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When the great sorceress Kae is captured by a mysterious enemy, her young followers devise a plan to rescue her.
Run time: 107m Release: 2019-10-18

Stars: Brandon Gill Brandon Tyler Harris Jenny Sterlin Mark Evans Taylor Rose

Economic collapse causes widespread rioting and social unrest, leaving a lovesick 19-year-old girl struggling to care for her siblings in a stretch of woods bordered by lawless anarchy, wondering why a good God would let this happen.
Run time: nullm Tagline: Why do bad things happen to good people? Release: 2019-01-01

Stars: Brian Bosworth Eric Roberts Jenn Gotzon Chandler Kevin Sorbo Mollee Gray

After a group of telemarketers get fired by their penny-pinching boss, they take revenge by stealing the company's list of clients to start up their own firm. In the heat of celebration and a few drinks in, they lose the phone which holds the only copy of their future customers. While tracking the lost device on Halloween night, co-workers Amber and Will find themselves trapped in a demented drug addict's house of horrors.
Run time: 72m Release: 2019-07-19

Stars: Alex Shaffer Allie Gonino Andrew Caldwell Emily Tyra Josh Zuckerman Kirby Bliss Blanton Lou Ferrigno Malcolm Goodwin Patrick Gallagher Tommy Kijas

Two young people arrive in New York to spend a weekend, but once they arrive they're met with bad weather and a series of adventures.
Run time: 92m Release: 2019-07-26

Stars: Diego Luna Elle Fanning Griffin Newman Jude Law Kelly Rohrbach Liev Schreiber Rebecca Hall Selena Gomez Suki Waterhouse Timothée Chalamet

In 1993 New York City, dysfunctional co-dependent sisters discover that the mother they thought had died when they were young is alive and starring on a popular daytime soap opera.
Run time: 98m Tagline: Family and other embarrassments. Release: 2019-08-30

Stars: Alec Baldwin Hannah Pearl Utt Jen Tullock Judith Light Linda Arroz Mandy Patinkin Mike Colter

The hunt is on as a government assassin comes out of retirement to track down a killer extraterrestrial murdering the former members of his team in this science fiction thriller set in an alternate future America.
Run time: 101m Release: 2019-12-06

Stars: David Matranga Emily Neves James Hong Jason Douglas Julie Oliver-Touchstone Shayla Bagir

Animals band together to save the day when the evil Otto Von Walrus hatches a sinister scheme to accelerate global warming and melt the Arctic Circle.
Run time: 93m Tagline: When that cold brew hits Release: 2019-11-01

Stars: Alec Baldwin Anjelica Huston Heidi Klum James Franco Jeremy Renner John Cleese Michael Madsen Omar Sy

An intertwining tale of sex, drugs, rock and woe. Lives criss-cross and converge thanks to the most addictive drug in human history, Red Devil—which also happens to be the title of Savvas D. Michael’s tale of sex, drugs, and guns. An anonymous voice at the start of the film warns, “Once you’ve tasted the devil’s cum, everything else is dull and numb.” The current problem with the Red Devil drug is the supply has dried up. Addicts are so desperate for it they’re willing to kill for it…and they do.
Run time: 93m Release: 2019-11-29

Stars: Adam Deacon Jack Turner Steven Berkoff Vas Blackwood

Marla is forced to abandon her carefully structured life to embark on an epic journey to find her younger brother Charlie who has disappeared into the vast and wondrous animated world of Playmobil toys.
Run time: 99m Tagline: Let's get epic Release: 2019-08-07

Stars: Adam Lambert Anya Taylor-Joy Dan Navarro Daniel Radcliffe Gabriel Bateman Jim Gaffigan Kenan Thompson Kirk Thornton Maddie Taylor Meghan Trainor

The story of Daniel Jones, lead investigator for the US Senate’s sweeping study into the CIA's Detention and Interrogation Program, which was found to be brutal, immoral and ineffective. With the truth at stake, Jones battled tirelessly to make public what many in power sought to keep hidden.
Run time: 118m Tagline: Truth matters. Release: 2019-09-12

Stars: Adam Driver Annette Bening Corey Stoll Jon Hamm Linda Powell Maura Tierney Michael C. Hall Sandra Landers Ted Levine Tim Blake Nelson

Kept locked inside the house by her father, 7-year-old Chloe lives in fear and fascination of the outside world, where Abnormals create a constant threat - or so she believes. When a mysterious stranger offers her a glimpse of what's really happening outside, Chloe soon finds that while the truth isn't so simple, the danger is very real.
Run time: 105m Tagline: They look just like us Release: 2019-08-09

Stars: Aleks Paunovic Amanda Crew Ava Telek Bruce Dern Emile Hirsch Grace Park Lexy Kolker Matty Finochio Michelle Harrison RJ Fetherstonhaugh

A group of misfits encounter a young Yeti named Everest, and they set off to reunite the magical creature with his family on the mountain of his namesake.
Run time: 92m Release: 2019-09-19

Stars: Albert Tsai Chloe Bennet Eddie Izzard James Hong Michelle Wong Sarah Paulson Tenzing Norgay Trainor Tsai Chin

