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Build Updates – Coming Soon

Good Morning,

We have been extremely busy recently, adding all the new website features, with the Sports section updates just added, aswel as many other features, which will be very beneficial to all Users..

When will the Insomniacs Kodi 18 Builds be updated?

We have just started working on the Kodi 18 Build updates, which will be available within the next 48 hours. First, the Insomniacs Kodi 18 – Black & Gold Build, will be updated, then the Kodi 18 Passion Led Us Here Build will be updated.

The Kodi 18 Builds don’t require huge updates, and just needs some tweaks, and Add-Ons replacing, and a general tidy up. Users will receive the usual notification once the updates are available, with the option to Update your Build.

Updating any of the Insomniacs Builds is super easy, the Insomniacs Wizard, makes the updating process very easy for all Users, and only requires one click, to install the new update(s).. Remember, Any Insomniacs Build User, can also update any of the Builds, via the ‘Update Build’ option under the Wizard-Hub section.

If any Users would like to request a particular Add-On, section, or feature for the new updates, then please feel free to comment below, and we will do our best to get them added for you.

What is happening with the Insomniacs Kodi 17 Builds?

As many Users are already aware.. A month or so ago, many top Add-Ons went down. Supremacacy, Yoda, just to name a few… This made keeping Builds updated, and constantly working was more or less impossible to do, especially with 5 Builds. So we decided to temperarily close the Kodi 17 Builds, until things had settled down… Now that tings have settled down, we will be updating the Kodi 17 Builds, as soon as the Kodi 18 Builds have been updated. We are aiming to have all Kodi 18 and Kodi 17 Builds updated by the end of the coming weekend.

We will be using the Insomniacs – Neon Green Build, for Kodi 17. Aswel as the Black & Gold Build. Though the Black & Gold Build, will be very different from the Kodi 18 version.

What other updates can we expect over the next few weeks?

Once the Builds are updated, we will then be releasing a brand-new Kodi 18.3 APK. This will be the latest Kodi 18 version.. The Insomniacs Wizard, is also in the process of huge updates. Both the APK Installer, and the Add-On Installer, require to be totally stripped back, and re-built. We will also be releasing a brand-new Kodi 18 Build. (More info, on the new Insomniacs Build, will be available soon) Once the Builds are all updated, we will then be moving on to all of the updates mentioned above.

Please remember, that the Insomniacs team is very small, so is extremely difficult for us, to keep  4/5 Builds, constantly updated, aswel as the Wizard, APK, Add-On Installer, APK Installer, Repo, the website and all the other features which are available to Insomniaacs Users. Luckily, our Users have been very patient, loyal and understanding.

If there is any Issues with your current Build, that need fixing, or you notice any Add-Ons not working, then please let us know, by commenting below. Also, if any Users would like us to add a particular Add-On, or a feature on the new updates, then please let us know.

Thank’s to all Insomniacs Users,

The Insomniacs Team.



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