Having issues with Movie links? (Fix & Alternatives)

Hi all,

I thought I would make a little post, with some tips, and Info if you are having issues with Streams, or getting very minimal links to Movies, or Shows.

Firstly, a Build, doesn’t affect the amount of links you get for a Movie in an Add-On, whichever Build you are using, or even if you don’t use one at all, if you struggle to get a link on a particular Movie, then you will have this issue no matter what Build you use, when using the Add-Ons which use the same Resolvers. Usually, when a User is having issues with links to Movies or Shows, or is experiencing ‘No Streams available’ it’s generally because they are using the Add-Ons, which use the same resolvers to grab the same sources. For example: If you are a User, who uses Movie Add-Ons like: Exodus, Yoda, Jor-El, for example: If you have an issue finding links to a particular Movie/Series on Exodus, then you will have the exact same issue if you use Yoda, Jor-El, and similar Add-Ons which use the same Resolvers.

Luckily, when using the ‘Insomniacs‘ builds, one thing we do, is always offer our Users as many alternatives, as we possibly can.  This is the case On both the ‘Passion Led Us Here’ & ‘Black & Gold’ Build. You have multiple options as a User. And we add particular Movie/Show Add-Ons, which don’t require you to even search for sources.

What we highly suggest you do when your struggling to find sources/Links:

As mentioned above, when using the Insomniacs Builds, we ensure, that when the Add-Ons, that rely on searching sources don’t run as well as they should, there is always other Add-Ons, which you can use, which are just click and play. Also, if you are a User of the Insomniacs – ‘Black & Gold‘ Build, then you can also use the ‘One Click Section’. Where there is multiple Movie/Show add-ons, which are simply one click, and they just play.

Below, i will list 3 of my favorite alternative Movie/Show Add-Ons, which don’t require you to even search for Sources, or links.

  • Magic Dragon (Click and Play) – Magic Dragon is in my opinion the most reliable Movie/Show Add-On. It is kept very well maintained, and always has the best and most recent Movies and Shows, aswel as Catch Up Tv, and much more. When you click on any Movie, or show on Magic Dragon, it loads a fast box, which will give you the option to ‘Watch the trailer’ and will offer multiple one click and play links, which usually show as Link1, Link2, Link3, Link4 etc etc. So if link1 doesn’t work for you, there is always the other links, where one is guaranteed to play. Genuinely, I have personally, never had an issue using this Add-On, and it has by far been the most reliable Add-On, for my Movies and Shows. – Black & Gold Build – (Magic Dragon has it’s very own section, with Movies, TV-Shows, Catch-Up, and all the sections this Add-On offers. Passion Led Us Here Build – Magic Dragon, is spread out in all the sections of this Build. You will find Magic Dragon Movies section, under the Movies Menu, same as the other secctions, the Magic Dragon TV-Shows section, is on the submenu of the TV-Shows menu and so on.
  • Monster Munch Monster Munch, like Magic Dragon, is an amazing Movie/Show Add-On. And is mainly just click and play. This is on both the ‘Black & Gold’ and ‘Passion Led Us Here’ Build. This Add-On, also plays the best quality, and most reliable one click streams around.
  • At The FlixHas multiple great Movie, and TV-Shows/Series, sections. The best way to access this on all ‘Insomniacs‘ Builds. – Click ‘At The Flix‘ via the ‘All In One‘ submenu. (Under All-In-One) This has many great sections. Including: ‘New Releases One Click’ section, and multiple Direct Multi Links. With many links/Sources.  And options.

Below, I will list a couple more of the one click Movie/Show Add-Ons, which are on the Insomniacs Builds.

List of one click Movie Add-Ons, on the Insomniacs Builds which don’t even require you to search for sources:

  1. T2K 1 Click Movies – One click & Play for Movies.
  2. Deathstar – Has a 1 click section.
  3. M-E-T-V- One click section
  4. Movie Theater Butter – Autoplay function and one click sections.


This is just some of the One Click Add-Ons, please don’t be afraid to try other Add-Ons, or explore the ‘All In One’ section, and find the ones which suit you. Every User is different, and the Add-Ons, i personally prefer, another User may not like. This is why we add so many Add-Ons, to the Builds. And all are great for many different reasons.


Why at times do some Movies, show little or no links?

As mentioned above, Usually, when a User is having issues with links to Movies or Shows, it’s generally because they are using the Add-Ons, which use the same sources. If you are a User, who uses Movie Add-Ons like: Exodus, Yoda, Jor-El, for example: If you have an issue finding links to a particular Movie/Series on Exodus, then you will have the exact same issue if you use Yoda, Jor-El, and similar Add-Ons which use the same Resolvers. Whatever Build your using won’t change that. Even if you didn’t use a Build at all. And just used the Add-Ons with Resolvers, then you will have the same issue, whichever Build you use, or even when not using one.

