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Good Evening Insomniacs, A lot of Users have been in touch with us, asking if we could possibly bring back the Global Entertainment version of the Build. And as we previously decided that we would no longer provide this version anymore, Users have still been using the very old version of the Insomniacs Global Build. […]

Good morning Insomniacs, Great news, for Kodi 17 Users of the Black & Gold Build. And the Passion Led Us Here Build has now been updated. , Black & Gold Build – Version: 2.2 is now available. for Users to update. Passion Led Us Here Build – Version 28 is now available. for Users to […]

Hi all, I thought I would make a little post, with some tips, and Info if you are having issues with Streams, or getting very minimal links to Movies, or Shows. Firstly, a Build, doesn’t affect the amount of links you get for a Movie in an Add-On, whichever Build you are using, or even […]

Howdy Insomniacs, Tonight, I am going to show you all, just how easy, and quick it is, to install the brand-new Kodi 18 versions, of the Insomninacs Builds… Anyone can easily install the Insomniacs Kodi 18 Builds, within minutes, whether you are In-Experienced User or not, and have access to the best Add-Ons out there. […]

Finally, after lots of frustration, time, and messing, we have finally finished the Insomniacs Kodi 18 Builds. A lot of our Users have been asking us, if we could possibly make Kodi 18 versions, of the Builds. Which we have now done. And the great news is, that we have also added both the ‘Black […]

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