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In need of creative inspiration, a professionally stagnant and hard-partying Los Angeles artist recklessly indulges in a series of drug binges. As the narcotics fly out of control, so does her newfound and inexplicable, yet unquenchable, craving for blood.

Run time: 80m Release: 2019-04-24

Stars: Abraham Benrubi Chris McKenna Dora Madison George Wendt Graham Skipper Jeremy Gardner Mark Beltzman Rachel Avery Rhys Wakefield Tru Collins

After being put on a supposedly uninhabited island as a form of behavioral rehabilitation, a high school senior finds that he's not alone on the island, and that getting discovered could be deadly.

Run time: 85m Release: 2019-07-18

Stars: Anthony Jensen Jolene Anderson Kristine Froseth Logan Miller Phodiso Dintwe

A college class project on creation and destruction of modern myth, turns terrifying when a trio of young people come to realize the urban legends surrounding the famed Buckout Road may, in fact, be REAL.

Run time: 97m Release: 2017-11-24

Stars: Colm Feore Danny Glover Dominique Provost-Chalkley Henry Czerny Mayko Nguyen Michelle Mylett

Francesca always attracted weirdos. When one of her stalkers is found dead, she looks for comfort from her best friend, Maxi. Meanwhile, Maxi’s grandfather, Jack, a disgraced Rabbi, comes across a reclining chair containing a Dybbuk inside. Jack and his voodoo sorceress partner try to find out where the recliner has been delivered while exploring Jack’s newfound gift for communicating with the other world. Meanwhile the reclining chair becomes enchanted by Francesca and starts committing crimes of passion.
Run time: 80m Tagline: Don't sit on the furniture Release: 2019-10-28

Stars: Harley Neville Jed Brophy Sarah Munn Stacy King

Seven friends summon a monster when they are tricked into eating burgers made of human flesh.
Run time: nullm Tagline: TIME TO GO VEGAN? Release: 2019-10-01

Stars: Anthony Wakefield Benjamin Sarpong-Broni David Patrick Stucky Hannah Louise Howell Kim Spearman Martin Thomas Megan Purvis Michael Haynes Samuel Freeman Tony Manders

A mermaid is ripped from the Pacific, her tail is chopped off and she's thrown into a mental home where no one believes she is a mermaid.

Run time: 91m Tagline: THEY EXIST.

Stars: Alexandra Bokova Burt Culver Cara Bamford Drew Moore E. Shepherd Stevenson Eryn Rea Jessica Honor Carleton Megan Therese Rippey Phillip Andre Botello Shani Drake

Notorious cult The Lords of Samhain resurrect long dead serial killer Halloween Jack and all hell breaks loose in the town of Dunwich.

Run time: 82m Release: 2019-10-01

Stars: David Lenik Derek Nelson Peter Cosgrove Tiffany Ceri

After witnessing a strange event, a young couple departs on a camping trip outside Area 51 hoping to find answers.
Run time: 76m Release: 2018-04-10

Stars: Arielle Uppaluri Gabrielle Sherman Sam Schneider

A stand up comedian with a brutal alter-ego is interrogated by police about the contents of his hard drive.
Run time: 84m Tagline: If they only knew he wasn't joking. Release: 2019-07-16

Stars: Desiree Zantolas Gerald Varga

Set one year after the events of Hell House LLC II, the hotel is on the verge of being torn down when it is purchased by billionaire Russell Wynn as the new home for his popular interactive show, Insomnia. He invites journalist Venessa Sheppard and her crew to record everything happening inside the hotel leading up to the performance - but they soon encounter a more nefarious plot, one that threatens to unleash a veritable hell on earth.

Run time: nullm Tagline: The Abaddon Hotel will once again open its doors to the public and the evil lurking within shall finally be unleashed. Release: 2019-09-19

Stars: Elizabeth Vermilyea Gabriel Chytry Sam Kazzi Theodore Bouloukos

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