Kasie, stuck in LA’s Koreatown, works as a karaoke hostess getting paid for her companionship by drunken men. When her dad’s hospice nurse quits she reconnects with her estranged brother, Carey, forcing them to enter a period of intense self-reflection as their single father who raised them nears death.
Run time: 88m Release: 2019-09-06

Stars: Alma Martinez Courtney Bandeko Crystal Lee Dayoung Lee Jake Choi Josiah D. Lee Octavio Pisano Sonny Kang Teddy Lee Tiffany Chu

This anthology film explores three sudden acts of violence and examines the impact on the innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire: In Binghamton, New York, an ESL instructor faces domestic violence at home and even greater peril at school. Friends take a night out in Paris only to find themselves caught up in a horrifying situation. And two lovers at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando fight to survive a chaotic night of terror.
Run time: 90m Release: 2019-07-20

Stars: Anthony Meindl Camille De Pazzis Justine Wachsberger Matt Pascua Nicolas Berger-Vachon Olivia Taylor Dudley Raphael Desprez Siva Kaneswaran Zak Steiner Zhan Wang

After an earthquake uncovers an abandoned goldmine, a hiker falls in and is trapped, forcing friends to grapple with a moral dilemma that spirals into madness.
Run time: 83m Tagline: Some things should stay buried Release: 2019-11-26

Stars: Barbara Crampton Brandon Wardle Brie Mattson Christina July Kim David Fine Sage Mears William Romano Pugh

The beloved Crawleys and their intrepid staff prepare for the most important moment of their lives. A royal visit from the King and Queen of England will unleash scandal, romance and intrigue that will leave the future of Downton hanging in the balance.
Run time: 122m Tagline: We've been expecting you Release: 2019-09-12

Stars: Brendan Coyle Elizabeth McGovern Hugh Bonneville Jim Carter Joanne Froggatt Laura Carmichael Maggie Smith Michelle Dockery Penelope Wilton Phyllis Logan

A newlywed couple turns to a scientist for help having a baby and find themselves at the center of a genetic puzzle with far reaching implications and an ethically ambiguous solution.
Run time: 80m Tagline: What does it mean to be human? Release: 2019-11-26

Stars: Ali Ahn Gil Perez-Abraham Motell Gyn Foster Olivia Oguma

A crew of savvy former strip club employees band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients.
Run time: 107m Release: 2019-09-12

Stars: Cardi B Constance Wu Jennifer Lopez Julia Stiles Keke Palmer Lili Reinhart Lizzo Madeline Brewer Mercedes Ruehl Mette Towley

A drug dealer who discovers his girlfriend and best friend are having an affair secretly doses them with a strange new street drug where they are hunted by a murderous monster from within the hallucinatory world of the drug trip.
Run time: 79m Release: 2019-02-15

Stars: Hana Holubec Sean Rey Sebastian Deery

An American student living a privileged existence at Glasgow School of Art faces the unexpected death of her father.Consumed with her loss, she finds herself re-examining both her life and inner circle.
Run time: 97m Release: 2019-08-02

Stars: Bria Vinaite Conor McCarron Freya Mavor Kate Dickie Laura Harrier Lily Newmark Martin Bell Scott Miller Shauna Macdonald Tamsin Egerton

In the year 2020, a man and a woman go on a blind date in order to beta test a groundbreaking new technology.
Run time: 80m Release: 2019-01-28

Stars: Anthony Kapfer Sarah Teed

When immigrants Attila and Jana resettle in a rural Australian town as part of a government policy to populate isolated areas, they consider themselves lucky. Although they must work on a wind farm in the middle of nowhere, they have each other, and soon, a family. Problems with narrow-minded locals, the isolation, backbreaking labor and immigration officials are the least of their worries when bad things begin to happen to the animals and people in town. As the situation escalates, and fear begins to motivate them, Attila and Jana begin to wonder – are the Turbines only onlookers or guilty of the unthinkable?
Run time: nullm Tagline: Green. Efficient. Deadly. Release: 2019-01-30

Stars: Alex Jewson Amber Gokken Andy Minh Trieu Bianca Bradey Igor Breakenback Louise Smiljevic Warren Coulton Yolandi Franken

Ten years after graduation, a mini-reunion is organized by Tom and Jill Miller at their home, inviting only the special friends that were in their clique and one fringe member, Bobby Zwick, whom they had done a terrible wrong. Bobby said all was forgiven, but he was not telling the truth.
Run time: nullm Tagline: Ingredients for The Perfect Reunion: Love, Memories, MURDER. Release: 2019-05-21

Stars: Baron Jay Daryl Keith Johnson Joe Karam La'Princess Jackson Trae Ireland

This intense action-thriller unfolds in real time as two embattled souls fight for their lives. Gary Oldman stars as a vicious crime boss out to kill Nick, the lone witness set to testify against him. He hires a mysterious female motorcycle courier to unknowingly deliver a poison-gas bomb to slay Nick, but after she rescues Nick from certain death, the duo must confront an army of ruthless hired killers in order to survive the night.
Run time: 99m Release: 2019-11-22

Stars: Alicia Agneson Amit Shah Calli Taylor Craig Conway Dermot Mulroney Gary Oldman Greg Orvis Joel Michaely Olga Kurylenko William Moseley

