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Good evening Insomniacs, A lot of Users ask us, if there is anything that can be done, to get Addons to load faster. The answer to that question is Yes.. There is multiple kinds of Add-Ons. Most Addons are now Jen based.But there is also Addons with different ways of getting them to load faster, […]

Insomniacs Build Updates Good Evening Insomniacs, As many Users already know, we have been working on the Insomniacs Build updates over the last week or two. Our apologies for the delay in these updates, but an awful lot of work is involved when we push big updates out. We are only a very small team […]

Good Afternoon Insomniacs, We at Insomniacs have been testing out different Apps/Apks for our Users, and the team put together each Month the best Apps out there. All the best Apps are available using the Insomniacs Wizard APK-Installer. The Insomniacs APK-Installer covers Apps, which are for Sports, Live-TV, Movies, TV-Shows, Series, Firestick/Fire-TV, and much more… […]

Finally, after lots of frustration, time, and messing, we have finally finished the Insomniacs Kodi 18 Builds. A lot of our Users have been asking us, if we could possibly make Kodi 18 versions, of the Builds. Which we have now done. And the great news is, that we have also added both the ‘Black […]

An heartfelt Update..

Evening All, First of all, i would like to thank everyone, for your patience, loyalty, and undestanding, whilst i have been too poorly to do anything, and Bob has been doing things in the background and holding the fort as always.   I’m not the kind of person to talk about issues which are personal, […]

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