simply, use the Insomniacs Apk Installer, and check out the ‘Our Picks’ category, or any of the other categories. The great thing about the Insomniacs APK Installer, is that you can rest assured that all Apk’s on the Insomniacs Wizard are 100% safe. All Apk’s are scanned, and tested prior to being added. Also the Insomniacs APK Installer is regularly updated, ensuring that everything is up to date, and running at it’s best.. Here is a full guide on how to use the Insomniacs Apk Installer: Click Here for the ‘How to use the APK Installer’ guide. 

 How Do I Add Apk’s Or Add-Ons To My Favorite’s?

The second thing which you need to do, once you have Installed the Apk’s  you want to add, is to then add them to your Favorite(s)… Below I will show you how to also do that..

You first need to load all the Apps/Apk’s which are installed to your device, To do this click ‘Android Apps‘ under the Add-Ons section of the Build. (As Highlighted In The Screenshot Below)


Once you have clicked the ‘Android Apps‘ a list of all your installed Apps/Apk’s will load. (As Shown Below) You then need to add each Apk to your Favorites. To do that simply highlight the Apk you want to add as shown below

Once you have highlighted the Apk simply, hold the ‘OK’ button. You will then see the ‘Add To Favorites’ option (As shown below)

Just click the ‘Add to Favorites‘ option. And that Apk has then been added to your Favorites…
Now just scroll down and do the same with any other Apk’s you want to add (As Shown Below)

Once you are happy, and have added the Apk’s you want to add, you then need to go back to the Build Main-Menu.. Then click the ‘Skin Settings‘ which is located under the ‘Systems‘ section of the Build. (As highlighted in the screenshot below)

Once you have clicked ‘Skin Settings‘ you will then see the following screen. (Shown Below)

Simply, scroll across, and click the ‘Setup the Aeon Nox Main Menu‘(As highlighted below)

You will then see all the Build Menus (As shown below)

On the left hand side, you will see the Builds Main menu’s: On-Demand, TV-Shows, Movie-Hub, etc etc….
Scroll to the section which you want to add the Apk’s to. For example, as i’m adding to the ‘Movie-Hub’ section of the Build, i need to highligh the ‘Movie-Hub‘ section (As shown below)

You then need to scroll across on that section, and click the ‘Manage Submenu‘ (As shown below)

Once you have clicked the ‘Manage Submenu‘ you will then see all of the submenu items for that section. (As shown below)

As I am adding 4 new Apk’s to the Movie-Hub section, i need to click the ‘Add‘ option (As highlighted below) 4 times.

You will see a <None> for each time the ‘Add’ option is pressed. In my case there is 4 <None> As i am adding 4 new Apks (As Shown Below)

Now you need to highlight the first <None> then scroll across to the ‘Change Action‘ (As shown below)

You will then see the following small box appear. (As Shown Below)

Simply, scroll down and click the Favorite> option. (As highlighted in the screenshot below)

A list of your Favorites will now load. Click the first APK which you’ve added to your Favorites. In my case the first one is ‘Cinemax‘ (As highlighted below)

Once you have clicked the Apk, that is that Apk now added to that Sub-Menu. Once clicked it will then take you to the following screen: (Shown Below)

Now that the APK has been added, we now need to name the APK. To do that just click the ‘Set Label‘ option. (As Highlighted below)

The keyboard will then load. (As shown below)

Just add the name. In my case it’s ‘CineMax‘ when named, press the done option.(As Shown Below)

You will now see the APK you have added to the menu. (As highlighted in the screenshot below)

Now just go to the next <None> (As highlighted Below)

and repeat the process for any more of the APK’s..
Change Action‘ (As Highlighted Below)

Click ‘Favorite’ > (Shown Below)

Click the ‘APK‘ you want to add next (As highlighted below)

Then ‘Set Label‘ (As highlighted Below)

Name the next one: In my case its ‘Dream TV’ Once you have typed the name, simply press ‘OK‘ and you will then see your next Apk (As Shown Below)

And then just repeat the process, for any more Apks you wish to add. Go to the next <None> Then repeat (As shown below)

Once you have added all of the Apk’s, just press back until you get to the Builds main menu…
You will then see ‘Building Menu‘ bar across the top of your screen. (As Shown Below)

Once the ‘Building Menu’ has completed, you will then see your newly added Apk’s.. (As Shown Below)

Congratulations, You have now added your own customized Apk’s…

You can also add Add-Ons to the Menus too. The process is exactly the same, except you need to add the Add-Ons to your favorite. You can add aything from Movies, to Genre’s, or Sports sections of Add-Ons to the Sports section adn so on.. You can now totally customize the Build to what you personally prefer, within a few minutes…

Was this step by step guide useful? If so, please give us some feedback, as these step by step guides take an awful long time, and lot of effort to make. The reason we make our guides with step by step screenshots, is to ensure that any User can follow this guide, whether your an experienced User or a total novice. These Guides have helped a lot of in-experienced Users get the best out of their Build. Feel free to comment below, and let us know if this guide helped. 


The Insomniacs-Team.


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