After reluctantly agreeing to coach cross-country, high school basketball Coach John Harrison helps the least likely runner attempt the impossible in the biggest race of the year.
Run time: 119m Tagline: What do you allow to define you? Release: 2019-08-22

Stars: Alex Kendrick Aryn Wright-Thompson Ben Davies Cameron Arnett Elizabeth Becka Holly Morris Myke Holmes Priscilla C. Shirer Shari Rigby

After uncovering the CIA’s ruthless master plan for world domination by gaining complete mind control over the entire population, top scientist Joseph Markham is ultimately left with a choice: save the lives of billions…or the life of his wife, who has been kidnapped, interrogated, and brutally tortured but continues to viciously fight for her life. As a nationwide manhunt ensues, deadly assassins pursue, and one man’s decision will determine the fate of the world. Art of Deception is about a fight for life, love and world dominance.
Run time: 90m Tagline: Everyone Has Their Secrets Release: 2019-10-08

Stars: Anzu Lawson Jackie Nova Leon van Waas Richard Ryan

Fresh out of foster care at age 18, a young drifter turns to petty crime to survive, and discovers an impossible love in an unlikely friend.
Run time: 95m Release: 2019-11-22

Stars: Brett Butler Caleb Landry Jones Danny Trevino Imogen Poots Jeffrey Wright Joe Stevens Peggy Schott Sarah Joy Byington Sharmita Bhattacharya Tye Sheridan

A group of astronauts living in the haunting emptiness of deep space awakens to find earth has suffered an extinction-level event.
Run time: 90m Release: 2019-11-22

Stars: Angus Macfadyen Audrey Looye Brent Yoshida Enver Gjokaj Haaz Sleiman Jorja Fox Kate Walsh Miranda Cosgrove Omar Epps

A bride's wedding night takes a sinister turn when her eccentric new in-laws force her to take part in a terrifying game.
Run time: 95m Tagline: In-Laws Can Be Murder Release: 2019-08-21

Stars: Adam Brody Andie MacDowell Elyse Levesque Henry Czerny John Ralston Kristian Bruun Mark O'Brien Melanie Scrofano Nicky Guadagni Samara Weaving

It's been ten years since the dragons moved to the Hidden World, and even though Toothless doesn't live in New Berk anymore, Hiccup continues the holiday traditions he once shared with his best friend. But the Vikings of New Berk were beginning to forget about their friendship with dragons. Hiccup, Astrid, and Gobber know just what to do to keep the dragons in the villagers' hearts. And across the sea, the dragons have a plan of their own...
Run time: 22m Release: 2019-10-25

Stars: America Ferrera Cate Blanchett Christopher Mintz-Plasse Craig Ferguson Gerard Butler Jay Baruchel Kit Harington

The Bronx. 1993. A young couple from two completely different worlds, fall in love over a summer that reshapes their lives and the way they view the future ahead of them.
Run time: 96m Tagline: princess nokia Release: 2019-11-19

Stars: Jimi Stanton Rosie Berrido Sandy Tejada Stanley Simons

When a mysterious black goop reaches his idyllic undersea town, a brave and selfless parrot fish must cross the ocean to find its source and fix it before his coral reef is destroyed.
Run time: 75m Release: 2019-11-19

Stars: Alison Wandzura Elijah Dhavvan Justine Ezarik Mark Hamill Ron Perlman Sean Patrick O'Reilly

A young actor arrives in Hollywood in 1969 during a transitional time in the Industry.
Run time: 96m Tagline: Sex, cinema and punk rock. 1969 Release: 2019-09-19

Stars: Craig Robinson Danny McBride Dave Franco Horatio Sanz Jacki Weaver James Franco Joey King Megan Fox Seth Rogen Thomas Ian Nicholas

After waking up with mysterious wounds on his hands, a champion fighter finds himself in an otherworldly battle against evil forces that wreak havoc in the human world.
Run time: 129m Tagline: Will you stand with good or evil? Release: 2019-07-31

Stars: Ahn Sung-ki Choi Woo-shik Jung Ji-hoon Kim See-eun Kim Seon-min Lee Seung-hee Park Ji-hyun Park Seo-joon Shim Hee-sub Woo Do-hwan

A boy in New York is taken in by a wealthy family after his mother is killed in a bombing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In a rush of panic, he steals 'The Goldfinch', a painting that eventually draws him into a world of crime.
Run time: 149m Tagline: The story of a stolen life Release: 2019-09-12

Stars: Aneurin Barnard Ansel Elgort Ashleigh Cummings Finn Wolfhard Jeffrey Wright Luke Wilson Nicole Kidman Oakes Fegley Sarah Paulson Willa Fitzgerald

A New York City money launderer desperately searches for answers after waking up with no memory, millions in stolen cash and drugs, and an insane crew of dirty cops violently hunting him down.
Run time: 112m Tagline: Nothing is as it seems Release: 2019-08-08

Stars: Betsy Landin Diane Guerrero Emory Cohen Jay Huguley John Cenatiempo Julia Vasi Liam Hemsworth Mike Moh Suraj Sharma Zlatko Burić

