The Insomniacs ‘Downloads’ section has now been updated, and new Apks are being added daily. We have also sadly had to restrict some Users from downloading the Apps/Apks for the meantime, as some Users are sadly abusing the downloads section, and are repeatedly downloading all the Apks. And not leaving any feedback, comments, to help […]

Good evening all, I thought that I would make a post, explaining exactly what the Insomniacs Builds are, what they offer. Aswel as helping explain to some of the newer users, what we can and cannot help with, when it comes to getting the best out of using Kodi.. We at Insomniacs, try to go […]

Hello all, We did an update on the Insomniacs Black & Gold Build on Sunday. But some Users was experiencing issues with loading of Movie & TV-Shows. So we looked into this and there was an issue with one of the Add-On Scraper Modules, which was affecting how all scraper Add-Ons was working – This […]

Insomniacs 18.5 Apk- Download WOO-HOO- ITS FINALLY HERE – THE INSOMNIACS 18.5 KODI FORK. – Leave us some feedback: It only takes a moment, to leave a comment on the Insomniacs 18.5 Apk download. Any User can comment at the bottom of this post.  Kodi announced when they released Kodi 18.5, that this was the […]

Good afternoon all, Now that Insomniacs Users can download and install the best Apps & Apks via the Insomniacs website’s new ‘Downloads’ section. I thought it would be a good idea for me to show Users how to firstly, easily access all your installed apps, straight from your build, then show you how to easily […]

Hello all, I have noticed recently that when I am trying to watch a Movie or TV-Show on most Add-ons, that when i click a category, or a Movie or TV-Show, it’s literally taking minutes for the sources and links to load. Why is it taking so long for Add-Ons to load Movies and Shows??.. […]

Evening all, There has been many issues with many of the Kodi 18.4 releases.  Now Kodi have released a stable version of Kodi. Which is Kodi 18.5.  There has been many issues, from Add-Ons not working, to Add-Ons loading super slow, aswel as with grabbing Links and Sources, aswel as not showing the ‘Watched’ content, […]

Good Evening, Many people have been struggling to Install Netflix onto their Android/Phone & Tablet devices. From the google Playstore, or via the Netflix official website. And are getting the message: This App is not compatible with your device. This is beause the latest version of the Netflix App is not compatible with many devices […]