Good morning Isomniacs, Updating your Insomniacs Build, has never been easier, as it is now. With the new Insomniacs Wizard, and all the new features. Users can now start the Build update with just one click. This Update function applies for any of the Builds, and on all platforms. Kodi 17 & Kodi 18 Builds, […]

Good morning Insomniacs, A lot of Users ask us how to install the Insomniacs APK onto Firestick devices. Well, here is a full imaged, step by step guide, which is very easy to follow. What is the Insomniacs-17.6 APK? The Insomniacs-17.6 APK, is a fork of Kodi 17.6. – It works exactly the same as […]

Hi all, I thought I would make a little post, with some tips, and Info if you are having issues with Streams, or getting very minimal links to Movies, or Shows. Firstly, a Build, doesn’t affect the amount of links you get for a Movie in an Add-On, whichever Build you are using, or even […]

What is Trakt.tv i hear you ask. Well in a nutshell it’s a TV and Movie companion that integrates with any build and keeps track of your favourite programs and films. You simply signup for an account at this link Trakt once in you can start adding the Movies and TV you like. You can […]

One of the biggest questions, we get asked on our Facebook Group is What is Real-Debrid? And how does this benefit us?. The answer to that question, is dramatically, personally, I would be lost without Real-Debrid, I know, if I want to watch a Movie, or a certain programme, and get the best possible links, […]

Good morning all, Some Users, have been asking, if we can post some Ivue TV-Guide ”How to Guides” Well, here is the full official Tutorials, directly from Ivue’s Youtube Channel. The Ivue TV-Guide, and Ivue creator, is an amazing all round Guide, with many, many features. Here is just a few of them: Multiple Skins, […]

Good Morning, There is nothing more annoying, when looking for content, to watch, than a pairing notificaion, keep popping up, asking you to pair your device. (As Shown Below) In this post, I am going to show you, just how easy it is, to stop this from happening. The first thing you need to do, […]

Good evening all, There has been a few Users who have been struggling to set up their Debrid, on the Builds. In this post, i will do a step by step guide, on how best to set up your Debrid. The same applies, for all Builds, but for this guide only, i am using the […]