Fifteen years ago, two teenage girls were murdered at Merrymaker Campgrounds. The case was filed an animal attack, the camp was condemned and the killer never found - but something horrific still waits in those woods.
Run time: 90m Tagline: This is a story about a monster. Release: 2019-05-11

Stars: Christian Oliver Christine Donlon Don Frye Eric Tiede Erin Daniels Gracie Young Heather Tom Jasmine Dustin Jonathan Murphy Larisa Oleynik

Roman teenager, Atti is forced to join the Roman army when one of his clever schemes falls foul of Emperor Nero. He is sent to "miserable, cold, wet Britain" where "the natives are revolting - quite literally". Things go from bad to worse when Atti is captured by Orla, a feisty teenage Celt desperate to prove herself as a warrior.
Run time: 92m Release: 2019-07-26

Stars: Craig Roberts Derek Jacobi Emilia Jones Kate Nash Kim Cattrall Lucy Montgomery Nick Frost Rupert Graves Sebastian Croft Tony Gardner

Tokyo, Japan, 1989. Lucy Fly, a foreigner who works as a translator, begins a passionate relationship with Teiji, a mysterious man obsessed with photography.
Run time: 107m Tagline: Look beyond what you see Release: 2019-11-01

Stars: Akiko Iwase Alicia Vikander Crystal Kay Jack Huston Kazuhiro Muroyama Ken Yamamura Kiki Sukezane Naoki Kobayashi Riley Keough Yoshiko Sakuma

A 30-something urbanite is pulled back to his rural hometown by his high school buddies on Thanksgiving to finish The Turkey Bowl - an epic football game against their cross town rivals that was snowed out fifteen years prior.
Run time: nullm Release: 2019-11-25

Stars: Alan Ritchson Ashley Fink Blair Bomar Brett Cullen Da'Vone McDonald John Beasley Kristen Hager Leah McKendrick Matt Jones Ryan Hansen

The story of Stan, an orphaned teenager stuck living with his abusive grandfather and tasked with routinely protecting his best friend from high school bullies. When Stan discovers a murderous creature has taken refuge inside the tool shed in his backyard, he tries to secretly battle the demon alone until his bullied friend discovers the creature and has a far more sinister plan in mind.
Run time: nullm Release: 2019-10-19

Stars: Chris Petrovski Cody Kostro Francisco Burgos Frank Whaley Jay Jay Warren Mu-Shaka Benson Siobhan Fallon Hogan Sofia Happonen Timothy Bottoms Uly Schlesinger

When a nuclear strike causes an electromagnetic pulse that cuts off all power, water, and communication to the entire western United States, Reese finds herself plunged into an all-too-real fight to survive. As pandemonium grips her city, Reese and her father set out on a desperate journey in search of safety--a perilous trek through a world gone mad where every encounter with a stranger could be your last.
Run time: nullm Release: 2019-11-15

Stars: Arden Myrin Brighton Sharbino Dominic Monaghan Eryn Rea Fionnula Flanagan Kyle Collin Michael Filipowich Miles Anderson Sean Cook Will Patton

10 / 10
A cop finds himself in a race against time to find a kidnap victim whose abductor he accidentally killed. Aaron Eckhart stars as Frank Penny, a disgraced cop looking for a shot at redemption. When the police chief's 11-year-old daughter is abducted, Frank goes rogue to try and save her. But to find the girl, Frank will need the help of Ava Brooks, whose live-streaming news channel is broadcasting Frank's every move. While a city watches, Frank and Ava race against time in this explosive action-thriller.
Run time: 98m Tagline: The clock is ticking. The world is watching. Release: 2019-11-15

Stars: Aaron Eckhart Ben McKenzie Betsy Landin Courtney Eaton Dina Meyer Jessica Miesel Mason McCulley Nickola Shreli

"Crown Vic" takes us on one memorable night in the life of veteran patrol officer Ray Mandel and his trainee, ambitious rookie cop Nick Holland in the LAPD's Olympic Division. With two cop killers on the loose and hunting for more targets, Mandel and Holland must contend with a city about to boil over, as well as Jack VanZandt, an unhinged rogue cop out for payback running wild in their patrol zone. As the night wears on, Mandel finds himself in a desperate race against the clock to find a missing girl as he and Holland prowl the dangerous streets of LA.
Run time: 110m Release: 2019-11-08

Stars: Alex Morf Bridget Moynahan David Krumholtz Devon Werkheiser Emma Ishta Josh Hopkins Luke Kleintank Scottie Thompson Shiloh Verrico Thomas Jane

Revenge, murder, bloodshed and retribution. “Slayer: The Repentless Killogy” short film was written and directed by BJ McDonnell, who conceived and directed the three brutal music videos – “You Against You,” “Repentless,” and “Pride in Prejudice”- for Slayer’s final studio album Repentless (2015).
Run time: 131m Release: 2019-11-06

Stars: Derek Mears Gary Holt Katelyn Brooke Kerry King Micah Fitzgerald Paul Bostaph Paul Chomicki Ryan Gibson Tom Araya Tyler Mane

In a zombie apocalypse, one man desperately tries to keep his family alive.
Run time: 97m Release: 2019-11-25

