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One of the main issues i found very frustrating as a Kodi User. Was not only finding what the latest Movie releases was, but also finding the latest Movies with good, reliable HD links, and sources. To watch them without Ads, or people walking across the screen. Everyone has their own personal methods, and ways, […]

Hello all, We at Insomniacs are looking to expand our team. At the moment the Insomniacs team is very small. And we are trying to cover so many things between us, and are constantly adding more and more features to make things as good as possible for our Users. As Insomniacs grows, (The Website alone, […]

Good Evening, Some of the older Users of Insomniacs will remember the first Build we ever released, (Neon Green Build) (Kodi 16) when we was KirksBuild Wizard. The Neon-Green Build was very popular with Users, and has been requested for a while now to be brought back. We have totally stripped the Build back, and […]

Good Evening all, We have been really busy recently, updating all the Insomniacs Kodi 18 Builds. The ‘Passion Led Us Here’ Build has now been updated to Version 2.6, and Uses can now install the latest Build version. Like the Black & Gold Build update, we have stripped the Build back, and Re-Built it with […]

Good afternoon all, The Insomniacs – Black & Gold Build has just been updated to version 2.6. After the last update, we was very limited, with what we could add to the Build, due to many Add-Ons being down. With the new V2.6 update, lots of great, new Add-Ons have been added, and Users are […]

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