Good Evening, Many people have been struggling to Install Netflix onto their Android/Phone & Tablet devices. From the google Playstore, or via the Netflix official website. And are getting the message: This App is not compatible with your device. This is beause the latest version of the Netflix App is not compatible with many devices […]

Good morning Insomniacs, As most may have realised, a new Netflix Movies, and Netflix TV-Shows section has been added. When a Movie or TV-Show is released, I can only speak for myself, but I always just go to ‘In The Cinema’  to check the latest Movie & TV-Show releases. I’ve recently learned, that by doing […]

Heres the less-than-super news for the fans of Daredevil from Netflix. Netflix confirmed that the Marvel’s crime-fighting superhero will not be coming back on screens for the fourth season. Netflix is truly sorrow for the bad and painful news it had to give to the fans of Daredevil. “We are tremendously proud of the show’s […]

Great news for Netflix users – you can use hidden codes to make searching the extensive streaming site easier. Whilst opening much more content, and lists of Movies & TV Shows on Netflix! It seems not all content appears when you search Netflix but you can access every category simply by typing a code into […]