Stars: Adam Zachary Smith Alice Tantayanon Charlie Ruedpokanon Jeremy Stutes Julie Condra Kelly B. Jones Mark Dacascos Michael S. New Milena Gorum Noelani Dacascos

A misanthropic 20-something gay visual artist, Mark, finds himself unwittingly in New York City after he lies to his mother about a job at a prestigious art gallery. He then takes a survival job babysitting for 6-year-old Milo, whose faith in Mark is empowering and ultimately, transformative.
Run time: 90m Release: 2019-05-26

Stars: Donna Mitchell Jeanine Serralles Lucy DeVito Mark Blane Matthew Shear Naian González Norvind Patricia Richardson Peter Y. Kim Rebecca Brooksher Zachary Booth

A skateboarder investigating the mysterious death of his roommate is led into the inner workings of a self-help company, and the pharmaceutical lab behind it.
Run time: nullm Tagline: There Will Be Side Effects Release: 2019-11-14

Stars: Allison Mackie Bret Lada Brett Azar Jason Abrams John Wesley Shipp Kyle DeSpiegler Mary Elaine Ramsey Trey Gibbons

10 / 10
The love story between a pampered Cocker Spaniel named Lady and a streetwise mongrel named Tramp. Lady finds herself out on the street after her owners have a baby and is saved from a pack by Tramp, who tries to show her to live her life footloose and collar-free.
Run time: 104m Release: 2019-11-12

Stars: Adrian Martinez Arturo Castro Ashley Jensen Benedict Wong Janelle Monáe Justin Theroux Kiersey Clemons Tessa Thompson Thomas Mann Yvette Nicole Brown

Ex-military specialist Clair Hamilton returns home from her tour in the Middle East due to her father's passing and to claim her inheritance. Her son is then kidnapped and held for ransom by a gang led by a mysterious figure known only as “Father”.
Run time: 88m Tagline: Let the hunt begin! Release: 2019-06-14

Stars: Anton Gillis-Adelman Brendan Fehr Brock Morgan Chad Riley Gina Carano Joshua Murdoch Richard Dreyfuss Stewart McLean Sydelle Noel

When a young rancher crosses paths with a Lakota girl from a nearby reservation, her mysterious disappearance sparks a search that uncovers a harrowing past and hints at a dire future.
Run time: nullm Release: 2019-10-26

Stars: Graham Phillips Irene Bedard Jacqueline Toboni Jamie McShane Ritchie Coster Shawn Hatosy Sydney Schafer Tokala Black Elk

Six scenes. Six years. Six moments that shaped the relationship of Jenna and Leon. Pink Wall examines what defines us, the pressures of gender expectations, and our perpetual struggle between life and ambition.
Run time: 81m Release: 2019-03-09

Stars: Jay Duplass Kyle Lima Ruth Ollman Sarah Ovens Sule Rimi T.J. Richardson Tatiana Maslany

When a down on his luck journalist finds himself with a less than ideal assignment in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, he acquires the help of a local, who he soon discovers possesses the story that could jump start his career.
Run time: 94m Release: 2019-04-29

Stars: Claudia Doumit Daniel Weingarten David Stifel Kirk Fox Michael Blaustein Natalie Joy DiBenedetto Zoe Kanters

A bittersweet love story told through enchanting re-imaginings of popular and iconic New Zealand songs.
Run time: 93m Release: 2019-03-21

Stars: George Mason Jodie Hillock Katie Wolfe Kimbra Mark Mitchinson Rose McIver Tandi Wright

Speckles, a ferocious tarbosaurus and his young son junior, mourning the loss of their family in an epic battle, roam the lands in search of food, adventure and peace. Under the watchful eye of his dad, Junior is growing up healthy and strong, but with an overconfidence thanks to his young age. After one encounter results in Junior being kidnapped, Speckles embarks on an adventure to the ends of earth to find his son. Encountering friend and foe, ally and enemy, Speckles will stop at nothing and will take on all corners to save his offspring.
Run time: 90m Release: 2018-12-25

Stars: Kim Eung-soo Kim Sung-kyun Park Hee-soon Park Jung-geum Ra Mi-ran Yeon Ji-won

A Tinder date gone astray leaves famous fitness selfie queen, Barbi, lost in the wilderness trying to survive despite Homeland Security, alien death rays and zero cell service.
Run time: 90m Tagline: STOP THE SELFIES, SAVE THE WORLD Release: 2019-02-15

Stars: Americus Abesamis Amy Johnston Edward G. Negron Jed Rowen Jenna Sativa Jonathan Carroll Kyle Clarke Paul Logan Valerie Perez Vera Vanguard

Seven couples are at turning points, trying to navigate their relationships and careers one moment at a time. THIS TIME, MAYBE is a sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes comedic, and always relatable story about how we share and change and love.
Run time: 90m Release: 2019-08-06

Stars: Bianca Baykara Callan Colley Matthew Backer

Boudica is an innocent sixteen-year-old girl who is forced into an arranged marriage by her father, the leader of a Celtic Tribe. However, her mother is unsure, doing whatever it takes to protect her daughter; so much so that she takes Boudica and persuades her to flee the village and live in her childhood home, away from an arranged marriage and a miserable life.
Run time: nullm Release: 2019-09-15