Sometimes, with particular Movies, (Especially newer ones) At times, HD, or good links, to some Movies/Shows take a little longer than others, to get more reliable streams. Some are instantly available, usually, when the newer ones are not available in good quality, then it only means waiting for a little while, usually days…. If you are having issues with multiple Movies, or shows, then it could be that the Resolvers for that Add-On need updating. When they need updating, there is little anyone can do, until the Developer who updates these Resolvers, gets the updates done. The good news, is that the Developer, who does maintain and keep these Resolvers, updated, is on the ball, and releases regular updates for these Resolvers.

Some Movie/Show Add-Ons, rely on Resolvers, and Add-Ons, like Exodus, Yoda, Jor-El, Uranus, along with many others, usully they use one of two resolvers, either: URL Resolver or ResolveURL.

Another reason, your experiencing issues with links is that it can simply, be a case of, the Developer has updated the Resolvers, but they haven’t yet Auto-Updated on your device. Sometimes, when the Developer Updates the Resolvers, it can take up to 72 Hours, before they auto-update.

To ensure, that you do have the latest Resolver Updates, you can force Update them. Which will ensure, that you have the latest Resolver updates.

How to force update the Resolvers to ensure you have the latest updates:

To force update your resolvers, if you are inpatient, and don’t want to wait until the Resolvers Auto-Update, on the Insomniacs Builds, or to just ensure you have the latest releases, just do the following:

  1. On the main menu, scroll along and Click ‘System
  2. Once in ‘System’ you will see a list of Tabs, on the left.. Scroll down and click the ”System‘ tab.
  3. Once in the ‘System’ Tab, scroll down to the ‘Add-Ons’ tab. and go across and click ‘Manage Dependancies
  4.  In the ‘Manage Dependancies’ you will see a lng list, of Modules, Scripts, and so on. You need to first of all, scroll down and find  ‘ResolveURL‘ in the list. Once you have highlighted it, press ‘C’ or hold ‘OK’.
  5. Now click the ‘Information‘ option. Then scroll down and click the ‘Update’ tab.
  6. You will now see a list of versions. Click the version which is at the top. The resolver will now Update.

you have now force updated the ‘ResolveURL’ So you now know, that you have the latest version.

Once this has updated, Scroll down the list, and find the second Resolver, which is called: ‘URLResolver‘ Now repeat the process: scroll

  1. down and highlight over ‘URLResolver‘ press ‘C’ if using a keypad, or if using a remote, hold the ‘OK‘ button.
  2. Now press the ‘Information’ option. Then scroll down and click the ‘Update‘ Tab.
  3. Then update the ‘URL Resolver’ to the highest and latest version.

You can also force update all of your Add-Ons, via the ‘Insomniacs Wizard‘ Simply, click ‘Wizard-Hub‘ then the ‘Tools‘ Tab. Then ‘Force Update All Add-Ons‘.

By doing this, you are ensuring that you currently have the latest resolver updates. And that all your Add-Ons are up to date, rather than waiting for the Auto-Updates. These will automatically update, anyway, but as mentioned above, sometime, this can take up to 72 Hours, for it to auto Update, as with any Add-Ons, when updated.

Don’t be afraid to explore the Builds. To get the best out of them:

The problem is, when a User starts to use a particular Movie or TV Add-On, then, it’s usually the same Add-Ons that User uses all the time. I did exactly the same thing when i first started using Builds. I would use Add-Ons like Exodus, and if that had an issue, then I would try Yoda, if that didn’t work, then i would try Placenta. When they all run with exactly the same Resolvers. Once i realised this, i then started using multiple Add-Ons, and if i had an issue with links or streams on Exodus, i would then just use Magic Dragon. Then I started exploring with some of the other Add-Ons, i wouldn’t normally use. Now Magic Dragon, is my go to Add-On, as itt offers the option to even watch the trailer, before you start watching the Movie.  Don’t be afraid, to explore the Builds, and use the many other options, and Add-Ons. This is what they are there for. As alternatives, and to give Users options, when the Add-Ons, which do reply on Resolvers are experiencing issues, then you can always rest assured, that there is other options. Which you can use.


I Hope this post has been useful, and informative. Please feel free to comment below:

Please note: If you require Support/Help or assistance, with anything related to the Builds/Wizard/Website, then please don’t comment below, with support questions. Please use the ‘Request Support’ system which we have in place on this website. To request Support: Click Here to Request any Support