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How To Create Your Very Own Movie Watchlist

Good Evening all,

As most regular Insomniacs website visitors will have already noticed, the website has undergone quite a lot of updates, aswel as many Movies and TV-Shows have been added to the website, and it is updated daily.

Aswel as being able to use the website for ‘How to’ Guides, Sports, Watch Movies and Shows with one click, using the Movies and TV-Show sections are also very beneficial for Users who want to keep up to date with all the latest Movie releases, new & returning TV-Series, and much more…..

Once logged in, the User/Visitor also has the ability to create your very own personalised Movies  watchlist. Making it super easy for you to not only keep up to date with the latest Movie releases, but adding a Movie to your Watchlist, takes just a few seconds, and a User can create a large Movie watchlist, in minutes. Meaning you will never struggle for something to watch. as you can just click and check on your Movie watchlist, via the website, or directly from your Kodi Build, via the ‘Easy User Access’ Which is added on all Insomniacs Builds, under the Wizard-Hub section.

The Movies section of this website, has multiple menu options. 2019 Movies, In The Cinema, Coming Soon, Future Releases, Netflix, Amazon, and many more, for easy access. On each Movie listed on the website, there is a ‘Share’ option, and a ‘Favorite’ option. Aswel as many other tab options, which i will explain in more details below. When you click the ‘Favorite’ option, it will then add that Movie to your personal watchlist. All Movie’s listed on this website, has tabs, with the following options:

What does each Movie show on this website?:

  • Overview – This gives a description of the plot of the listed Movie, with an overall description of what the Movie is about.When it is released, the Director, Writer, and other very useful information. (As shown Below)

  • Media –  This tab, has one or multiple Trailer video’s, to give you a taste of that listed Movie. (Shown Below)


  • Cast – The Cast tab, shows the Actors, Actresses, Producers, and directors. You can also click on any of the listed cast members. It will then take you to that Actor/Actress’s profile. With information of that cast member, from date of birth, the country they are from, and also has a ‘Filmography’ tab, to show all the other Movies they feature in. (As Shown Below)

  • Related Movies – The related Movie tab, shows you a list of other Movies, which are similar or are the same genre of the Movie you are viewing. (Shown Below)

  • Reviews – The review tab, allows you to leave a review, and rating of that Movie, once you have watched it,to help other users and visitors get an idea of whether that Movie is good, and if so, what the overall rating is. (Shown Below)

Watch Trailer – There is also an option to watch the official trailer of that Movie, on each listing as you can see in red, under the Movie image.

Now that i have shown what the Movie listing options are, and the tabs, i will now show you just how easy it is to create your very own Movie Watchlist.

How do i add a Movie to my Movie Watchlist?

It literally takes a second or two, to add a Movie to your watchlist. As you can see in the screenshots above. On each Movie listing, there is a Favorite icon, and a Share icon. At the top of each listing. You will only see the ‘Favorite’ option, once you are logged in. Simply, click the ‘Favorite’ icon, to add it to your watchlist. Once you have clicked the Favorite icon, you will then see it is highlighted, and it will change to ‘Favorited’ as shown in the screenshot below:

And it is really as simple as that. Once you have watched any of the Movies in your Movie watchlist, just simply untick the Favorite option, and it will then remove it from your list.

Leave a reviewOnce you have watched the Movie, why not leave a review of that Movie, to let other users know what you thought of it.

How do I access my Movie Watchlist?

There are multiple ways of accessing your Movie watchlist. You can access it via the Movies menu tab, or via clicking ‘My Account’ in the top right hand corner of the website. As shown below:

There you will see ‘Favorite Movie’ when you click this it will then show all the Movies you have added to your Movie watchlist.

I hope this post has been useful, please feel free to comment below, if you need any further information on this subject.