Stars: Ben Hamer Ella Peel Guillaume Rivaud James Cooke Lucas Leigh-White Michelle McTernan Sally Mattingley Simon Pengelly

When a man purchases a collection of seven paintings to hang in his wealthy estate, he has no idea what horrors he has unleashed for himself and his family.
Run time: 97m Tagline: Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, pride. Take your pick. Release: 2019-10-01

Stars: Jessica Morris Lukas Hassel Richard Grieco Sarah French Tania Fox Tara Reid

Small Town Hero is a dark and comical drama set in an idyllic rural town in England. It follows the story of 'Pep' who becomes a local hero after taking the law into his own hands to prevent a crime. Relishing in his new found glory, Pep joins the neighbourhood watch to further his agenda and fulfil his dream of creating a utopia; a town free of crime and antisocial behaviour. Before long, the extremity of Pep's measures and his aggressive and violent approach to achieving his goals becomes unacceptable to the local community and he is shunned. Desperate to regain his hero status, the rumour of a paedophile gives Pep one last chance to save the day; a manhunt ensues.
Run time: 90m Tagline: Big trouble in little England Release: 2019-05-06

Stars: Johnny Vivash Millie Reeves Moir Leslie Simon Cassidy

Young, struggling musicians Ray and Don are evicted from their South London squat. They take to the road in their old Volvo Amazon, planning to sell their prized vinyl record collection and fly to Memphis USA. However, when they fail to get the money needed, they steal a rare Black Metal record which seems to unleash dark forces that threaten their mission.
Run time: 95m Tagline: A rock and roll road movie. Release: 2019-03-01

Stars: Aki Omoshaybi Edward Hayter Elinor Crawley Katie Collins

When a psychiatric doctor researches a young girls' diary to find out why she murdered her entire family, he begins to fall into the same state of insomnia and confusion that led her to lose her mind.
Run time: 77m Tagline: Sleep at Your Own Risk Release: 2019-01-19

Stars: Emre Orun Essex O'Brien Gregory Dean Tompkins Joe W Nowland John Charles Harnett Kelly Frances Fischer Phil Baker Ray Dwyer Jr. Tatiana Warden Traci L. Newman

This is a tale of how the angel of life was confronted by the angel of death. Set in Auschwitz Birkenau, 1944.
Run time: nullm Release: 2019-07-01

Stars: Grace Blackman Hayley-Marie Axe Ian Burfield Michael McKell Noeleen Comiskey Steven Bush

Fresh out of prison, Pat Tate steps right back into his Essex nightclub. But still disgruntled, he soon sets out to Marbelle to revenge those that put him away for five years. While in Spain, Pat cannot turn away from the opportunity to score the biggest drug deal of his life. All he needs is for his Essex pals Tony and Craig to deliver the cash to Marbella to close the deal. But Craig, useless as ever, turns a simple plane trip to a massive road trip packed with trickery and danger. And Tony is more worried about making it back to England as he has promised to support his best friend Nigel Benn at the boxing match of his life. While waiting in Marbella, Pat proceeds with the violent revenge he has craved for years. Revenges are made and Tony and Carlton walk Nigel Benn out to what turns out to be one of the most tragic fights in history. But the drugs they bring back seems to be a bad batch and cause them more trouble than they have ever anticipated before.
Run time: 85m Release: 2019-11-08

Stars: Andrew Loveday Byron Gibson Conor Benn Craig Fairbrass David G Mahoney Emily Wyatt Gary Driscoll Roland Manookian Sandra Portillo Terry Stone

Two ordinary guys in a small town embark on an extraordinary adventure, risking everything for a stranger in need.
Run time: 100m Tagline: Come Home Release: 2019-11-08

Stars: Brad William Henke Harold Perrineau Joe Fishel Kim Coates Mary Lynn Rajskub Robin Weigert William Fichtner

For three and a half hours, in the pouring rain, amid the mud and shattered trees of a rubber plantation called Long Tan, Major Harry Smith and his dispersed company of 108 young and mostly inexperienced Australian and New Zealand soldiers are fighting for their lives, holding off an overwhelming enemy force of 2,500 battle-hardened Viet Cong and North Vietnamese soldiers. With their ammunition running out, their casualties mounting and the enemy massing for a final assault, each man begins to search for the strength to triumph over an uncertain future with honour, decency and courage.
Run time: nullm Tagline: A true story of ordinary boys who become extraordinary men Release: 2019-08-08

Stars: Aaron Glenane Alexander England Anthony Hayes Daniel Webber Lincoln Lewis Luke Bracey Myles Pollard Nicholas Hamilton Richard Roxburgh Travis Fimmel

Zander Raines, a dazzling and tempestuous young choreographer, gives the break of a lifetime to two hopeful artists when he casts a stunning contemporary dancer, Barlow, and innovative pianist, Charlie, in New York’s most-anticipated new Broadway show: Free Dance. But the move throws off the show’s delicate creative balance when Charlie falls hard for Barlow while Zander embraces her as his muse.
Run time: 103m Tagline: Dream big. Dance free. Release: 2018-09-13

Stars: Ace Bhatti Giulia Nahmany Harry Jarvis Jane Seymour Jorgen Makena Juliet Doherty Kerrynton Jones Kika Markham Nataly Santiago Thomas Doherty

