How To Clear Resolver Function Cache – Insomniacs-Wizard

Good Evening Insomniacs,

As most Users already know, the Insomniacs-Wizard has undergone a big update, and with the new update, comes lots of new functions, which hugely benefit Users of the Insomniacs Wizard & Builds.

The new Insomniacs Wizard update, now covers more or less everything possible, to help Users tackle any issues, if they do arise.

One of the new features of the Insomniacs-Wizard is the ‘Clear Resolvers Function Cache’s’. This is mostly beneficial to Real-Debrid Users, but also comes in very handy for all users of Kodi. Especially if you are having any issues with getting links to Movies, and TV-Shows. Almost every Add-On relies on the Resolvers, and is what gets you the get links, and sources to content on Kodi. If you ever have any issues, with getting links, or sources, then I would strongly advise that you use the Insomniacs ‘Clear Resolvers Function Cache’ feature. It is very easy to do, and is a very quick process.

How to clear Resolvers Function Cache:

For all Users of the Insomniacs Builds, it is super easy to use this function, as there is a shortcut to it, in the Wizard-Hub submenu section…

However, I will also show, how you can use this function via the Wizard-Hub, for any Users, who want to use this feature on a different set-up.

The first thing you need to do, is click the Insomniacs Wizard. (Users of Insomniacs Builds, just click the Wizard-Hub section) As shown below:

Once you have clicked the Wizard-Hub, you will then see multiple options. (As shown below)

You now need to click the ‘Mainenance’ section of the Wizard. (As highlighted below)

Once you are in the Insomniacs Wizard Maintenance section, you will then see a list of multiple features. ‘

  • Total Cleanup’,
  • ‘Clear Cache’, and then
  • ‘Clear Resolver Function Cache’

Now simply, click the ‘Clear Resolver Function Cache’ option. (As highlighted below)

Once you click the ‘Clear Resolver Function Cache’ the Wizard will then ask you to confirm that you wantt to clear the Resolver Function Cache. (As shown below)

By default, and as you can see in the screenshot above, the NO,Cancel is highlighted in the darker grey colour. (This is how to know what is selected) So just press left once, and click the ‘Clear Cache’ option.

Once you have clicked the ‘Clear Cache’ option, you will then get notified, that the URLResolver and ResolveURL Function Cache has been cleared. (As shown below)

And that is it…. Your done.. Both the URLResolver and ResolveURL Cache has been cleared. And this will get rid of any built up cache from the usage of these resolvers.


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