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Good Afternoon Insomniacs, We at Insomniacs have been testing out different Apps/Apks for our Users, and the team put together each Month the best Apps out there. All the best Apps are available using the Insomniacs Wizard APK-Installer. The Insomniacs APK-Installer covers Apps, which are for Sports, Live-TV, Movies, TV-Shows, Series, Firestick/Fire-TV, and much more… […]

Good Morning Insomniacs, On this post I will show you how to Install the amazing ‘LiveLounge‘ App/Apk. The Livelounge App, is an amazing App, by a great developer. And covers more or less everything. From World Live-TV, which covers all languages. And an amazing Sports Live-TV option, Virtual Fireplaces, Movies, TV-Shows and much more.. The […]

Good Afternoon Insomniacs, Below, I will show you how to Install the MX-Player Pro App/Apk, using the Insomniacs Wizard APK-Installer. The MX-Player Pro, is a great Media Player, for playing Movie or TV-Show Apps/Apks. Some Apps even require that MX-Player is installed for them to even work, like the Live-Lounge App. (Live-Lounge App will only […]

Titanium is a great Movies &  TV-Shows APK. With the click of a button, you can install the Titanium Apk with the Insomniacs APK Installer. Titanium TV APK is a video streaming app that is used by thousands of people around the world. It offers you good quality video content. There is a wide range […]

Having issues with ‘No Streams Available’??? The reason some Users are experiencing this issue, is because their URLResolver and ResolveURL Cache is full. When you run the ‘Cleanup Build’ Under the Wizard-Hub, aswel as clearing out Cache, Packages, and Thumbnails, it also clears out the Resolvers Cache, when this reaches exceeded amount, it causes an […]

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