Millennial entrepreneurs, Drew and Max, run a webcast that streams live exorcisms that are, in fact, elaborately staged hoaxes. But they get their comeuppance when today's actress becomes mysteriously possessed by a real demon that holds the crew hostage. To make matters worse-- the possessed victim is Drew's fiancée, Lane. In front of a rapidly-growing global audience, the demon subjects Max to a series of violent and humiliating challenges meant to punish him for his online charade. Meanwhile, in an effort to save the love of his life, Drew discovers that the demon's sinister motive is not only about revenge, but also to expose the dark secrets he, Max, and Lane have been hiding from one another. With only the show clock remaining, it's a matter of time before either the truth is revealed or the demon forces them to meet their maker.
Run time: 116m Release: 2019-09-19

Stars: Alix Angelis Amrou Al-Kadhi Chris Lew Kum Hoi Emma Holzer Giulia Nahmany Joanna David Kyle Gallner Matt Raimo Ryan Guzman Tara Karsian

A big-game hunter for zoos who has booked passage on a Greek shipping freighter with a fresh haul of exotic and deadly animals from the Amazon, including a rare white Jaguar - along with a political assassin being extradited to the U.S in secret. Two days into the journey, the assassin escapes and releases the captive animals, throwing the ship into chaos.
Run time: 97m Tagline: The ultimate hunter vs the ultimate predator Release: 2019-11-08

Stars: Famke Janssen Jeff Gum Kevin Durand LaMonica Garrett Michael Sirow Nicolas Cage

t's the Mexican Day of the Dead, and little Chiqui misses his mama terribly! Two years ago, she left home in the middle of the night to journey to The Beyond, a phantasmagoric land of the dead, which hosts an annual talent show to crown the Greatest Singer Beyond the Beyond - and Chiqui's mama, Julieta, is a luchadora with a dream, to become the most renowned singer ever! Determined to dance with his mama during her performance, young Chiqui sets out with his Papa Diego, the hulking luchador, to find The Beyond himself, and help put his familia back together!
Run time: 81m Release: 2019-10-01

Stars: Jacob Tyler Maria Petrano Thomas Carr

After communicating with devious Emrick the Wizard in a dream, King Bedwyr asks his favorite wee dragons, Boil and Cai, to bury the hatchet with the Wee Kingdoms longstanding enemy, Durwyn the dragon, and invite him to their upcoming wee holiday thanksgiving celebration! Little do the wees knows, Durwyn has his own evil plans! Join the Wee Dragons for a Thanksgiving feast of fun and adventure!
Run time: 69m Release: 2019-01-01

Stars: Jonathon Carley KJ Schrock Sarah Taylor

Three astronomers accidentally intercept what they believe to be a signal from a distant alien civilization, but the truth is even more incredible than any of them could have imagined.
Run time: 128m Tagline: Only they will hear. Only they will believe. Release: 2019-11-08

Stars: Arjun Singh Panam Joshua Ford Tom England

Set among the cane fields of rural Louisiana, Burning Cane follows a deeply religious mother struggling to reconcile her convictions of faith with the love she has for her troubled son.
Run time: 77m Release: 2019-04-25

Stars: Braelyn Kelly Dominique McClellan Emyri Crutchfield Erika Woods Karen Kaia Livers Wendell Pierce

Seeking funds for her orphanage in India, Isabelle travels to New York to meet Theresa, a wealthy benefactor. An invitation to attend a wedding ignites a series of events in which the past collides with the present while mysteries unravel.
Run time: 110m Tagline: Every family has a secret Release: 2019-08-09

Stars: Abby Quinn Alex Cranmer Alex Esola Billy Crudup Doris McCarthy Eisa Davis Julianne Moore Michelle Williams Susan Blackwell Will Chase

When a new teacher arrives at school he finds students that are extremely well behaved and soon uncovers a special class of very young children forming a hive mind, keeping the students and teachers calm and focused with murderous results.
Run time: 85m Release: 2019-11-01

Stars: Aidan Largey Poland Amelie Willis Craig Russell Daisy Aitkens James Groom Michael Geary Philip Dyas Sarah Cullum Sophie Willis

A man and his dog are stranded on a volatile, oval-shaped planet and are forced to adapt and escape before time destroys them both.
Run time: 76m Release: 2019-12-12

Stars: Grant Martin Jack William Josiah Authier Michelle Medoff

When his mother dies the week before Easter, widowed hotshot LA exec Nate Lassiter (David Lee Smith) and his head- strong Latina daughter Chloe (MIshka Calderon) must finally return to his hometown in Ohio, where he faces the daunting task of signing away his family's factory. Nate will collide with his spitfire cousin-with-a-grudge (Jenni-Kate Deshon) he forced to run the factory when he left years before, a labor-strike lead by a high school wrestling buddy (Austin St. John), and a legal battle over the factory sale - brought on by the girl he left behind, Grace (Ashley Bratcher). Forced to search his soul and embrace his past, in rediscovering with his home town Nate just might reconnect - with his Grace.
Run time: 100m Release: 2019-11-05

