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Brand-New Insomniacs APK-Installer – Full ‘How to’ Guide.

Good Evening Insomniacs,

The Insomniacs APK Installer, has just been updated, with all the best, and most popular APKS. APK’s are basically Apps, which are compatible for Android/Firestick devices. And the good thing is, Using the Insomniacs Wizard, not only gives you access to the best Apps available, but they can also be Installed with just one click, and can also be used straight from your Build.

Using the APK Installer, opens a whole new world for you as a User, in regards to getting the best out of your Build. Users can use the APK’ Installer to install the best Entertainment Apps available.. We will also be adding a new APK-Installer Section to the website, which will have details on each of the APKS, added to the Insomniacs APK Installer.

Users can also easily access any Apps/APK’s you have installed, directly from your Build. Normally, Users exit Kodi/Insomniacs to access and run their Apps, but you can actually access and run them all directly from your Build. I will show you how to access and use any Apps you have Installed to your device directly from your Build, at the bottom of this post.

How to access the Insomniacs APK Installer:

First of all, you will need to click the ‘APK Installer‘ which is in the submenu of the Wizard-Hub section. (As shown below)

Once you click the ‘APK Installer’ You will then see multiple categories. At the top you will see ‘Official Kodi APK’s'(As highlighted in the screenshot below)

In the ‘Official Kodi APK’s section, you can Install multiple versions of Kodi. Which is a great feature, if you are looking for a previous version of Kodi. In this section, you can install Kodi 18 versions, right down to Kodi 15 versions. It also has multiple platform versions, for Android, Windows, and so on… (As shown below)

This is a great addition to the APK Installer, which we have not been able to provide in any of our previous APK Installers. Users can now Install literally any Kodi version you like….

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