Good evening Insomniacs, A lot of Users ask us, if there is anything that can be done, to get Addons to load faster. The answer to that question is Yes.. There is multiple kinds of Add-Ons. Most Addons are now Jen based.But there is also Addons with different ways of getting them to load faster, […]

Good afternoon all, Now that Insomniacs Users can download and install the best Apps & Apks via the Insomniacs website’s new ‘Downloads’ section. I thought it would be a good idea for me to show Users how to firstly, easily access all your installed apps, straight from your build, then show you how to easily […]

Hello all, I have noticed recently that when I am trying to watch a Movie or TV-Show on most Add-ons, that when i click a category, or a Movie or TV-Show, it’s literally taking minutes for the sources and links to load. Why is it taking so long for Add-Ons to load Movies and Shows??.. […]

Evening all, There has been many issues with many of the Kodi 18.4 releases.  Now Kodi have released a stable version of Kodi. Which is Kodi 18.5.  There has been many issues, from Add-Ons not working, to Add-Ons loading super slow, aswel as with grabbing Links and Sources, aswel as not showing the ‘Watched’ content, […]

Good Evening all, A lot of Kodi Users have asked us to make a post on ‘How to Install the Insomniacs Wizard’. The Insomniacs Wizard has grown extremely popular. Especially recently, with all the additional features that the Wizard offers. We also keep the Insomniacs Wizard well maintained and kept as up to date as […]

Good Afternoon Insomniacs, Some Users may be aware that the Magic Dragon Add-On was giving an error when trying to open it. This is because the Magic Dragon has changed Repositories, from Supremacy, to the Diamon Repo. It will automatically update, but this can take up to 72 hours. The other alternative is to manually […]

Good Evening Insomniacs, As most Users already know, the Insomniacs-Wizard has undergone a big update, and with the new update, comes lots of new functions, which hugely benefit Users of the Insomniacs Wizard & Builds. The new Insomniacs Wizard update, now covers more or less everything possible, to help Users tackle any issues, if they […]

Good Evening Insomniacs, Tonight, I am going to show you how to personalize your Build by adding your favorite Apps/Apk’s to the Insomniacs Build Menu.. This makes things far more easier for Users, as you can then access that App/Apk with just one click. You can add Movie Apk’s to the Movie section of the […]

Having issues with ‘No Streams Available’??? The reason some Users are experiencing this issue, is because their URLResolver and ResolveURL Cache is full. When you run the ‘Cleanup Build’ Under the Wizard-Hub, aswel as clearing out Cache, Packages, and Thumbnails, it also clears out the Resolvers Cache, when this reaches exceeded amount, it causes an […]

Hi Insomniacs, Some Users have been reporting issues, with Installing the Kodi 18 Build versions, onto Android/Firestick, and other devices. (The Builds Installed fine, on Windows devices) As i posted on Social Media, and the RSS Feed. This was due to an issue with Kodi 18 itself, and there is a quick, easy fix.. To […]

Below, I am going to show you all, just how easy, and quick it is, to install the brand-new Kodi 18 versions, of the Insomninacs Builds… Anyone can easily install the Insomniacs Kodi 18 Builds, within minutes, whether you are In-Experienced User or not, and have access to the best Add-Ons out there. – Insomniacs […]