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Good Evening Insomniacs, Tonight, I am going to show you how to personalize your Build by adding your favorite Apps/Apk’s to the Insomniacs Build Menu.. This makes things far more easier for Users, as you can then access that App/Apk with just one click. You can add Movie Apk’s to the Movie section of the […]

Good Evening Insomniacs, The Insomniacs APK Installer, has just been updated, with all the best, and most popular APKS. APK’s are basically Apps, which are compatible for Android/Firestick devices. And the good thing is, Using the Insomniacs Wizard, not only gives you access to the best Apps available, but they can also be Installed with […]

Afternoon Insomniacs, Great news, for our Kodi 18 Users. We have now released an Insomniacs 18.1 APK Version, which is now available to download & Install to Insomniacs Users. Below, We will add instructions, on how to Install the new Insomniacs-18 APK. Also, the new Insomniacs 18 APK, will be avilable on Dr Venture’s FileLinked. […]

Good evening Insomniacs, Nothing is more annoying than buffering, watching a Movie/Show, or even music on Youtube, and that spinning circle keeps appearing. I know, when i first started using Kodi, this was the one thing which frustrated me the most. (Aswel as finding a Build, which would work well longer than just a week) […]

Howdy Insomniacs, Error: File is not a Zip file: NOW FIXED!! As some Users was reporting, there was an issue when installing the Kodi 18 Builds, onto Android and Firestick devices. This was due to their being a bug on the Kodi 18 App. We have managed to imply a fix, to erdicate this, via […]

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