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How To Create Your Very Own TV-Series Watchlist

Good Evening,

In this post, I will be showing you how easy it is to create your very own personal TV Series/Shows watchlist. This is a great feature for anyone who is into TV Series, wheter it be on Kodi, Neetflix, Amazon Prime, or any other methiod, whatever you prefer to use, you can gain the benefits of using the Insomniacs website’s TV Series Watchlist, to help you keep track of the latest TV Series released, or returning TV Series. There has been countless times, that I have spent hours and hours looking for a good TV Series, to then start the Series, and just can’t get into it. By using the Insomniacs website TV-Series Watclist function gives you total control over what to watch, and when they are released. First of all, I will show you what each TV Show and Series listed on this website offers. Then I will show you how to easily create your very own personal TV-Series watchlist. There is multiple TV Show/Series sections on this website, from 2019 releases, Coming soon, New & Returning, Netflix, Amazon prime, and many more…

What information does the TV Series listed on this website offer?

Each TV Series which is listed on this website, gives information on that Series. Below I will break down each tab. and explain what each one does.

  • Overview – The overview tab, gives a description of the plot, the release date, and other very useful information. (As shown in the screenshot below)


  • Seasons – This tab, shows you how many Seasons have been released for this TV Series. And gives a short description of each Season, and when it was released. (As shown in the screenshots below)


  • Media – The media tab, shows the official trailers, for each season. To give you more of an idea of what this listed series is about. There is usually bonus media added in this tab too. (As shown below)

  • Cast – This tab shows the cast Actors and Actresses, who feature in this series. If you click on any of the Cast members, it will then load that Cast members profile and acting portfolio. Cast profiles also feature information on that cast member, aswel as a Filmography tab, which show all the other Movies and TV-Shows that Actor/Actress features in. (Below is a screenshot of the Cast tab)

  • Related Shows – The related shows tab, shows Series which are similar to the one you are currently viewing. This is normally based on Genre’s. (As shown below)

  • Reviews – The reviews tab, is where other Users who have watched this series, can leave a review, aswel as a rating. We really encourrage that Users leave a review on any Series, or Movies, once you have watched them, this helps other Users decide whether this series is worth watching, and if so, what other people think of it.

How do I add a TV Series/Show to my TV-Show Watchlist?

Adding any of the listed TV Series or Shows to your watchlist is super easy. First of all, you need to be logged into the website. On each TV Show which is listed o the website, you will see a ‘Favorite’ icon, and a ‘Share’ Icon at the top of every listing. Simply, click the ‘Favorite’ icon. This will then add this TV-Series/Show to your personal watchlist. You will know once it has been added, as the ‘Favorite’ Icon turns Red, and changes to ‘Favorited’ As shown in the screenshot below:

It genuinely is as simple as that. It is the exact same process with all other Movies and TV-Series/Shows which are listed on this website. Once you have watched that Series, you can then easily remove the TV-Show from your watchlist, by simply unticking the ‘Favorited’ Icon.

How do i access my TV-Show watchlist??…

Again, it is super easy to access your TV-Show watchlist, you can either access it via the TV-Show Watchlist, under the TV-Show menu on the website, or you can simply click ‘My Account’ in the top right of the website. (Once your account loads up, you just click the ‘Favorite TV-Shows’ tab, as shown in the screenshot below)

I hope that this post has been useful, and we hope that Users and visitors of the website like the new functions which have been added. Using the TV-Show watchlist is very beneficial for all Users, whether it be Kodi, Netflix, or Amazon Prime. Using the watchlist function, will help you keep on top of what you want to watch, aswel as infomration on when new seasons are released and other infomation.

Please feel free to comment below, if anyone needs any further information, about the TV-Show watchlist function.

Thanks for reading this post.