Stars: Ashley Bratcher Austin St. John Brenna Sherman David Lee Smith Ian Grey Joe Estevez Lance Paul Layla Cushman Nicole Dambro Stephen Baldwin

A journalist desperately tries to find his missing fiancee and finally uncover the truth behind a sinister folklore, leading him down a dangerous road of discovery.
Run time: 81m Tagline: You will never get them back Release: 2019-11-05

Stars: Adrian Annis Anna Dawson Charlie Walker McClimens Daniel Thrace Eva McGillivray Hannah Chalmers Ian Small Jonathan McClean Matt Ray Brown Neil Summerville

1982: The survivors of a series of brutal killings in a small town thought mass murderer Alex Black was dead and buried after the townspeople put an end to him. But teenagers experimenting with the occult awaken the monster from his grave and he begins another rampage of terror with his favorite tool, a pickaxe. Only those who have faced him before have any chance of stopping Alex Black once and for all.
Run time: 87m Tagline: An urban legend reborn Release: 2019-01-01

Stars: A. Michael Baldwin Joe Grisaffi Kelly Byrns Tiffany Shepis

Los Angeles, 1969. TV star Rick Dalton, a struggling actor specialized in westerns, and stuntman Cliff Booth, his best friend, try to survive to a constantly changing movie industry. Dalton is neighbor of the young and promising actress and model Sharon Tate, who has just married the prestigious Polish director Roman Polanski…

Run time: 162m Tagline: In this town, it can all change… like that Release: 2019-07-25

Stars: Austin Butler Brad Pitt Bruce Dern Dakota Fanning Emile Hirsch Julia Butters Leonardo DiCaprio Margaret Qualley Margot Robbie Timothy Olyphant

During the 1980s, a failed stand-up comedian is driven insane and turns to a life of crime and chaos in Gotham City while becoming an infamous psychopathic crime figure.

Run time: 122m Tagline: Put on a happy face. Release: 2019-10-02

Stars: Bill Camp Brett Cullen Frances Conroy Glenn Fleshler Joaquin Phoenix Josh Pais Leigh Gill Robert De Niro Shea Whigham Zazie Beetz

Ageing assassin, Henry Brogen tries to get out of the business but finds himself in the ultimate battle—fighting his own clone who is 25 years younger than him, and at the peak of his abilities.

Run time: 117m Tagline: Who will save you from yourself? Release: 2019-10-02

Stars: Alexandra Szucs Benedict Wong Clive Owen Douglas Hodge Justin James Boykin Linda Emond Mary Elizabeth Winstead Theodora Miranne Tim Connolly Will Smith

After fighting his demons for decades, John Rambo now lives in peace on his family ranch in Arizona, but his rest is interrupted when Gabriela, the granddaughter of his housekeeper María, disappears after crossing the border into Mexico to meet her biological father. Rambo, who has become a true father figure for Gabriela over the years, undertakes a desperate and dangerous journey to find her.

Run time: 89m Tagline: Everyone has one more fight in them Release: 2019-09-19

Stars: Adriana Barraza Alexander Dimitrov Genie Kim Joaquín Cosío Óscar Jaenada Pascacio López Paz Vega Sergio Peris-Mencheta Sylvester Stallone Yvette Monreal

After a treacherous attack, Secret Service agent Mike Banning is charged with attempting to assassinate President Trumbull. Chased by his own colleagues and the FBI, Banning begins a race against the clock to clear his name.

Run time: 122m Tagline: Loyalty is under fire Release: 2019-08-21

Stars: Danny Huston Frederick Schmidt Gerard Butler Jada Pinkett Smith Lance Reddick Michael Landes Morgan Freeman Nick Nolte Piper Perabo Tim Blake Nelson

An astronaut travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his father and unravel a mystery that threatens the survival of Earth. In doing so, he uncovers secrets which challenge the nature of human existence and our place in the cosmos.

Run time: 124m Tagline: The answers we seek are just outside our reach. Release: 2019-09-17

Stars: Bobby Nish Brad Pitt Donald Sutherland Donnie Keshawarz Kimberly Elise LisaGay Hamilton Loren Dean Ruth Negga Sean Blakemore Tommy Lee Jones

27 years after overcoming the malevolent supernatural entity Pennywise, the former members of the Losers' Club, who have grown up and moved away from Derry, are brought back together by a devastating phone call.

Run time: 169m Tagline: You'll Float Again Release: 2019-09-04

Stars: Andy Bean Bill Hader Bill Skarsgård Isaiah Mustafa James McAvoy James Ransone Jay Ryan Jessica Chastain Teach Grant Xavier Dolan

Pennsylvania, 1956. Frank Sheeran, a war veteran of Irish origin who works as a truck driver, accidentally meets mobster Russell Bufalino. Once Frank becomes his trusted man, Bufalino sends him to Chicago with the task of helping Jimmy Hoffa, a powerful union leader related to organized crime, with whom Frank will maintain a close friendship for nearly twenty years.
Run time: 209m Tagline: His story changed history Release: 2019-11-01

Stars: Al Pacino Anna Paquin Bobby Cannavale Harvey Keitel Joe Pesci Kathrine Narducci Ray Romano Robert De Niro Stephanie Kurtzuba Stephen Graham


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