Good evening Insomniacs, A lot of Users ask us, if there is anything that can be done, to get Addons to load faster. The answer to that question is Yes.. There is multiple kinds of Add-Ons. Most Addons are now Jen based.But there is also Addons with different ways of getting them to load faster, […]

Hello all, I have noticed recently that when I am trying to watch a Movie or TV-Show on most Add-ons, that when i click a category, or a Movie or TV-Show, it’s literally taking minutes for the sources and links to load. Why is it taking so long for Add-Ons to load Movies and Shows??.. […]

Good Evening all. Below is a step by step guide on how to Install the Genesis Kodi Add-On.Along with some screenshots of the Add-On. Users of Kodi can install ‘Genesis’ aswel as the latest Add-Ons, with just one click, via the Insomniacs Wizard Add-On Installer. The Genesis Add-On is a great, reliable scraper Add-On for […]

Good afternoon all, We updated all the Insomniacs Builds last night, to only find out today that many Addons and Repo’s have sadly been closed down, and discontinued. We will get the Builds updated as soon as we can, the only issue is, more Add-Ons could go down, and we could end up chasing our […]

Good Afternoon Insomniacs, Some Users may be aware that the Magic Dragon Add-On was giving an error when trying to open it. This is because the Magic Dragon has changed Repositories, from Supremacy, to the Diamon Repo. It will automatically update, but this can take up to 72 hours. The other alternative is to manually […]

Good Morning Insomniacs, We are slowly, but surely, getting through all of the step by step guides, and tutorials for Users of Insomniacs Wizard, and for general Kodi Users too. With Kodi, Sometimes issues arise, which can be extremely frustrating for Users. One of them is when no Addons will load, or do so very […]

Good morning all, Some Users, have been asking, if we can post some Ivue TV-Guide ”How to Guides” Well, here is the full official Tutorials, directly from Ivue’s Youtube Channel. The Ivue TV-Guide, and Ivue creator, is an amazing all round Guide, with many, many features. Here is just a few of them: Multiple Skins, […]