* Breaking News * – Fix Kodi – Update to Kodi 18.5 – Fixes

Evening all,

There has been many issues with many of the Kodi 18.4 releases.  Now Kodi have released a stable version of Kodi. Which is Kodi 18.5. 

There has been many issues, from Add-Ons not working, to Add-Ons loading super slow, aswel as with grabbing Links and Sources, aswel as not showing the ‘Watched’ content, among many other issues. (All listed below)

This is exactly what the Insomniacs team have been waiting for. As we can now get the Builds updated, knowing they will be 100% more stable, than any of the previous Kodi 18 releases.

In this post, we will not only describe what all the fixes involve, we wil also give you 2 methods of installing the new stable version of Kodi 18.5.

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Kodi 18.5 APK *NEW*- Download 60.3 MB 3934 downloads

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Check out the new ‘Downloads’ section of the Insomniacs website, via the website Menu. Or check out ‘All Downloads’ by clicking this link.

We are adding more downloads every day!.. Another great feature for Insomniacs Users

Kodi 18.5 Fixes and Updates

There are no new features in the Kodi 18.5 release, only bug fixes.

Should you update?  Most people won’t notice any improvement as these are small fixes.  If you see something that has been causing problems for you in the list below, yes you should update.

Below you will find the Kodi 18.5 changelog pulled directly from the official Kodi Website.


  • Estuary and GUI info fixes, including scrollbar behavior, icon names, label changes
  • Add dual support for Artist Slideshow 2.x and 3.x
  • Fix to always allow ‘Black’ screen saver
  • Fix wrong sort order list for music playlists node


  • Fixes to external subtitle playback
  • Fixes to support for archives over UPnP
  • Fixes to “queue item” and “play next” for STRM files with Plugin URL
  • Fixes to “hide watched” status for videos
  • Fixes to resume handling when marking a file as unwatched


  • Fixes to EPG database storage, start/stop of PVR service
  • Fix handling of open modal dialogs
  • Fixes to commercial skip (EDL) processing

Other/General Fixes

  • Multiple Android changes around windowing, secure decoder and SDK versions
  • Multiple iOS changes, including support for iPhone 11 and 7th generation iPad, plus fixes for touch input, overlapping drawing surfaces, sandbox checks, notch support.
  • MacOS fixes around windowing, where only a portion of the screen was correctly rendered
  • Log files improvements around verbosity and security
  • Shoutcast improvements
  • Various fixes and improvements to add-on settings, package build documentation, build system, advancedsettings.xml, skin/profile changes and many other subsystems

Will I lose my Build when updating the Kodi version?


Kodi 18.5 APK *NEW*- Download 60.3 MB 3934 downloads

^^ TO DOWNLOAD CLICK ON THE 'DOWNLOAD' BOX ABOVE ^^ Kodi 18.5 Apk - Download Here...

If you are using an Android Box. You will not lose your Build. All you need to do, is once the download is complete, simply Install the Kodi 18.5 Fix. Over your current Kodi 18.4 version.

This will simply, overwrite your current 18.4 Version. There is no need to clear any Data, or anything at all. Follow the 3 steps above, and when you first launch the new Kodi. You will see the Kodi 18.5 version. And all Add-Ons will update.

You will then notice the fixes. And will see that the ‘Watched’ items now show a tick, aswel as all the other fixes.

Firestick Users:

Other Insomniacs Users have informed me, that when installing the updated Kodi version, that you will lose the Build. You can easily Re-Install the Build. by following this step by step guide for Firestick Users.

You can also Back-Up your Build, if you want to keep your Favorites. Then install the Wizard to your new Kodi 18.5. Then load your saved Build onto your new Kodi.

Please feel free to comment below, with any issues in regards to the new Kodi fixes. Please check out the Brand-New ‘Downloads’ section of this website. Where you will find all the best Apps and Apks to install straight from this website.