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Insomniacs Users can now download & Install all the best Apks/Apps stright to your Firesticks, Android devices, Smart TV, PC, and other devices.. We have started adding the best Apks & Apps around to the brand-new Insomniacs website Apk/App Downloader. The great news, is that Users can download & Install the Apps, knowing that they […]

Good Evening, In this post, I will be showing you how easy it is to create your very own personal TV Series/Shows watchlist. This is a great feature for anyone who is into TV Series, wheter it be on Kodi, Neetflix, Amazon Prime, or any other methiod, whatever you prefer to use, you can gain […]

Good Evening all, As most regular Insomniacs website visitors will have already noticed, the website has undergone quite a lot of updates, aswel as many Movies and TV-Shows have been added to the website, and it is updated daily. Aswel as being able to use the website for ‘How to’ Guides, Sports, Watch Movies and […]

Good Evening all, A lot has been going on with the Insomniacs Website, and the Wizard, over the last few months. But we are very happy, to now release the new Sports TV Schedule. The new Sports TV Schedule is a great adition to the website, and will be very handy for all Sports fans, […]

Good Afternoon Insomniacs, Over 400 new TV-Shows have been added to the Website, and more are continuously being added daily. Some new features, are in the TV-Show listings, which are not avilable for Movies. Aswel as you being able to create your very own personal TV-Show Watchlist. There is also other things you can benefit […]

Hi, It makes it almost impossible for us to add every Movies and every TV-Show/Series to the website. If you have a request for any certain Movie or show to be added, then please let us know, and we will get it added for you. To make a request simply, leave a reply below, or […]


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